Romania - World War Two

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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 Romanian aces:
   In February 1944, the Romanians implemented a pointing system for victories.
Victory points were awarded for confirmed and unconfirmed shoot downs, and for
aircraft destroyed on the ground. Points were also awarded for shared victories.
This system was retroactively applied to all claims prior to this date and
followed these rules:
             - 3 victories for a 4 or 6 engined aircraft
             - 2 victories for a 2 or 3 engined aircraft
             - 1 point for a single engined aircraft
   With the publication of Dénes Bernád's book, Rumanian Aces of World War Two, 
a much more complete break down of Romanian ace's claims can be found. Based
on this book, the list below contains the Romanian pilots with 5 or more aerial 
victories only, whether they be individual, shared or both. Also note, that a 
victory includes confirmed and unconfirmed claims. A pilot's total points for
all victories, including ground victories, will be found in the comments column.

last name given name airforce victories victories shared comments
AgariciHoriaRoyal Romanian Air Force8Gr. 5 & 7 Vân.; total points=13
AlexiuFlorinRoyal Romanian Air Force6Gr. 8 Vân; WIA 18/Sep/1942, DOW 19/Sep/1942; total points=11+
AncaIuliuRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 8 Vân.; total points=6
BaciuDumitruRoyal Romanian Air Force52Gr. 1 & 6 Vân.; total points=10
BălanEmilRoyal Romanian Air Force7Gr. 9 Vân.; KIA 26/Jul/1944; total points=10
BelcinMihaiRoyal Romanian Air Force41Gr. 6 Vân.; total points=5+
BratianuVintilaRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 7 Vân.; total points=5+
BuduFlorianRoyal Romanian Air Force7Gr. 6 & 8 Vân.; KIA 31/May/1944; total points=9
BulatMihaiRoyal Romanian Air Force45Gr. 4 & 6 Vân.; total points=
BurileanuNiculaeRoyal Romanian Air Force9Gr. 7 Vân.; total points=10+
CamencianuEvghenieRoyal Romanian Air Force10Gr. 5 Vân.; KIFA 5/Oct/1942; total points=14+
CantacuzinoConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force531Gr. 5, 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=69
CatanăLaurentiuRoyal Romanian Air Force7Gr. 7 Vân.; POW 26/Jun/1943; total points=10
CheraDumitruRoyal Romanian Air Force41Gr. 1 & 6 Vân.; total points=13
ChirvăsutăCristeaRoyal Romanian Air Force22Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=31
ChiuhulescuIosifRoyal Romanian Air Force23Gr. 3 Vân.; KIA 16/Sep/1944; total points=6
CiutacStefan OctavianRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=11
CocebasGheorgheRoyal Romanian Air Force6Gr. 8 & 6 Vân.; total points=8
CojocaruPetreRoyal Romanian Air Force41Gr. 2 Vân.; total points=14
CordescuPetreRoyal Romanian Air Force6Gr. 5 Vân.; total points=9
CristuCristu I.Royal Romanian Air Force44Gr. 3 & 4 Vân.; total points=11
DârjanTraianRoyal Romanian Air Force111Gr. 9 Vân.; KIA 25/Feb/1945; total points=17+
Di CesareIonRoyal Romanian Air Force19Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; includes 1 claim for a Luftwaffe aircraft, a He-111 on 26/ Aug/1944; total points=23+
DimacheConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force43Gr. 4 & 6 Vân.; KIA 23/Jun/1944; total points=10
DimacheIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force61Gr. 3 & 6 Vân.; total points=10
DobranIonRoyal Romanian Air Force12Gr. 9 Vân.; total points=15
DrocEmilRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 6 Vân.; total points=5
DumitescuMirceaRoyal Romanian Air Force73Gr. 3 & 6 Vân.; total points=13
DumitrescuStefanRoyal Romanian Air Force8Gr. 3 & 6 Vân.; total points=15
DusescuHaritonRoyal Romanian Air Force10Gr.7 & 9 Vân.; total points=12
FloreaIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 3 & 7 Vân.; total points=7
FortuVasileRoyal Romanian Air Force6Gr. 8 Vân.; KIFA 4/Sep/1942; total points=7+
FulgaEugenRoyal Romanian Air Force46Gr. 1 Vân.; total points=
GaleaIonRoyal Romanian Air Force7Gr. 5 & 9 Vân.; total points=12+
GavriliuVasile A.Royal Romanian Air Force16Gr. 9 Vân.; total points=27
GeorgescuEmilRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 5 Vân.; total points=8
GreceanuStefanRoyal Romanian Air Force10Gr. 7 Vân.; total points=11
GreceanuTudorRoyal Romanian Air Force23Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=24+
HăpăianuGheorgheRoyal Romanian Air Force9Gr. 4 & 7 Vân.; KIA 14/Jul/1944; total points=9
