Player Information
on the Mods Quad Campaign

Setting The campaign takes place in the Theocracy of the Pale. While players are not expected to memorize the information about the Theocracy that we have provided, a quick skim will help a bit with flavor.

A Flavor Summary of the setting: Rustic outpost needs new soldiers for protection. Picture your character as an "Oakie from Muskogee". You are likley a "red-necked mother". The general attitude of everyone you have known your entire life is that "Anyone not born under the blessed light of Pholtus should be at the most, pitied".

It is advisable for the PCs to be from the Theocracy of the Pale and that they be human. This is not a rule, just a recommendation. Please read the sections on Outsiders and Demi-humans and how they are percieved by the Palites if you are considering playing a character who is not human and from the Pale.

There are certain character classes that will be more difficult to play and to level up with. Check out this list.

Rolling up your character

There are several options for character roll up. In all cases, you should have an idea of the type of character you want to play and a general background developed for the character. Do not develop a detailed background for your character without first checking with one of the DMs! You may have to revise your work quite a bit to make it fit with the campaign.

  1. You can arrange with any of the DMs to get together for a live dice roll up of your character. You know who we are - call us or email us.
  2. You can use the Irony Games Dice Server. See below for specific instructions
Choose the following options on the Irony Server:
"Describe this roll:"
"How many dice would you like to roll?" Choose 4
"How many sides are on each die?" Choose 6
"Should anything be added or subtracted from the total roll?" Choose No

Under this heading:
"You can drop either the highest or lowest die roll (or both.)"
Do not check "* Drop the highest roll."
Put a check beside "* Drop the lowest roll. "

Under this heading:
"The entire roll can be repeated; how many times?" Put 7

"Mailing Information:"

"The subject of the mail note:
Say what this roll is for:" Put "Practice" if you wish to see how things work. "Practice" character rolls will not be accepted no matter how good the rolls were! Put "Mods Quad Campaign Character" for a true character generation. You only get one shot at this, so blow on your mouse and rub your lucky rabbit's foot before you click!

"Enter this correctly or your roll will get lost!
Type in your e-mail address:" Your email

Also e-mail the results to:" Not optional! Put in the email address of the Head DM, Steve. Spell it right! If the results do not come to Steve's email directly from the Irony Games Server, they will not be accepted!

After doing the actual dice rolling, the DM(s) will work with you to integrate your background story into the general background setting.

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