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Free Question
Those wishing to know details on a vessel, or know partial details and are trying to fill in the blanks, or are interested in how Uncle Bert's ship was torpedoed, need not worry about being charged anything, this is free. You may also ask about a vessel, the name of which is not known or has been forgotten, a search of the database will, or will not, find a positive result. You may also ask on passengers or crew, dates or whatever, but as stated please keep it to one vessel. This search is made only on data that has been entered on the database. There is no charge for this.

Area Reports
There are many ways a database can supply information. One of the fields incorporated into this database is the last known location. Some of these locations are near land and others are in the middle of the ocean. Those vessels lost near land have been assigned the name of the country or island in who's waters or offshore waters the vessel was last seen or lost. All of the world's coastline is covered on the database. At any time, a report can be drawn up on any coastline to display the current listing of wrecked vessels in that particular area. Area Reports (wreck lists) are a result of such a search. These wreck lists have a fee.

General Information
If your question is too broad and will take multiple searches you may be asked to help narrow things down a little, ie, "the vessel was lost in the atlantic and my uncle died", well, North or South Atlantic, where from or where to, steam of sail, what date, which century. If you require a report that is not listed, ask. Fees are only payable when both parties agree, so do not think by E-mailing a question that you owe, you do not.

For those who order a wreck list you will find a direct Credit Card payment link already exists against that particular report. If you wish another option then see below.

Payment Options
  • Fees are payable in US dollars and are based on number of records in the report (see Area Reports/Wreck Lists for guide). I use Corel Word Perfect and Paradox 8 for database work at this end. This can lead to compatibility problems for some of you, so, all reports are sent by e-mail attachment in html format as a matter of course. Anyone with a browser can read it and then save to whichever format they want. If you wish to have the DB file instead, then just ask.

    By Mail
  • If you do not wish to use a Credit Card then simply mail a Money Order or bank draft ($US's) to the address shown on the main page and state the report required. Please ensure your e-mail address is enclosed. I have no desire to be sitting here with your cash and nowhere to send a report to.

    By Credit Card
    (automatic conversion to $US in most cases)
  • Major credit card payment is made available through Regsoft.com. A direct link is available for each Area Report/Wreck List. Just click the link and you are there. This registry is then informed of the payment and the latest report will be drawn up and e-mailed to you.

  • If you require more information on a particular report, e-mail first, I will gladly supply the current numbers.
  • We reserve the right to limit the size of search/result when fee not payable.
  • Reports are drawn from information that is currently on the database. Not all known information is recorded, so prior to any investment/action in regard to salvage etc, please confirm with other sources.