U.S.S.R. - War of Attrition 1969-1970

page generated: April 18, 2002

compiled by Allan Magnus


  1. MiGy-21 v Egypte a Syrii 1962-73, Vaclav Havrlant, REVI magazine 2001, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  2. Stalin's Falcons:The Aces of the Red Star, Tomas Polak & Christopher Shores, Grub Street, London 1998

last name given name airforce victories comments
SalmikovunknownEAF1piloting one of two Egyptian Mig 21MF fighters that claimed 1 Israeli A-4 on 22/Jun/1970
TsoiO.EAF1claimed 1 Israeli Mirage IIICJ on 7/Aug/1970 while flying Mig-21MF

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