Italy - Spanish Civil War

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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     The following is from the book, "Wings over Spain", page 182. It is included to provide
     a perspective on what conditions affected victory counts for the Italians in Spain. Where
     this book and the other references intersect, I have chosen the victory counts found in
     "Wings over Spain".
	"The Aviazione Legionaria never introduced a method for the attribution of victories
	 over enemy aircraft to the individual fighter pilots. Therefore, there is no list of
	 Italian aces in Spain, nor can official documents - the war diaries of the squadrons
	 and of the groups - permit the compilation of such a list now. While during the first
	 months of the war, when combats took place between single airplanes or flights, the
	 shooting down of an enemy can be attributed to a fair degree of certainty to individual
	 action of a pilot, the situation becomes different when combats involve dozens of 
	 airplanes in furious dogfights and in small proportions of sky.  In this case, diaries
	 report the number of victories claimed assigning their merit often "in cooperation"
	 to all pilots who took part in that specific action. Further differences are produced
	 according to the way in which reports are written in different units of the Aviazione
	 Legionaria, and even in the efforts placed by the commanders in documenting the
	 operational activities of their units."

last name given name airforce victories victories shared comments
AlessandriniBrunoNationalist424 Squadriglia
ArcangelettiPaoloNationalist3XXIII Gruppo
AuriliGuiseppeNationalist524 Squadriglia
BaschirottoGianLinoNationalist51, 4 & 24 Squadriglia
BeggiatoGuidoNationalist3XXIII Gruppo
BernardiDuilioNationalist1VI Gruppo
BottoErnestoNationalist432 Squadriglia
BuvoliAldoNationalist2XXIII Gruppo
CaselliGilbertoNationalist520 Squadriglia; KIA 26/Aug/1937
CenniGuiseppeNationalist71 & 5 Squadriglia; includes 1 blimp destroyed 22/Oct/1936
CorsiUgoNationalist2VI Gruppo
DaffaraVittorinoNationalist3XXIII Gruppo
Degli IncertiEnricoNationalist51 & 20 Squadriglia
DequalVincenzoNationalist41 & 4 Squadriglia
di MontegnaccoBrunettoNationalist141 & 3 Squadriglia
FassiRobertoNationalist3XVI Gruppo
FibbiaGuidoNationalist3VI Gruppo
FoschiniEttoreNationalist1XXIII Gruppo
FrançoisArmandoNationalist624 Squadriglia
GostiniSaverioNationalist2XXIII Gruppo
IelliciLuigiNationalist1X Gruppo
La FerlaGermanoNationalist1XVI Gruppo
Larismont PergameniAntonioNationalist43 & 19 Squadriglia
LonghiFeliceNationalist1XVI Gruppo
LucchiniFrancoNationalist119 Squadriglia
MagistriniGiovanni B.Nationalist31 Squadriglia; KIA 4/Nov/1936
MaioneGuiseppeNationalist424 Squadriglia
MannelliGiampaoloNationalist420 Squadriglia
MantelliAdrianoNationalist91, 4 & 24 Squadriglia
MatteiAlfonsoNationalist2XXIII Gruppo
MezzettiAlfieroNationalist5XVI Gruppo
MilellaFiorenzoNationalist425 Squadriglia
MontiLuigiNationalist524 Squadriglia
MottetGiuseppeNationalist420 Squadriglia
NobiliGuidoNationalist102 & 18 Squadriglia; (KIA 10/Jul/1943, WWII)
NovelliRaffaelleNationalist426 Squadriglia
PreselGuidoNationalist131, 3 & 26 Squadriglia; KIA 5/Jun/1937
RuzzinGiuseppeNationalist44XXIII Gruppo
Sant'AndreaVincenzoNationalist1XXIII Gruppo
ScarpettaPier GiuseppeNationalist1XVI Gruppo
SchievanoEnricoNationalist420 Squadriglia; KIA 26/Aug/1937
SeidlRicardo EmoNationalist6
SimionatoOlindoNationalist1XXIII Gruppo
SolaroClaudioNationalist1XVI Gruppo
StabileNatalinoNationalist1XXIII Gruppo
SterziAnnibaleNationalist1XXIII Gruppo
TarantolaEnnioNationalist1XVI Gruppo
TomaselliPioNationalist2XXIII Gruppo
TugnoliGiorgioNationalist1VI Gruppo
Viglione BorgheseEzioNationalist1X Gruppo
VisintiniMarioNationalist1XVI Gruppo
ZottiAndreaNationalist9Commander XXIII Gruppo

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