February 10, 2006

Well, definately a good last season. Apologies for lack of updates...just too much going on. First off, welcome to the new Dogs that have joined the pound. Demon, John Rambo, Shlappy, Aqua and Tailormade. Travelling was unfortunately kept to a minimum due to bad weather out of province, where we would have sent 12 Dogs to participate in Keystone II. Maybe this year boys.

Sadly, we had a few incidents as well that put a few dampers. Lost Sideways in the interim due to some health issues. We're still pulling for you man. Recover and get to the field again like you did at Op: Glory Hole.

We're also losing Slyder as he follows the wife to the wilds of Calgary. We'll miss you man, and look forward to the next time you can game with us.

On the plus side, we've got lots of team builder activities planned. There are a few of us now involved with Regina Search and Rescue and learning all sorts of great skills. Did a rapelling course and learned that our own Shlappy is a climbing instructor...oh the mayhem we can cause. And looks like there are also 7 of us that have our RPALs and look forward to seeing you guys out at the range. And it looks like some of our scheming types are working on new toys and locations for us this spring.

Here's to a great season of airsoft guys.


July 24 2004

A few more changes to the Dogs. It is with deepest regrets that we bid farewell to Ash aka Disco. Disco was one of the founding members of the Dogs waaaaaaaaaay back when, and has been offered a career opportunity which is taking him to the west coast in a few days. Always a solid player and leader on and off the field, and almost as many guns in his collection as me (well, as close as one could get hehehehe)...all I can say bro is that our loss will be another team's gain. But for as long as you are willing, you'll always be a Dog. Make us proud man and best of luck for the future. Say hi to Colt and Imperial Guard out there for us.

We also lost Archangel due to a leg injury he sustained at work earilier in the spring. Get well soon mang. We'll be waiting for you on the field.

We've also added a new face to the scene. Outrider has integrated himself nicely, already taking the initiative and running a few mil-sim scenarios for us. And spending money on gear. And wanting a second gun within only a couple of weeks of buying his first. Yes, the Force is strong in this one.

Also pulled off Operation: Othello during the July 3/4 weekend. A few missing personnel, a few missing players, but we still had a fairly strong showing, decent weather, and some unexpected extras from the field owner and his new pyro which we're looking forward to at the August night op. Special thanks to Screen for assisting me with some of the admin stuff, and playing the Drug Czar role.


February 15 2004

Well, for at least another 3 weeks we finally have access to an indoor facility for team practices. Thanks to Deathblow for securing a facility. We've been suffering too much cabin fever. All cold and no airsoft makes Homer something something...


January 16 2004

We've officially been sponsored by Slim's Armory. He's a new propsman, fieldowner and retailer that's looking to make a mark in Canadian airsoft. Check the link's section for his site, or check out his banner on our site. Hopefully, his skills and product can augment our own network of connections in ensuring that Saskatchewan airsoft continues to thrive.


Sep 19, 2003

The website officially came online on September 19, 2003. Props to Wrathchild for his amazing work on the setup. I watched him putting it together from scratch and as others have said, it was definately worth the wait. Thanks again buddy, you definately have an endorsement from us if you need references for any future web clients.

Currently, our next big focus is on acquiring some indoor venues for the winter season as well as field-testing some new rules and prop ideas for next spring.


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