Turkey - World War One

page generated: January 4, 2000

compiled by Allan Magnus


  1. "Young Turks", David Nicolle, AIR Enthusiast nos: 74, 75, 76

last name given name airforce victories comments
FazilunknownTurkish Air Service19nci Bölök; shot down British DH 9 on 25/Oct/1918 while flying Albatros D.lll
RizaAliTurkish Air Service1shot down Maurice Farman of the French sqn MF 98 T on 30/Nov/1915 while flying Albatros C.l; with observer Orhan Bey
TurgutluCemalTurkish Air Service1shot down a British plane over Imamdur in Iraq on 22/Mar/1918 while probably flying a Halberstadt; with observer Hasan Basri

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