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byby Rowdy (Ch Glenby Rowdy Adventure) x Annie (Am Can Ch Casi n Gyver Temptation CGN)
Puppies born April 2011

by Leo (Am BISS Am Ch Chyscott Lionhearted) out of Vicky (Am Ch Princescot Besscot Victoria)
CC - Besscott's Bodacia

by Jake (Gyver Our Man Jake) out of Jude (WeeDram Hey Jude)
Ben - Ch WeeDram Storyteller
Paisley - Ch WeeDram Fairytale

by Mason (Am Ch Glenby Secret Treasure) out of Macy (Am BISS AM Ch Gyver n Casi Temptation)
Annie - Casi N Gyver Sweet Temptation

By Spike (BISS Am/Can Ch Chess Outstanding Presence) out of Aithne (Gyver Isolde Aithne of Airecot)
Ruby - Can Ch Gyver the Fire Within
Rosie - Gyver Wreath of Roses
Morgan - Gyver Little Miss Morgan
Jake - Gyver Our Man Jake
Bentley - Gyver's Bentley

by Handsome (BISS BIS Am/Can Ch Reanda Hopscotch Handsome Devil) out of Ellie (Ch JoDen Raisin' 'ell of Gyver)
Macy - BISS Am Ch Gyver n Casi Temptation
Haughty - Can Ch Gyver Hopscotch Haughty
Angus - Gyver Much Loved Angus
Aithne - Can Ch Gyver Isolde Aithne of Airecot
Tori - Gyver The Max Factor

by Rowdy (BISS BIS Am/Can Ch Beinnein Silverado) out of Ellie (Ch JoDen Raisin' 'ell of Gyver)
Piper - Can Ch Gyver All in Together Grrrls

Angus - Gyver Shoot Straight Have Faith
Rocky - Gyver Rocky Mountain Man
Molly - Gyver Miss Molly

by Solo (BIS Am/Can Ch Beinnein Singular Sensation) out of Krickett (Ch Murdock Busy Being Busy)
Mia - Can Ch Gyver A Scooza Mia
Basil - Gyver Travellin' Man
Jackson - Gyver n AJ's Action Jackson

MacGyver - Ch Murdock Cinnamon Soldier

"...Oh child of fur and wagging tail, I couldn't love you more,



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