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Here are some informative, entertaining, and sometimes strange Links:

Vote For Kim Mitchell - here's your chance to nominate Kim Mitchell for the Canadian Walk of Fame.

Canadian Prime Minister Grave Sites - something you've always wanted to know more about?

Trans Canada Trail - for those hikers out there.

Travel Canada - lots to see, lots to do . . .

Sleeping in Airports - the travelers guide to sleeping in airports. Could be helpful when used with the above link?

Parks Canada - instead of sleeping in an airport why not try a park?

The Snowbirds - if you get the chance then check out this show !!

Need a guide? - An American's Guide to Canada

RCMP Museum - this is a neat Canadian museum, lots of history to lean about regarding the RCMP (but you've got to come to Regina, Sask to see it).

Wanna see some Wildlife?? - not the bar/nightclub wildlife, but regular animals in their natural habitat (well . . ok, maybe that didn't exclude much).


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