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Books are an excellent source for shipwreck information.
The only drawback is the information never changes.

See the Sample Reports on home page for style and content.

Fee is applicable in this case for each report.
Payment Options

Fee Structure:
Number of Records (wrecks) in ReportCost
0 - 200US$ 10.00
201 - 400US$ 20.00
401 - 600US$ 30.00
601 - 800US$ 40.00
801 - 1000US$ 50.00
1001 - 1500US$ 60.00
1501 - 2000US$ 70.00
2001 - 2500US$ 80.00
2501 - 3000US$ 90.00
3001 - 3500US$ 100.00
3501 - 4000US$ 110.00
4001 - 4500US$ 120.00
4501 - 5000US$ 130.00
5001 - 5500US$ 140.00

Locations with less than 20 records are not shown

If all things are operating in a normal manner, purchased reports are e-mailed within 24 hrs of this registry being notified. If the e-mail and attachment does not bounce back to me as not delivered I will assume it has been received. If it does bounce back to me I will post a note on the notice board indicating the problem, in most cases a wrong digit in your e-mail address has been entered, please correct it and e-mail me to re-send the report. If you do not hear from me at all then the report has probably been lost in cyberspace, the problem is, I will have assumed you have a copy of it, so, non receipt in 24 hrs please check the Notice Board then get an e-mail off to advise.

I have added an additional field to the Report. Those of you who purchase a report will see near the end of each individual record "O/S file". If there is a number alongside, it indicates I have a file relating to that vessel off database. This is an outside file that may contain a picture of the vessel, a map or picture of the location lost or a newspaper or other clipping relating to the vessel. If a record has such a number displayed and you wish a copy to be sent then please let me know. These O/S files are sent gratis, they may have a copyright attached to them and they should only be used for your private information.

All e-mail, both incoming and outgoing, is checked by "Norton Anti Virus"
When you receive the attachment (report) simply double click on it and your browser (IE or Netscape) will automatically open it.

Please note: France has a coastline in the English Channel, the North Atlantic and the Med. Several other countries can also have split coastlines.

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