Canada - Korean War

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories comments
GloverErnest ArthurUSAF3334FIS/4FIW; 1 Mig-15 claimed on 8/Sep/1952, 9/Sep/1952 & 16/Sep/1952
LaFranceJ. Claude A.USAF139FIS/51FIW; 1 Mig-15 claimed 5/Aug/1952
LevesqueJoseph Auguste OmerUSAF1334FIS/4FIW; 1 Mig-15 claimed on 31/Mar/1951
LindsayJames DouglasUSAF239FIS/51FIW; 1 Mig-15 on 11/Oct/1952 and 26/Nov/1952
MacKayJohnUSAF139FIS/51FIW; 1 Mig-15 shot down on 30/Jun/1953
SpurrLawrence E.USAF125FIS/51FIW; 1 MIG-15 shot down on 14/Jul/1952

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