Pakistan - Afghanistan Civil War

page generated: February 22, 2001

compiled by Allan Magnus


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  2. Air Warriors of Pakistan, revised edition, S.M.A. Hussaini, Ferozsons (Pvt.) Ltd.,1992, Lahore, Pakistan
  3. R.M.S. Azam via Lieven Dewitte & Stefaan Vanhastel

last name given name airforce victories comments
BokhariAkhtar ImamPakistani Air Force114 Sq; claimed 1 Russian Su-25 on the night of 4/Aug/1988 while flyin F-16 ( 85725)
Badar-ul-IslamunknownPakistani Air Force114 Sq; claimed 1 Su-22 on 16/Apr/1987 while flying F-16A
KhattakMuhammad AbbasPakistani Air Force114 Sq; claimed 1 Soviet AN-26 on 20/Nov/1988 while flying F-16A
MahmoodKhalidPakistani Air Force49 Sq; claimed 2 Soviet Mig-23MLD on 12/Sep/1988 while flying F-16A (85728), 1 Afghan Su-22 on 3/Nov/1988 while flying F-16A (84-717), 1 Soviet AN-24 on 31/Jan/1989 while flying F-16B (85711)
QadriA. HameedPakistani Air Force29 Sq; claimed 2 Russian SU-22 on 17/May/1986 while flying F-16A (F16-15T-CF) coded 82723
RazzaqAbdulPakistani Air Force19 Sq; claimed 1 AN-26 on 30/Mar/1987 while flying F-16A

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