Poland - Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920

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compiled by Allan Magnus


  1. The Polish Air Force 1918-1945, Dr. Jan Koniarek, Squadron/Signal Publications 1994
  2. History of the Polish Air Force 1918-1968,Jerzy B. Cynk,Osprey Publications Ltd.,1972, Reading,Berkshire

last name given name airforce victories comments
GuttmejerEugeniuszPolish Air Force119th Squadron; shared with Pawlikowski
JachFranciszekPolish Air Force112th Squadron
MiklasiewiczunknownPolish Air Force118th Squadron; shared with Wisniewski
MroszkowskiAntoniPolish Air Force119th Squadron
PawlikowskiStefanPolish Air Force119th Squadron; shared with Guttmejer
StecStefanPolish Air Force2claimed one Soviet Nieuport, April 29, 1919, while flying Fokker E.V coded 001; Sq. commander 7th (Kosciuszko) squadron; also claimed an observation balloon
SwoszowskiKazimierzPolish Air Force17th Squadron
WisniewskiunknownPolish Air Force118th Squadron; shared with Miklasiewicz

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