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Margaret Jessop


MargeI was born and raised in Northern Manitoba where I developed an early appreciation for the woods and images in nature. Weekly fishing trips with my family allowed plenty of time for study and reflection on subjects in the wild. Upon receiving my Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary and moving to southern Saskatchewan for fourteen years, the images for my tapestry weavings and paintings became very flat with suggestions of hills in the background. For the past eleven years, I have lived in Kelowna and concentrated on the strikingly beautiful shapes of the hills, valleys, lakes and streams in this area. My interpretations of the photographs my husband and I take on our hiking outings are meaningful and real experiences. The imagery leans more towards the abstract and allows for strong impressions of shapes in nature. I believe that my appreciation for this environment really ties us to this area.

Curriculum Vitae 


  1. Bachelor of Education - University of Calgary, 1972: extra Fine Arts Courses in clay and painting
  2. Fine Art Courses - University of Saskatchewan, 1971
  3. Educational Tours of Tapestry Methods - a. Les Gobelins, Paris b. San Francisco Tapestry Workshop
  4. Tapestry Workshops in Saskatoon with Deborah Forbes


  1. 1975 - Biennial Show - Dunlop Gallery, Regina Public Library
  2. 1981- Sask. Teacher's Federation Purchase/Juried Competition - Saskatoon
  3. 1984-Saskatoon Weaver's Guild Juried Show - Saskatoon Public Library
  4. 1986- Botswana/Saskatchewan Tapestry Tour (CUSO)
  5. 1987- "Dimensions 87"- Saskatchewan Tour- Sask. Craft Council Show
  6. 1988-89- Ponderosa Weavers Guild/Argentinian Textiles- Kelowna Art Gallery
  7. 1991- "Hang the Okanagan" - City Hall Branch, Kelowna Art Gallery, B.C.
  8. 1992- "Okanagan Open"- Juried by Nancy Tousley ,Kelowna Art Gallery
  9. 1993- Two Man showing, Station House Gallery, Williams Lake, B.C.
  10. 1993-l994- "Objects and Images", Honorable Mention, Penticton and Kelowna
  11. 1994- One Man Show, Grand Forks Art Gallery, Grand Forks, B.C.
  12. 1994- One Man Show, National Exhibition Centre, Castlegar, B.C.
  13. 1996- Two Man Show, Winn Art Gallery, Summerland, B.C.
  14. 1997 - Two Man Show, Richmond Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
  15. 1998 - One Man Show, Kelowna Community Theatre
  16. l999 - Winner at OMRAC Regional Show, Kelowna, B.C.
  17. 2000- Two Man Show, Station House Gallery, Williams Lake, B.C.
  18. 2000- One Man Show, Kelowna Community Theatre
  19. 2001 -Kelowna Public Library, Kelowna Arts Council
  20. 2002- The Verve Gallery, Kelowna
  21. 2003- KADAC - Kelowna and District Arts Council Art Space
  22. 2004 - 2006 - The Barn Gallery, Kelowna
  23. 2006 - OSAC (Sask. Arts Council) successful in adjudicated show, Weyburn
  24. 2006 - "Inspired by the Qu'Appelle", Lumsden
  25. 2007 - Cathedral Freehouse Restaurant, Regina Art Gallery

(summarized from thirty-one showings)