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This is, for the most part, a compilation fighter aces from the various conflicts that featured air warfare. The conflicts cover the gamut of aerial warfare, from aerial dogfighting in WWI to the high tech missile kills of the Persian Gulf War, and beyond.

Originally, the information was to cover "aces" (those with 5 or more credited victories), but this would have omitted much information from smaller conflicts. There have been numerous conflicts involving aerial combat where, no aces, or only a few aces were produced. Out of my inate curiosity regarding these "minor" conflicts, I have included them and some pilots of interest from the conflict.

The information in these pages is in no way complete, nor is it in any way to be considered definitive. Updates will be done on as regular basis as time will allow.

References have been included for each section. They are provided to give credit where credit is due. They also document what references I have used for this list, for anyone wishing to learn more about fighter aces and tactics. References also allow others to examine the same sources as I have, and hopefully discover errors, omissions and the like, that I have made.

I welcome any information regarding adding or changing entries to the list as long as references are supplied. References may consist of books, magazines, correspondences with individuals, archival material and so forth. For books and magazines, I need to have the author(s), title, publisher, place and date of publication, and ISBN or ISSN number.

Please read my FAQ page for more information regarding my site.

I would like to thank the following for their assistance in my endevour:

Santiago Flores in the USA for his information regarding Central and South American conflicts, and for bringing to my attention many other minor conflicts that I hadn't any idea of.

Dave Lednicer in the USA for his extensive knowledge of Israeli fighter claims. Check out Dave's Israeli Air Force Page

Jim Perry of the USA with his knowledge on Luftwaffe and Japanese aces in particular.

Ondrej Repka from Slovakia for his contacts and information regarding the Eastern European and Soviet aces.

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Any correspondence, comments and suggestions can be directed to Allan Magnus.

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