Yugoslavia - NATO Intervention in Kosovo 1999

page generated: January 16, 2001

compiled by Allan Magnus


  1. Venick's Aviation Page (http://members.xoom.com/082499/aviation/natodown.htm)
  2. TANJug press article, date unknown
  3. I have struggled with the decision on whether or not to include the
    Yugoslav claims during the NATO Intervention in Kosovo.
    Both sides were deeply involved with propaganda. With that said, I 
    still find it difficult to belive Yugoslav claims especially when
    they are heavily wrapped in the rhetoric that usually comes with 
    state run press.
    But, I have decided to include the claims for the Yugoslav pilots in
    the hope that someone will be able to provide some information from
    more creditable sources other than the Yugolsav and Russian press.

last name given name airforce victories comments
ArizanovIljioYugoslav Air Force1127 LVA; claimed 1 USAF F-117A on 24/Mar/1999 while flying Mig-29
DijukichGvozdenYugoslav Air Force1claimed 1 USAF F-117A on 27/Mar/1999 while flying Mig-21
NikolicNebojsaYugoslav Air Force1127 LVA; claimed 1 USAF aircraft (F-16?) on 24/Mar/1999 while flying Mig-29
PericSlobodanYugoslav Air Force1127 LVA; KIA 26/Mar/1999; claimed 1 USAF F-15E on 26/Mar/1999 while flying Mig-29

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