Iraq - Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988

page generated: March 13, 2004

compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories comments
al-DinmarufTariqIraqi Air Force1claimed 1 Iranian F-5E on 30/Sep/1980 while flying Mig-21
GobenOmarIraqi Air Force2claimed 2 victories over Iranian F-5E; KIA 1991 during Gulf War
SabahAliIraqi Air Force4claimed 1 Iranian F-14A on 27/May/1988 while flying Mirage F-1EQ
SalemAhmadIraqi Air Force2claimed 1 Iranian Cobra while flying Mig-21, and 1 Iranian F4 Phantom in 1987 while flying Mirage F.1

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