IlieDumitruRoyal Romanian Air Force12Gr. 6 & 8 Vân.; total points=22
IordacheFloreaRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 7 Vân.; KIA 14/Sep/1943; total points=5
IvancieviciIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force43Gr. 3 & 4 Vân.; KIA 25/Sep/1944; total points=11
LungulescuConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force191Gr.7 Vân; KIA 24/Jun/1944; total points=24+
MacriNicolaeRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr.3 & 4 Vân.; total points=11
MagaIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force20Gr. 5,7 & 8 Vân.; total points=29
MălăcescuIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force19Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=21+
MaziluMirceaRoyal Romanian Air Force52Gr. 3 & 7 Vân.; total points=10+
MicuIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force13Gr. 8 & 9 Vân.; total points=13
MihăilescuIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 8 Vân.; WIA 18/Sep/1942, DOW 19/Sep/1942; total points=5
MihordeaMihaiRoyal Romanian Air Force91Gr. 4 Vân.; total points=15
MiluIonRoyal Romanian Air Force361Gr. 1, 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=52
MironCostinRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=5
MoldoveanuAlexandruRoyal Romanian Air Force6Gr. 7 Vân.; total points=9
MoraruIosifRoyal Romanian Air Force11Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=13+
MoscuTeodorRoyal Romanian Air Force4Gr. 5 Vân.; final victory count may be higher
MucenicaIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force231Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=27
MuresanLiviuRoyal Romanian Air Force9Gr. 7 Vân.; KIA 10/Oct/1943; total points=10
NeacsuRomeoRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 3 & 7 Vân.; total points=5
NicoarăConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force7Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=8
NicolaIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force64Gr. 1, 3 & 6 Vân.; total points=16
NiculescuDumitruRoyal Romanian Air Force23Gr. 3 Vân.; KIA 24/Dec/1944; total points=6
PanaiteIonRoyal Romanian Air Force9Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=11
Polizu-MicsunestiNicolaeRoyal Romanian Air Force11Gr. 7 Vân.; KIA 5/May/1943; total points=11
PomutConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 5 & 7 Vân.; KIA 10/Jan/1944; total points=7
PopescuConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force8Gr. 1 & 6 Vân.; total points=14+
PopescuConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 5 Vân.; total points=6
Popescu-CiocănelGheorgheRoyal Romanian Air Force14Gr. 9 Vân.; WIA 26/Jul/1944, DOW 12/Aug/1944; total points=19
PucasStefanRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 8 Vân. And asalt; total points=8
RădulescuAndreiRoyal Romanian Air Force14Gr. 5 & 9 Vân.; total points=18
ReinekRaduRoyal Romanian Air Force51Gr. 8 Vân.; total points=6
RosariuConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force16Gr. 7 Vân.; score includes 8 victories against Axis aircraft; total points=33
ScurtuDanRoyal Romanian Air Force12Gr. 7 Vân.; total points=19+
SeleiErich RichardRoyal Romanian Air Force6Gr. 8 Vân.; total points=6
SencheaMirceaRoyal Romanian Air Force6Gr. 9 Vân.; total points=9
SerbănescuAlexandruRoyal Romanian Air Force52Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; KIA 18/Aug/1944; total points=55
StănicăGheorgheRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 2 Vân.; KIA 18/May/1944; total points=15
StefănescuParsifalRoyal Romanian Air Force7Gr. 5 & 8 Vân.; KIA 28/Jun/1944; total points=9
TifreaAurelRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 1 Vân.; total points=15
TomaLucienRoyal Romanian Air Force7Gr. 5, 7 & 9 Vân.; KIA 25/Sep/1944; total points=13+
TutuianuGheorgheRoyal Romanian Air Force10Gr. 8 Vân.; total points=12
UrsacheConstantinRoyal Romanian Air Force9Gr. 5, 7 & 9 Vân.; total points=11
VincaTiberiuRoyal Romanian Air Force151Gr. 7 & 9 Vân.; KIA 12/Mar/1944; total points=17+
VizantyDan ValentinRoyal Romanian Air Force151Gr. 1, 3 & 6 Vân.; total points=43+
VonicaIoanRoyal Romanian Air Force5Gr. 8 Vân.; WIA 27/Aug/1942, DOW 6/Sep/1941; total points=6
ZăbavăTeodorRoyal Romanian Air Force131Gr. 8 Vân. And asalt.; KIFA 27/Jan/1944; total points=18+

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