NWR Weather Interactive Near Real-Time Lightning Strike Map

The java applet is interactive.  Select from ZOOM (300 km) or FULL (600 km) range. You can also view/replay either the past 30 or 60 minutes of activity.

Lightning data totals displayed are for the past 60 minutes and is updated every 60 seconds.

Lightning Home

Static Strike Image
(25 to 1200 km Range)

TRAC Report
(Thunderstorm Detailed Tracking)

Note:  If strikes are not visible on the map it is likely because they are out of the current map range.

Bethune Radar (centred 36 km northwest of NWR Weather)

CLICK IMAGE for animation


Requires Java to view which can be downloaded from here

Note: Not to be used for protection of life and property

-CG  -- Negative Cloud to Ground Strike
--   Positive Cloud to Ground Strike
-IC  -- Negative Intracloud Strike
-- Positive Intracloud Strike
The most dangerous is the Cloud to Ground obviously and thought to be the most dangerous of those is Positive Cloud to Ground (+CG)
The first link below offers a good description of the differences between positive and negative lightning.  The second link is more general and offers good information as well.

The lightning detector is located in suburban Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and provides coverage to southern Saskatchewan, northeastern Montana and northwestern North Dakota.


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