Ireland - World War One

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories victories shared comments
BakerLovell DickensRFC623Sq
BettsEric Bourne CoulterRAF5202Sq
BettsEric Bourne CoulterRNAS12Sq
CairnesWilliam JamesonRAF274Sq; 1/Jun/1918
CairnesWilliam JamesonRFC419Sq
CallaghanJoseph CreussRAF487Sq; KIA 2/Jul/1918
CallaghanJoseph CreussRFC118Sq
CaseyFrancis DomenicRNAS92Wing & 3Sq; KIFA 11/Aug/1917
Cochran-PatrickWilliam John Charles KennedyRFC21No 1 Aeroplane Depot, 70,23 & 60Sq
CooperMaurice LeaRAF3213Sq; KIA 2/Oct/1918
CooperMaurice LeaRNAS313Sq
CowanSidney EdwardRFC724 & 29Sq; KIA 17/Nov/1916
CowellJohn J.RAF120Sq; KIA 29/Jul/1918; observer/gunner ace
CowellJohn J.RFC1520Sq
CroweHenry GeorgeRAF4scout gunner ace; 20Sq
CroweHenry GeorgeRFC4scout gunner ace; 20Sq
GribbenEdward C.RFC570,44 & 41Sq
HartiganEdward PatrickRFC5rear gunner ace; 57Sq; KIFA 20/Nov/1917
HazellThom FalconRAF2324 & 203Sq
HazellThom FalconRFC201Sq
Langan-ByrnePatrick AnthonyRFC1024Sq; KIA 16/Oct/1916
LeathleyFordeRFC8rear gunner ace; 57Sq
McElroyGeorge Edward HenryRAf2540Sq; KIA 31/Jul/1918
McElroyGeorge Edward HenryRFC2124 & 40Sq
MolesworthWilliam EarleRFC1860 & 29Sq
O'GradyStandish ConnRFC923Sq
ParrySamuelRAF6scout gunner ace; 62Sq; KIA 3/May/1918
ParrySamuelRFC3scout gunner ace; 62Sq
PopeSydney Leo GregoryRFC660Sq
PriceGuy WilliamRNAS1213 & 8Sq; KIA 18/Feb/1918
ProctorThomasRAF5scout gunner ace; 88Sq; KIA 27/Sep/1918
TidmarshDavid MaryRFC724 & 48Sq; POW 11/Apr/1917
TyrrellWalter AlexanderRAF1232Sq; KIA 9/Jun/1918
TyrrellWalter AlexanderRFC532Sq
WallerAlbert GregoryRAF8bomber/corps pilot ace; 18Sq
WallerAlbert GregoryRFC3bomber/corps pilot ace; 18Sq

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