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Hotel Ambos Mundos:  Tel: 66 95 30; fax: 66 95 32This is a fabulous late colonial hotel built in 1920 oozing atmosphere.  Hemingway slept here.  It is at the high end of the moderate scale and we have heard that the rooms are not that nice.  (one block west of Plaza de Armas on Calle Obispo, e/San Ignacio y mercaderas. Tel: 61-4860; fax 338697).  (Dec. 1999)

Hotel Lincoln: Tel. 628061.  We stayed here in 1999. the price was right ($50.00 US for a double including breakfast) but the ambiance was less than acceptable. For example, periodically water was streaming down the elevator doors; there were too many flies for me in the dining room.  The hotel offers a roof-top bar with a good view of the city.  Location is excellent (near old City Center) but we recommend you give this one a pass. (Galiano esq. Virtudes, tel. 61-7961).   (Dec. 1999)

Hotel Deauville:  Tel. 338812; fax: 338148  A 70s/80s glass and chrome tower of dubious aesthetic appeal.  Functional best describes it.  Located right on the Malecón and relatively convenient to the old city.  Lots of Cuban versions of American fast food restaurants in the near vicinity.  (US$65.00 for a double) (foot of Avenida Italia between Habana Vieja and Vedado.  Tel: 62-8051).   (Dec. 1999)

Hotel Santa Isabela:  Tel. 33 82 01; fax: 33 83 91.  This is a beautiful small colonial hotel in an excellent location close to old Havana.




Hotel Acuazul:  Avenida Primera y Calle 13.  Tel: 60-3918,  fax: (535) 66 72 29.  If you are into loud disco and grubby environment, try the Aguazul.  Its probably not that bad but looks in need of new paint and a thorough cleaning.  We are not recommending this popular hotel as there are better optioins.   ($50.00 US for a double including breakfast in the low season).  (Dec. 1999)

Hotel Carib:  Avenida de la Playa y Calle 30.  Tel: 6-3310.  The Carib looks bleakfrom the outside but once  inside there is  decent ambiance.  Central courtyard, pool, restaurant renders this hotel a reasonable choice.  It is not on the beach but it is only a short walk to  it.  ($50.00 US for a double including breakfast in the low season).  (Dec. 1999)

Club Tropical: Avenida Primera y Calle 21.  Tel: 6-3915, fax:  667227.  We stayed here in 1999 but not in the main building because we were not prepared to pay the full price for an all inclusive stay. We wanted more freedom than that. The annex is a block away and a very short walk to the white sandy beach.  The price was right (@ $50.00US/double), the rooms were clean but small, color TV. All facilities of the main 3 story hotel were fully available to us (pool, bar, games rooms, nightly entertainment such as it was). Price included all-you-can-eat breakfast with reasonable selection of American style dishes. Palm trees, music, beach chairs and umbrellas all made for a very pleasant stay. In-house travel agent arranged various guided bus tours to sites throughout the island. (We went to the Bay of Pigs - a very cool horseshoe shaped bay with warm waist-high water for hundreds of meters out.) ($50.00 US for a double including breakfast in the low season) ()).  (Dec. 1999)

Villa Caleta: Tel. 667080. Two story main building and cabanas spread across palm treed grounds. Right on the beach with spectacular views. ($62.00 US double not including any meals). Very clean and comfortable rooms furnished in rattan.  A nice quiet location away from the main center but still on the main road.  (Dec. 1999)

Hotel Pullman:  Avenida Primera y Calle 49.  Tel: 6-3575.  Lovely but small colonial villa converted to a hotel.  This place is hard to get into but it is worth the  trouble.  Oozing atmosphere:  garden restaurant and bar, colonial furnishings.  We did not get to see the rooms but the café and the lobby were enchanting enough  to convince us to stay here next  time. ($40.00 US for a double including breakfast in the low season).  (Dec. 1999)

Hotel Dos Marès:  Avenida Primera y Calle 53.  Tel: 62-702.  Across the street from Hotel Pullman.  This is also a colonial style hotel but larger than the Pullman. Difficult to get accommodation here as it is usually fully booked by German tour groups. ($60.00 US for a double including breakfast in the low season). (Dec. 1999)

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