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(300 & 600 km Range near real-time)

TRAC Report
(Thunderstorm Detailed Tracking)

Note: The map will display the best range for the current activity.  From 25 - 1200 km.
The strike counter is reset at midnight each day
Not to be used for protection of life and property

Thunderstorm Color Strike rate/min Classification
Green 1-10 Weak  Yellow 11-49 Moderate   Red > 50 Strong or Severe

Storm identification number V-4474. Dominating CG strike polarity is positive, last recorded strike rate per minute = 1, the strike rate per minute is not changing. The storm is categorized as Weak.
Storm identification number V-2441.  Dominating CG strike polarity is negative, latest recorded strike rate per minute =10, the strike rate is increasing.  It is categorized as Moderate.

 The same storm as 'B' a few minutes later. Dominating CG strike polarity is negative, latest recorded strike rate per minute = 16, no detectable change  in strike rate. It is now categorized as Strong or Severe

-CG  -- Negative Cloud to Ground Strike
--   Positive Cloud to Ground Strike
-IC  -- Negative Intracloud Strike
-- Positive Intracloud Strike

The most dangerous is the Cloud to Ground obviously and thought to be the most dangerous of those is Positive Cloud to Ground (+CG). 
The first link below offers a good description of the differences between positive and negative lightning.  The second link is more general and offers good information as well.

The  lightning detector is located in suburban Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and provides particularly accurate for southern Saskatchewan, northeastern Montana and northwestern North Dakota but at night will detect strikes up to to 1200 km.

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