Russia - World War One

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories comments
ArgeyevPavel VictorovitchFFC9SPA 124
ArgeyevPavel VictorovitchImperial Russian Air Service619Sq.
de SeverskyAlexander Nikolaevich ProkoffievImperial Russian Air Service62nd Baltic
FederovVictor GeorgiyevitchFFC5C.42 & Spa.89
GilsherJuri VladimirovichImperial Russian Air Service57Sq.; KIA 20/Jul/1917
KokorinNikolai KirillovichImperial Russian Air Service54Sq.; KIA 28/May/1917
KozakovAlexander AlexandrovichImperial Russian Air Service2019Sq.
KrutenYevgraph NikolaevichFFC1N.3
KrutenYevgraph NikolaevichImperial Russian Air Service62Sq.; KIA 19/Jun/1917
LemanErnest KrislanovichImperial Russian Air Service519Sq
LoikoIvan AlexandrovichImperial Russian Air Service69Sq
MakeenokDonat AduiovichImperial Russian Air Service87Sq
OrlovIvan AlexsandrovichFFC1N3
OrlovIvan AlexsandrovichImperial Russian Air Service47Sq.; KIA 4/Jul/1917
PishvanovAlexander MikhailovichImperial Russian Air Service510Sq
PulpeEduard MartynovichFFC4M.S.23 & N.23
PulpeEduard MartynovichImperial Russian Air Service110Sq; KIA 1/Aug/1916
SafonovMikhail IvanovichImperial Russian Air Service5Naval pilot, Baltic with Glagol
ShirinkinAlexei DmitriyevichImperial Russian Air Service4
SmirnovIvan VasilyevichImperial Russian Air Service1119Sq.
StizhevskyVladimir IvanovichImperial Russian Air Service79Sq.
SukGrigori EduardovitchImperial Russian Air Service99Sq.; KIA 28/Nov/1917
VakulovskyKonstantin KonstantinovitchImperial Russian Air Service61Sq.
YanchenkoVasili IvanovichImperial Russian Air Service167 & 32Sq

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