South Africa - World War One

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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last name given name airforce victories victories shared comments
AmmEdgar OxenhamRAF1029Sq; POW 9/Nov/1918
AndersonGerald FrankRAF888Sq
ArmstrongD'Urban VictorRFC560,78,39 & 151Sq
BartonHorace DaleRAF1624Sq
BartonHorace DaleRFC324Sq
Beauchamp-ProctorAnthony Frederick WeatherbyRAF4584Sq
Beauchamp-ProctorAnthony Frederick WeatherbyRFC984Sq
BellDouglas JohnRAF73Sq; KIA 27/May/1918
BellDouglas JohnRFC1327 & 3Sq
ChappellRoy WilliamsonRFC1027 & 41Sq
DanielHector C.RAF643Sq
DanielHector C.RFC343Sq
EddyCharles EwartRAF5rear gunner ace; 103Sq
FindlayJohn PierceRAF688Sq
HallRobert NorwoodRFC540 & 44Sq
HarrisonThomas SinclairRAF2229Sq
HayneEdwin TufnellRAF9203Sq; KIFA
HayneEdwin TufnellRNAS63Sq
HemmingAlfred StuartRAF441Sq
HemmingAlfred StuartRFC441Sq
KiddieAndrew CameronRAF1474Sq
KiddieAndrew CameronRFC132Sq
KinkeadSamuel MarcusRAF15201Sq
KinkeadSamuel MarcusRNAS181Sq
LawsonGeorge Edgar BruceRFC632Sq
LloydGeorge LawrenceRFC860 & 40Sq
MacdonaldHector OmdurmanRAF784Sq
MeintjesHenryRFC860 & 56Sq;
MoodyBasil HenryRAF91Sq
NelWilliam Joseph BaynesRAF784Sq
PitheyCroye RothesRAF1012Sq
Quintin-BrandChristopher JosephRAF5112 & 151Sq; 5 night victories with Camel D6423
Quintin-BrandChristopher JosephRFC71Sq
RedlerHerbert BoltonRAF724Sq; KIFA 21/Jun/1918
RedlerHerbert BoltonRFC340Sq
ReedArthur EdenRAF1929Sq
RossCharles GordonRAF2029Sq
SaundersHugh William LumsdenRAF1384Sq
SaundersHugh William LumsdenRFC284Sq
SlatterLeonard HoratioRAF2213Sq & 4ASD(Pilot Pool)
SlatterLeonard HoratioRNAS5SDF, 13Sq
SmutsNeil RitzRAF53Sq
SoutheyWalter AlfredRAF2048 & 84Sq
SteadIan OliverRAF522Sq
TaylerSt. Cyprian ChurchillRFC932 & 80Sq; KIA 17/Mar/1918
ThompsonCecil RobertRAF684Sq; 3 a/c & 3 ballons
TudhopeJohn HenryRFC1040Sq
TudhopePhilip MurrayRAF646Sq
VenterCristoffel JohannesRAF1629Sq
WestwoodWilliam GrahamRAF688Sq
WilliamsThomas MellingsRAF865Sq
WilliamsThomas MellingsRFC165Sq
WiltonFrederick CharlesRAF6bomber/corps pilot ace; 98Sq

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