Interesting Links

This page was last updated on January 4, 2004

Here are some interesting links I have found:


For a good laugh every Friday, check out Dr. Bernie's fRIDAY fUNNIES. Dr. Bernie also has some good downloads, such as a number of animated GIFs.

Used Computer Parts

I know of a couple of local (Regina, SK) links for used computer parts: One is sponsored by Duncan's Computers. The other is Micro Salvage.

Family Home Pages

St. Michel Consulting -- If you drive on it, St. Michel Consulting can design and manage it.

Geena Salway -- Some fine poetry.

Friends Home Pages

Here follow links to the home pages of some of my friends.

John Dankowski -- A stamp collector in Taiwan with an interesting background.

Doug Moyer -- A neat site with beautiful photographs. These focus on the Yukon.

Dave Negrych -- Check this one out for some nice canoeing pictures of Northern Saskatchewan.

David Lee -- Great pictures of Vancouver

Gordon Blackmore -- Need honey? The Blackmore Boys can set you up.



Kansas City Jazz -- Check out the home page for the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors.

Jane Olivor -- One of my favourite chanteuse's homepage.

Blossom Dearie -- An eccentric and talented performer. A perennial favourite on Alan Mcfee's Eclectic Circus.

Eternal Father Strong to Save -- Music,words and a midi file of one of the hymns sung at the 1st class church service on board on RMS Titanic on the morning of April 14, 1912.

Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society -- Check this site out for the best entertainment in Regina, SK.

Regina Guild of Folk Arts -- The best folk music in town.


Mary Balogh -- Kipling's most famous author.

Highway 48 Boosters -- Ever lost a hubcap between Kipling and Kennedy? Click here to get highway 48 improved.








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