Titanic Notes

This page was last updated on February 7, 2001.

The tragedy of the Titanic is something that has captured my imagination ever since I saw the premier episode of the '60s TV show The Time Tunnel, which was set on the doomed ship.

This page contains a number of links to Titanic sites. In the past year, I have shaken hands with Millvina Dean and have surreptitiously touched part of the "big piece" of the Titanic hull recovered from the bottom. These two events have brought me closer to something that occurred in my grandparents' youth.

Titanic FAQ -- A small list of questions and answers I have prepared.


The town of Dalbeattie, Scotland has created an interesting page devoted to the Titanic. The town is the birthplace of first officer Murdoch, the officer in charge of the bridge when the Titanic collided with the iceberg. The good citizens of Dalbeattie are somewhat concerned their native son has been maligned by the latest movie and are attempting to set the record straight.

The page makes some interesting claims. For instance, they point out that Captain Smith ordered the ship to turn to the southwest, or "turn the corner for New York", an hour earlier than planned. This was because of the ice warnings the ship had received. The page further implies that Smith was trying to outrun the ice, which was drifting south, but underestimated the strength of the Labrador Current carrying both the ship and the ice. This would be a partial explanation of why the actual site of the Titanic wreck is several miles south of the position reported by Captain Smith. Check it out.

To see a dissenting point of view to the good citizens of Dalbeattie, check out George Behe's Titanic Tidbits. In addition to raising some issues with respect to Dalbeattie's portrayal of their favourite son, Mr. Behe also provides some research on the position of the Californian on April 14-15, 1912 and other Titanic related questions.

The Encylopedia-Titanica is an excellent site providing many details about the fateful voyage. Lists of which passenger was in which lifeboat, biographies of the passengers and crew, pictures and movies of the Titanic and much more. One sidelight, the site lists Millvina Dean as having been rescued in Boat 12. However, she tells her story as being rescued in boat 13. A significant difference as boats 12 and 13 were launched from opposite sides of the ship.

The company responsible for salvaging artifacts from the Titanic is RMS Titanic, inc. Online. Their home page provides a somewhat out-of-date schedule of the tour of the artifacts, as well pictures of the items recovered.

The Titanic International Society is one of a number of societies devoted to the ship.

The Titanic -- An Adventure out of Time is an interesting game providing a second-to-none computer tour of the ship. The graphics from this game have been used in a number of documentaries. To see how to get the Rubaiyat out of the boiler-room without being shot by Vlad, how to open the doll in Sascha Barbicon's cabin, or how to send a message on the Marconi wireless, check out this hint site.


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