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Does anyone have information?

  1. Serb pilots scoring aerial victories in World War One. I have some information, but it is very incomplete at this time.

  2. On an incident where a Dutch Navy Neptune may have shot down an F-51 over New Guinea following the independence of Indonesia.

  3. On possible aerial claims by Turkey or Greece since World War Two.

  4. On any Arab claims since World War II (eg..agianst Israel, Iran or Iraq from their war)?

  5. On claims made by pilots from India against the Pakistanis?

  6. On claims made by Allied nationals (eg.. Russia, Denmark etc..) fighting with the Luftwaffe in World War II?

  7. Regarding Russian claims during the Winter War with Finland.

  8. On claims made by Russia/China during the Nomonhan Incident or Sino-Japanese Conflicts.

  9. On claims made by Communist countries during the Cold War years following World War Two.

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