This document is a collection of images rendered in trueSpace 5.1SP2 in order to show the different results which can be achieved with the .IES files shipped with trueSpace. These .IES files are used with 'goniometric' lights which are defined here.



The .IES files can be found in the 'SupportFiles' folder in your Truespace root directory and are assigned in the light's property settings.

My main goal in sharing this collection is to save users the trouble of trying each of the over 400 different types of Goniometric lighting schemes one at a time. As you will notice (and possibly resent) the exact same scene is presented in each image. This is, of course, to have a benchmark to compare the way the light behaves. It is a simple setup. A hollowed-out cube to serve as a room, three primitives, and a single goniometric light set a little above and off the centre of the 'room'. The settings for the light are also exactly the same, except each image uses a different .ies file; the shadows are ray-traced.. There are very subtle differences in some, and in others quite a change; some are too dark too see, which is probably because the light is set too dim. I didn't want to change any settings however, to preserve the benchmark.

As you will see, each image shares the name of the .ies file used in the render, and are linked under headings corresponding to the manufacturer's(?) folder. I must apologize for the lower image quality of the renders; there are compression artifacts in some. This was done to reduce the file size of the document, and doesn't affect the ability to see differences in the lighting too much.

Also present in the SupportFiles folder (see red type above) are a text file and an Excel spreadsheet which give some data about each .ies file.

It is important to remember that every image here uses the exact same light! It is the .ies file only that creates the different lighting. Talk about a world of possibilities!

My thanks to Caligari for the wonderful program that is trueSpace. I would also like to thank the authors of IrfanView32 and MWSnap. If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at:

or on the forums at Caligari. You can also visit my website.

copyright 2002 Todd Williams