Before sending me an email, please read the following.

Requesting biographical information on a pilot from me

I do not, as a rule, maintain separate biographical info on pilots, but as a by-product of my research, I do have some information scattered throughout my personal library. If you are looking for biographical information for a pilot not on my site, the chances are slim that I will have anything for you on him/her. Those searching for biographical information for someone found on my site are welcome to send a request, but keep in mind that answers from me will be slow and totally dependent upon my time and how much searching I will need to perform. If I can find some biographical info without having to scour through everything I have, your request will eventually be answered - but it may take weeks or months. If I need to search through a large number of references, then the chances of your receiving a reply from me will be close to zero.

I would like to suggest that you post your biographical questions to one of the following sites before contacting me. The people who frequent them are very knowledgable and you should get more info from them than what I can supply.

Sending me attachments

Due to the increasing virus threat on the web, I request that information sent to me be inline text in the message. If you do wish to send an attachment, please contact me first to that effect. I will reply to your email that I will accept the attachment, at which point the attachment can be sent.

Unsolicited attachments will be deleted, as they are proving to be dangerous.

Sending me information regarding a pilot

I welcome any information regarding adding or changing entries to the list as long as references are supplied. References may consist of books, magazines, correspondences with individuals, archival material and so forth. For books and magazines, I need to have the author(s), title, publisher, place and date of publication, and ISBN or ISSN number.

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