U.S.A. - Gulf War 1990

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories comments
BakkeDaniel BruceUSAF1 335TFS/4TFW; claimed 1 Iraqi helicopter (from bomb of F-15E coded SJ 89-0487) on 13/Feb/1991; see Bennett, Richard T.
BennettRichard TimothyUSAF1335TFS/4TFW; claimed 1 Iraqi helicopter (from bomb of F-15E coded SJ 89-0487) on 13/Feb/1991; see Bakke, Daniel B.
BrandonBrentUSAF142ECS/66ECW; claimed 1 Iraqi Mirage F-1 (EF-111A coded UH 66-016) on 17/Jan/1991; see Denton, James
BroceDonald StuartUSN1VF-1; 1 Iraqi Mi-8 (F-14A 162603 NE/103 on 6/Feb/1991); RIO CDR Ronald Dean McElraft
DenneyJay T.USAF253TFS/36TFW; 2 Iraqi MiG- 23 (F-15C 84-0025 BT on 27/Jan/1991)
DentonJamesUSAF142ECS/66ECW; claimed 1 Iraqi Mirage F-1 (EF-111A coded UH 66-016) on 17/Jan/1991; see Brandon, Brent
DietzThomas NicholasUSAF353TFS/36TFW; 2 Iraqi MiG-21 (F-15C 79-0078 BT on 6/Feb/1991) & 1 Iraqi Su-22 (F-15C 84-0010 BT on 22/Mar/1991)
DingeeSteven S.USAF0.5525TFS/36TFW; 1 Iraqi Mi-8 ( F-15C 79-0048 BT on 11/Feb/1991); shared with Mark T. McKenzie
DoneskiJohn TerryUSAF153TFS/36TFW; 1 Iraqi Su-22 (F-15C 84-0014 BT on 20/Mar/1991)
DraegerRhory RogerUSAF258TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-29 (F-15C 85-0108 EG on 17/Jan/1991) & 1 Iraqi MiG-23(F-15C 85-0119 EG on 26/Jan/1991)
FoxMark IrbyUSN1VFA-81; 1 Iraqi Mig-21 while flying F/A-18C (163508 AA/401) on 17/Jan/1991
GraeterRobert EvanUSAF258TFS/33TFW; 2 Iraqi Mirage F.1 (F-15C 85-0105 EG on 17/Jan/1991)
HehemannRobert WilliamUSAF353TFS/36TFW; 2 Iraqi Su-25 (F-15C 84-0019 BT on 6/Feb/1991) & 1 Iraqi PC-9 (F-15C 84-0015 BT on 22/Mar/1991)
KelkJon KarlUSAF158TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-29 (F-15C 85-0125 EG on 17/Jan/1991)
MagillCharles JosephUSAF158TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-29 (F-15C 85-0107 EG on 17/Jan/1991); commisioned USMC
MastersGregory P.USAF1525TFS/36TFW; 1 Iraqi Il-76 (F-15C 79-0074 BT on 2/Feb/1991)
MayRandy W.USAF1525TFS/36TFW; 1 Iraqi Helicopter (F-15C 80-0003 BT on 7/Feb/1991)
McKenzieMark T.USAF0.5525TFS;1 Iraqi Mi-8 (F-15C 80-0012 BT on 11/Feb/1991); shared with Steven S. Dingee
MongilloNicholasUSN1VFA-81; claimed 1 Iraqi Mig-21 while flying F/A-18C (163502, AA/410) on 17/Jan/1991
MurphyAnthony RichardUSAF258TFS/33TFW; 2 Iraqi Su-22 (F-15C 85-0102 EG on 7/Feb/1991)
NorthGary LewisUSAF133TFS/363TFW; claimed an Iraqi Mig-25 with an AMRAAM in No-Fly Zone while flying F-16D-42H ( 90-0778 SW) on 27/Dec/1992
ParsonsRick N.USAF158TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi Su-7 (F-15C 85-0124 EG on 7/Feb/1991)
PittsLawrence EdwardUSAF158TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-25 (F-15C 85-0099 EG on 19/Jan/1991)
PowellBenjamin DeanUSAF253TFS/36TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-23 & 1 Iraqi Mirage F.1 (F-15C 84-0027 BT on 27/Jan/1991)
PratherDavid S.USAF1525TFS/36TFW; 1 Iraqi Mirage F.1 (F-15C 79-0069 BT on 19/Jan/1991)
RodriguezCesar AntonioUSAF258TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-29 (F-15C 85-0114 EG on 19/Jan/1991) & 1 Iraqi MiG-23 (F-15C 85-0114 EG on 26/Jan/1991)
RoseDavid GlenUSAF160TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-23 (F-15C 85-0102 EG on 29/Jan/1991)
SchiaviAnthony EdwardUSAF158TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-23 (F-15C 85-0104 EG on 26/Jan/1991)
SheehyTodd KevinUSAF1511TFS/10TFW; 1 Iraqi Mil-8 (A-10A 81-0964 AR on 15/Feb/1991)
StevensonCraig D.USAF123TFS/52TFW; claimed an Iraqi Mig-23 with an AMRAAM in No-Fly Zone while flying F-16C-30 ( 86-0262 SP) on 17/Jan/1993
SvedenDavid Gustaf Jr.USAF1525TFS/36TFW; 1 Iraqi Mirage F.1 (F-15C 79-0021 CR on 19/Jan/1991)
SwainRobert Raymond Jr.USAF1706TFS/926TFG; 1 Iraqi MBB Bo-105( A-10A-10 77-0205 NO on 6/Feb/1991)
TateSteven WayneUSAF171TFS/1TFW; 1 Iraqi Mirage F.1 (F-15C 83-0017 FF on 17/Jan/1991)
TolliniRichard CraigUSAF158TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-25 (F-15C 85-0101 EG on 19/Jan/1991)
UnderhillCraig WilliamUSAF158TFS/33TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-29 (F-15C 85-0122 EG on 19/Jan/1991)
WatrousDonald ScottUSAF132TFS/32TFW; 1 Iraqi MiG-23 (F-15C 79-0022 BT on 28/Jan/1991)

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