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Ruby's father Spike and sister Gamble both have Rally-O titles, can Ruby trade Conformation Blue Ribbons for Rally-O Blue Ribbons? Stay tuned.

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Ruby's sire Spike is #1 Scottie in Canada.

Ruby was not shown in Canada in 2009 or 2010.

Ruby's half-sister Gamble earns a Canadian Scottish Terrier Club Versatility Award in 2010.


Ruby finishes the year #6 Scottie in Canada. Her sire Spike is #2 Scottie and top male in the country. Best Dogs in Canada

Ruby and Annie were not shown in Oct, Nov or Dec this year.

September 2008 - Ruby wins 3 group placements in 3 days at PCA

August 2008 - Ruby is BOS and BOW at Greeley, Colorado, a major.

August 2008 - Ruby is Reserve winners bitch to the 5 point major at Scottish Terrier Club of Denver Specialty under judge Sandra Goose Allen.

July 2008 - Ruby wins first in group, and two more group placements including a group second at Swift Current.

July 2008 - Ruby is #2 Scottie in Canada.

June 2008 - Ruby wins First Award of Merit at both the Cdn National Scottish Terrier Specialty and the Ontario Regional Scottish Terrier Specialty, and wins the breed at the all breed show at Eire Shores Kennel Club the day before the Cdn National.

June 2008 - Ruby wins two group placements in two shows at Regina Kennel and Obedience Club Show.

March 2008 - Prince Albert Kennel and Obedience Club - Ruby wins
first in group and other group placements.

March 2008 - Brandon - Under Scottish Terrier Breeder Judge Morley Thornton, Ruby earns a 2nd in Group and 4th in Group in tough terrier competition including three BIS winning terriers.


Ruby's father (link) Spike is Best of Opposite American National Specialty at Montgomery County. Photo not available yet.

Ruby wins three group placements in her last four days of showing at the end of August including a 2nd in group, a 3rd in group and a 4th in group - over some BIS winning terriers.

Ruby comes back to the show ring after sitting out to grow up. In late August, Ruby wins group placements

August 2007 - At the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club National Specialty, the Louise Whent Memorial Trophy. Breeder Owner handled - Karen Prokopetz

August 2007 - Ruby's mother, Aithne wins Best Dam and Progeny at the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club National Specialty.

Aithne's son, (Ruby's nephew) Bear is Best in Sweepstakes at the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club National Specialty and wins the Bred By Class at the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club Regional Specialty - bred by Charles Hoyt

Ruby's father wins the Canadian Scottish Terrier Regional Specialty Show in Ontario in June.


Ruby is wins groups and other group placements.


... in October 2005 Ruby was Best Puppy in Show.

Ruby's father was Winners Dog at the American National Specialty at Montgomery County from the bred by class.


Ruby's aunt Macy (Aithne is Macy's litter sister) earns her third American Major - Nov, 2004

Ruby's aunt Haughty (Macy and Aithne's litter sister) earns an American 3 point major - Oct, 2004

September, 2004 -More group placements for Haughty

Haughty earns an American 4 point major at a
Scottish Terrier Specialty Weekend - Aug, 2004

August, 2003 - Aithne is Best of Winners at Alberta Kennel Club Scottish Terrier Booster

June, 2003 - Macy is Best of Breed at Scottish Terrier Club
of California Specialty Show- Great Western Weekend

June, 2003 - Haughty is Winners Bitch at Canadian Scottish
Terrier Club National Specialty

June, 2003 - Ellie wins Dam and Progeny at Canadian Scottish Terrier Club National Specialty







Ruby - Ch Gyver The Fire Within

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