Egypt - War of Attrition 1969-1970

page generated: February 5, 2004

compiled by Allan Magnus


  1. researcher Tom Cooper
  2. MiGy-21 v Egypte a Syrii 1962-73, Vaclav Havrlant, REVI magazine 2001, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  3. Phoenix Over the Nile: a History of Egyptian Air Power 1932-1994, Lon O. Nordeen & David Nicolle, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1996

last name given name airforce victories comments
AbdallahTamim FahmiEAF1claimed 1 Israeli Mirage IIICJ on 26/Jun/1969 while flying Mig-21FL
AtifAhmadEAF1claimed 1 Israeli F-4E on 9/Dec/1969 while flying MIG-21F-13
MikhailSamir AzizEAF2claimed 1 Israeli Mirage III on 14/Apr/1969, and 1 Israely Mirage III on 11/Sep/1969 while flying MIG-21FL

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