Austria-Hungary - World War One

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories comments
ArigiJuliusAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service32Flik 6, Fluggeschwader 1, Flik 41J,55J & 1J
BnschEugenAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service16Flik 51J
BrumowskiGodwinAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service35Flik 1,12 & 41J
BusaJuliusAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 14; KIA 18/May/1916
DombrowskiAndreasAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 29,68J & 57Rb
FejesStephanAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service16Flik 19 & 51J
FialaBennoAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service28Flik 1,19,41J,12D,56J & 51J
FriedrichJosefAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service7Flik 16,24 & 51J
FrintJohannAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 23; KIFA 25/Feb/1918
GrserFranzAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service18Flik 2,32,42J & 61J; KIA 17/May/1918
GruberKurtAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service11Flik 1,41J & 61J; KIA 4/Apr/1918
HautzmayerLudwigAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service7Flik 15,19,51J & 61J
HeftyFriedrichAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 12,44F & 42J
HeyrowskyAdolfAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service12Flik 2,9,12 & 19
JgerOttoAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service7Flik 10,27 & 42J; KIA 19/Aug/1917
JindraOttoAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service9Flik 1, Fliegergruppe G
KaszaAlexanderAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 55J,15F & 11F
KazalaKarlAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service8Flik 1,21J & 41J
KenzianGeorgAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service9Flik 24,55J & 42J
KissJosefAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service19Flik 24 & 55J; KIA 24/May/1918
KostrbaHeinrichAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service8Flik 4 & 23
KowalczikJuliusAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 15 & 24; KIA 24/Aug/1917
LahnerFranzAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 55J
LangFriedrichAustro-Hungarian Navy5Durazzo & Pola Naval Air Stations
LasiJohannAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 6
Linke-CrawfordLinkeAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service27Flik 12,41J & 60J; KIA 30/Jul/1918
MacourekBelaAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 23,6F & 1J
MagerlVinzenzAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5
NachodKurtAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 10 & 20; WIFA 9/May/1918; DOW 11/May/1918
NavratilFriedrich MiroslavAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service10Flik 13,11,41J & 3J
NikitschKarlAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 16,14,39 & 63J
NovakAugustinAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 30,13 & 39
OberstFranzAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5
PrerJosefAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 19,29,57F & 3J; KIA 31/Aug/1918
PatzeltKarlAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 29,34,42J & 68J; KIA 4/MAy/1918
PeterFranzAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 14,47F & 3J
RiszticsJohannAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service7Flik 22 & 42J
RodlauerAloisAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 60J & 9J
RudorferFranzAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service11Flik 19D & 51J
SchmidtRomanAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 26,7,13,30J & 74J
SiegelJosefAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6
StecStefanAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service3Flik 3J; source Albatros DII & DIII Oeffag, P.A.Tesar, JaPo Publications has him listed with 7 victories
StojsavljevicRaoulAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service10Flik 13,17,34 & 16
StrohschneiderErnstAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service15Flik 23 & 28, Fuggeschwader 1, Flik 101G, Flik 42J,61J & 63J; KIA 21/Mar/1918
Szepessy-Sokoll von Negyes et RenoRudolfAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 17,10,27,3 & 41J; KIA 6/Nov/1917
TahyAlexanderAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service8Flik 12,19 & 51J; KIFA 7/MAr/1918
TeichmannKarlAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 5,42J,60J & 14J
UdvardyFerdinandAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service8Flik 42J
UjvryLszlAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service4Flik 3J
UrbanKarlAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 10,27,66D & 14J; KIFA 12/Jul/1918
von BanfieldGottfriedAustro-Hungarian Navy9Trieste Naval Air Station
von FroreichWedigeAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5
von MaierJosefAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service7Flik 14,13 & 55J
WeberRudolfAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service6Flik 25,2 & 102G
WognarFranzAustro-Hungarian Army Air Service5Flik 2

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