U.S.S.R. - Spanish Civil War

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories victories shared comments
AgafonovP.J.Republican8also known as Akhmed Amba
BobrovVladimir IvanovichRepublican13total victory count may be 13+4
ChernychSergei AlexandrovichRepublican52
DenisovAlexei AlexandrovichRepublican7
DenisovSergei ProkofyevichRepublican13
DevotchenkoIvan AlexandrovichRepublican85 Escuadrilla de Caza
FedorovIvan YevgraphovichRepublican23victory count includes individual and shared
FedoseyevMikhail AndreyevichRepublican7
GerasimovNikolai SemenovichRepublican2
GlushenkovNikifor EmmanuilovichRepublican10
GritsevetsSergei IvanovichRepublican305 Esc. De Caza
GusevAlexandr IvanovichRepublican416 Escuadrilla de Caza
IvanovNikolaiRepublican4101 & 4 Escuadrilla de Caza
KhomyakovValentin IvanovichRepublican6
KirillovAlexandr IvanovichRepublican5
KolesnikovKonstantin IlyichRepublican43
KondratYemelyan FilaretovichRepublican2
KopetsIvan IvanovichRepublican6Escuadrilla Palancar, 26 & 21 Grupo de Caza
KorobkovPavel TerenyevichRepublican6
KovenevFedor DmitriyevichRepublican8KIA 11/Mar/1938
LakeyevIvan AlexeyevichRepublican1220
LisinVasilii TimofeyevichRepublican26
MinaievAlexei VasilyevichRepublican03
NaidenkoVasilii MikhailovichRepublican36
OsipenkoAlexandr StepanovichRepublican17341 Escuadrilla de Caza
PolyakovSergei NikolayevichRepublican5KIA 23/Dec/1941 (174 ShAP VVS)
RychagovPavel VasilyevichRepublican15Escuadrilla Palancar; total victory count may be 6+20
SerovAnatol KonstantinovichRepublican16Escuadrilla Vuelo Nocturno, 1 Escuadrilla de Caza
ShestakovLev LevovichRepublican831total victory count may be 11+31
ShevcovPetr FedorovichRepublican11
ShmelkovNikolai IvanovichRepublican5Escuadrilla Palancar
SklyarovViktor IvanovichRepublican79KIA Feb/1938
SmolyakovPeaton NikolayevichRepublican612
SokolovIvan VasilyevichRepublican34KIA 28/Dec/1937
SoldatenkoIgnatii SemenovichRepublican9KIA 12/Apr/1943 (240IAP VVS, World War Two)
StepanovAndrei MikhailovichRepublican79
StepanovYevgenii NikolayevichRepublican621 Escuadrilla de Caza, Escuadrilla Vuelo Nocturno
SuprunStepan PavlovichRepublican12
SyusyukalovNikita TimofeyevichRepublican61 Escuadrilla de Caza
TarkovSergei FedorovichRepublican5Escuadrilla Tarkhov; WIA 9/Nov/1936, DOW 23/Nov/1936; total victory count may be 6
TurshanskiBoris AlexandrovichRepublican6Escuadrilla Vasca
YakushinMikhail NikolayevichRepublican7
YeremenkoIvan TrofimovichRepublican141 & 2 Escuadrilla de Caza
YevseyevIvan IvanovichRepublican412
ZaitsevAlexandr AndreyevichRepublican8
ZakharovGeorgii NefodovichRepublican6Escuadrilla Palancar; total victory count may be 6+4
ZherdevNikolai ProkofyevichRepublican1total victory count may be 3

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