Italy - World War One

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compiled by Allan Magnus


  1. Above the War Fronts, Norman L R Franks, Russell Guest & Gregory Alegi, Grub Street, London 1997

last name given name airforce victories comments
AllasiaMicheleItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 37a,80a and 77a, 5a Seziane SVA; KIFA 20/Jul/1918
AmanteaAntonioItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 43a & 71a
AncillottoGiovanniItalian Army Air Service11Squadriglia 114a,27a,30a,80a & 77a
AvetFlaminioItalian Army Air Service8Squadriglia 73a,82a & 70a
BaraccaFrancescoItalian Army Air Service34Squadriglia 1a,70a & 91a; KIA 19/Jun/1918
BaracchiniFlavio TorelloItalian Army Air Service21Squadriglia 7a,26a,81a & 76a
BedendoSebastianoItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 48a,42a,72a & 71a
BoccheseAldoItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 70a
BuzioAlessandroItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 75a, 81a & 76a
CabrunaErnestoItalian Army Air Service8Squadriglia 28a,84a,80a & 77a
CalvelloUmbertoItalian Naval Air Service5Squadriglia 260a
CeruttiMarzialeItalian Army Air Service17Squadriglia 79a
ChiriAntonioItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 77a & 78a
ConstantiniBortoloItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 3a,13a,14a,78a,43a & 91a
EleuteriLeopoldoItalian Army Air Service7Squadriglia 73a,12a & 70a
FornagiariGuglielmoItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 78a
FuciniMarioItalian Army Air Service7Squadriglia 5a,25a & 84a, Sezione Dif Grottaglie, 87a76a & 78a
ImolesiAttilioItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 79a; KIFA 11/Mar/1918
LegaGiulioItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 21a,76a & 81a
LeonardiAlvaroItalian Army Air Service8Squadriglia 41a & 80a
LombardiCarlo FrancescoItalian Army Air Service8Squadriglia 77a
MagistriniCesareItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 78a & 91a
MartinengoFedericoItalian Naval Air Service5Squadriglia 260a
MasieroGuidoItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 26a,86a,91a & 78a, 3a Sezione SVA
MecozziAmedeoItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 46a,49a,48a,45a,50a,76a & 78a
MichettiGiorgioItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 43a & 76a
NardiniGuidoItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 75a,78a & 91a
NicelliGiovanniItalian Army Air Service9Squadriglia 79a; KIA 5/May/1918
NovelliGastoneItalian Army Air Service8Squadriglia 28a,76a,81a & 91a
OlivariLuigiItalian Army Air Service12Squadriglia 1a,70a & 91a; KIFA 13/Oct/1917
OliviLuigiItalian Army Air Service6Squadrigalia 2a per Artiglieria, 42a & 76a; KIA 17/Jul/1917
PessiGiorgioItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 82a,78a & 91a
PiccioPier RuggeroItalian Army Air Service24Squadriglia 3a,77a,70a & 91a
PierozziOrazioItalian Army Air Service7Squadriglia 255a, Stazione Brindisi, Gruppo Indrocacchia Venezia
RanzaFerruccioItalian Army Air Service17Squadriglia 43a,77a & 91a
RealiAntonioItalian Army Air Service11Squadriglia 79a
RenellaCosimoItalian Army Air Service7Squadriglia 31a,32a,48a,45a & 78a
ReschAlessandroItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia 26a & 70a
RivaAntonioItalian Army Air Service7Squadriglia 29a,73a,71a & 78a
RizzottoCosimoItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 77a
Ruffo di CalabriaFulcoItalian Army Air Service20Squadriglia 4a,44a,42a,1a,70a & 91a
SabelliGiovanniItalian Army Air Service5Squadriglia Aviatik, Squadriglia 2a,71a, Sezione Dif Nieuport, Squadriglia 91a; KIA 25/Oct/1917
ScaroniSilvioItalian Army Air Service26Squadriglia 43a,86a & 76a
StoppaniMarioItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 3a & 76a
TicconiRomoloItalian Army Air Service6Squadriglia 76a & 81a

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