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Hotel Jerusalem:  Nablus Road.  Tel 972 2 6283282; fax 972 2 6283282; e-mail:  From the outside, this place does not look like much but once you climb the stairs into the traditional Arabic garden cafe and further on up the stairs into the hotel proper, you enter an exotic environment filled  with traditional hand carved Arabic furniture and cool tiled floors. The thick stone walls function as a natural air conditioning system.  The impeccably clean rooms are large and the ceilings high.  This very small hotel is well maintained, the staff are discreet and courteous and it is a pleasure to stay here.  Great location a couple of minutes walk from Damascus gate outside the old city in the Palestinian area of the city.  We highly recommend it. You can also purchase package tours of Palestine run by a Palestinian tour group here. (see below)  (just off Nablus road facing the busy Nablus bus station square, but donít let this deter you.  Ultimately, this is an unbusy, quiet and restful family owned and run hotel.)  (2000: $100.00 US for four of us in a room with two double beds and private bathroom, including breakfast).  (August, 2000)

New Imperial Hotel:  Although we did not stay here, we did look at this hotel near Jaffa gate.  This old colonial style hotel has seen better days but it exudes funky atmosphere and probably would be a fun place to stay.  (On your left as you enter Jaffa Gate, this hotel is easy to find.  Ph. 6282261)  (2000: $93.00 US for four of us in a room with two double beds and private bathroom, including breakfast).  (August, 2000)



The Gate Café:  just inside Damascus gate.  Friendly and clean open air café serving simple Arabic food on a rooftop overlooking the Palestinian quarter.  A quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the old city.  Falafel and fresh orange juice are specialties and perhaps the best serious coffee to be found in the old city.  (falafel runs about 12-14 shekels ($3.00 US).  (August, 2000)

Hotel Jerusalem garden restaurant:  see above, Hotel Jerusalem for location.  This lovely garden open-air restaurant with a canopy of twisted grapevines serves a variety of authentic Arabic dishes from falafels and meze to full course dinners.  A little on the pricey side if you are on a budget but we recommend it..  (August, 2000)



There are a variety of tours run by private companies and by the government of Israel through tourist offices and major hotels.

Masada/Dead Sea tour:  We took a few tours all run by a Palestinian tour group.  The first began at 3 am and included Masada, a float in the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi nature reserve, photostops at Qumran, Jerichoís Mount of Temptation and the Mount of Olives.  Tour included lunch at a typical Palestinian buffet restaurant in Jericho that was yummy.  This is a sort of whirlwind tour but you get to see enough of everything that it is well worth the $35.00 per person.  You will be lucky if your driver speaks any English and be prepared for the 2-hour hike up Masada Mountain.  The tour arrives in Masada before the cable car opens, so you must climb the very steep trail to get to the top and then back in time for the bus to leave for the Dead Sea.  Unfortunately this does not leave you any time at all to see any of the archeological sites on the top itself.  What it does allow you to do is watch the sunrise over the Dead Sea.  The tour was worth the price, especially if you donít have a lot of time and want to see a lot of stuff in a hurry.  Perhaps the best part of the tour was driving through the harsh and spectacular landscape of the Judean desert.  (August, 2000)

Bethlehem:  Bethlehem is a about a 20 minute drive from Jerusalem on very crowded suburban roads and up a twisting, frighteningly steep cliffside.  There are many tours and tourists here but the Palestinian tour that we took was reasonably priced and included an English speaking guide.  ($12.00 US per person)  Be aware that you will be taken to a number of shops where you might feel obliged to buy something.  Donít, if you do not see anything that appeals to you, we didnt.  On this tour you will get to see some churches and grottos and, of course, the supposed birthplace of Jesus. .  (August, 2000)

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