Abbreviations and Notes

page generated: July 20, 2000

compiled by Allan Magnus

I have tried to maintain the following general format for the comments portion of each line found in my ace listings. There will be some deviation due to the fact that my web page has evolved over time, and I will bring the old entries to match this format only as I update them.

The individual parts of the comments are semi-colon (;) separated.

General Format of Comments

Squadron(s) (if known)

Note: The squadrons listed in the comments are the squadrons of the airforce listed with the table entry. NOTE: Airforces that a pilot served with, but made no claims, will not be shown in the tables.

;Pilot Status (eg.. KIA, MIA, defected etc...) ;General Comments (eg.. aircraft flown, V-1 and balloon victories, name of pilots sharing a victory, etc...)

Abbreviations for Pilot Status found in Comments

DOWDied of Wounds
KIAKilled in Action
KIFAKilled in Flying Accident
MIAMissing in Action
POWPrisoner of War
WIAWounded in Action
WIFAWounded in Flying Accident