Canada - Israeli Independence War 1948

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories comments
DoyleJoseph JohnIDF/AF4101Sq.; claimed 1 Egyptian Spitfire on 21/Oct/1948, and 1 Egyptian MC205 on 28/Dec & 30/Dec 1948 while flying Spitfire, and 1 Egyptian MC205 on 7/Jan/1949 while flying P-51D
FitchettLenIDF/AF1claimed 1 Egyptian Fury on 19/Oct/1948 while flying Beaufighter
McElroyJohn FrederickIDF/AF3101Sq; claimed 1 Egyptian MC205 on 30/Dec/1948, and 2 RAF Spitfires on 7/Jan/1949 al while flying Spitfire
WilsonDenzel CliffordIDF/AF2101Sq; claimed 1 Egyptian Spitfire and MC205 on 28/Dec/1948 while flying Spitfire

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