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The Peachfaced lovebird has achieved notoriety in the color mutant arena, with at least 16 or 17 color mutants and a plethora of color combinations. New color mutants appear on a semi-regular basis and this site hopes to develop a picture gallery, with the aid of the lovebird community, of the primary mutations and their combinations (including the dark factor alterations).

Hopefully, visitors will be able to compare their own bird (s) against the linked color plates to help in their identification or simply view the variety of available birds. Success of this site, like many, will depend on the lovebird community and their willingness to share pictures and information.

A number of web sites have amazing color mutation content, but it would still be nice to have good clean pictures of individual birds (Champions or other birds without the cage bars) revealing the defining characteristics of each color mutation in a quick, clean and easy format to follow. Pictures may range from the normal lovebird to all of the color mutants and their combinations. I have purposefully not requested pictures from various sites, as I would like breeders to get involved and send their pictures so that I can determine the interest in this page. Please help this site get up and running by sharing your electronic pictures of the following:

Color Mutations and Crossovers

Normal, Jade and Olive dark factors
American Cinnamon cinnamon
Australian Ino lime, pallid, australian cinnamon, Isabel
American Ino lutino; creamino; dutch blue ino
Crossovers pallidino; lutinolime; lutinoplatinum; splitcinnamonino (cinnamon-ino or lacewing)
American Yellow dilute mutant I; cherryhead; edged dilute
Australian Yellow Fisk yellow; Australian recessive pied; black-eyed clear; Sydney yellow; australian Golden Cherry
Japanese Yellow dilute mutant II; imperial golden cherry; golden cherry
Pink-Eyed Fallow Australian golden cherryhead; American yellow australian lutino
West German Fallow bronze fallow
East German Fallow pale fallow
American Pied
Orangeface tangerine
Whiteface turquoise; applegreen; whiteface-blue; creamface
Paleface yellowface ??
Opaline rose-headed
Dutch blue aqua; seagreen; pastel
Longfeather "Standard Type" roseicollis
American and Danish Violet