U.S.S.R. - World War Two

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compiled by Allan Magnus


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  30.     The information on Soviet aces has steadilty grown over the years since the
      demise of communism in the USSR and the more open access to Soviet records. As a
      result, many new books and articles on Soviet aces have been published within the
      past few years.
        Unfortunately, the victory tallies for Soviet aces can vary quite a bit between
      the various references.
        The major English publications, Stalin's Eagles by Hans Seidl and 
      Stalin's Falcons by Tomas Polak and Christopher Shores, where the vast 
      majority of my information comes from, are no exception. Many of the names 
      contained in both books, including those of the more famous and well published aces,
      can vary quite significantly. To try and reconcile the differences would be a major
      task beyond my modest means. Thus, what you see for Soviet ace tallies follows this 
      basic set of rules as much as possible.

last name given name airforce victories victories shared comments
AbdrashitovShamil MunasypovichVVS12402 IAP; KIA 4/May/1944
AbramchukNikolai IvanovichVVS11894 IAP-PVO; total victory count may be 16
AbramishviliMirian I.VVS7118 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
AbramovNikifor SemyonovichVVS9193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
AbramovPetr PetrovichVVS510195 IAP
AbramovVladimir FedorovichVVS51510 GvIAP-KBF
AchitkovMikhail GrigorievichVVS8659 IAP
AchkasovSergei VasilyevichVVS8216 & 176 IAP; KIA 14/Mar/1943 (KIA 14/May/1943?)
AdolfSergei ViktorovichVVS151247 & 162 IAP; total victory count is approximate
AdonkinVasilii SemenovichVVS16678 & 255 IAP-SF; KIA 17/Mar/1944
AfanasievGeorgii IvanovichVVS81761 IAP
AfanasievNikolai TimofeyevichVVS5166 IAP
AfanasiyenkoGavriil IvanovichVVS5488 IAP, 159 GvIAP
AfanasyevBoris MikhailovichVVS8121 IAP
AfanasyevVladimir IlyichVVS143145 GvIAP
AfoninVasilii MaksimovichVVS143162 IAP, 309 IAD
AgantsevAlexandr NikolayevichVVS14
AgeyevPetr GrigoryevichVVS61182 IAP-PVO
AkimovAlexandr IvanovichVVS228 GvIAP
AkininGavriil DmitrievichVVS65897 IAP
AkinshinS.V.VVS5129 GvIAP; KIA 30/May/1944; total victory count may be 7
AkulkinNikolai FedorovichVVS5236 IAP, 112 GvIAP
AkulovBorisVVS66 GvIAP-ChF
AlelyukhinAlexei VasilyevichVVS401769 IAP, 9 GvIAP
AleninDmitrii IvanovichVVS7145IAP
AlexandrovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS7134 IAP
AlexandrovVasilii AlexandrovichVVS51298IAP
AlexandryukViktor IlyichVVS154171 & 19 IAP, 176 & 9 GvIAP
AlexeyenkoKonstantin StepanovichVVS12402 IAP
AlexeyevIvan NikolayevichVVS5162 IAP
AlexeyevKonstantin StepanovichVVS106 GvIAP-ChF, 8 & 25 IAP-ChF; total victory count may be 19
AlexeyevNikolai MikhailovichVVS126271 IAP, 64 GvIAP; KIA 12/Jul/1943; total victory count may be 22
AlexeyevValentin PetrovichVVS567GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
AlexeyevViktor PavlovichVVS1421GvIAP
AlexeyevViktor StepanovichVVS5239 & 19 IAP, 176 GvIAP
AlifanovNikolai GrigoriyevichVVS41
AlkidovVladimir YakovlevichVVS10434 & 529 IAP
AlpatovA. G.VVS10
AmelinAlexei StepanovichVVS15240 & 279 IAP, 179 GvIAP
Amet-KhanSultanVVS30194 IAP, 9 GvIAP
AmkoladzeAdam DanilovichVVS5153IAP, 28GvIAP
AnanyevIvan MikhailovichVVS6420IAP, 139GvIAP
AnapreyevVasilii PetrovichVVS5848 IAP
AnashkinVladimir ProkofyevichVVS454IAP
AnatskiiAndrei IvanovichVVS891 IAP
AndreyevAlexandr PetrovichVVS42149IAP, 163GvIAP
AndreyevLeonid GrigorievichVVS5122 IAP
AndreyevNikolai PolikhronovichVVS714IAP
AndreyevPavel NikolajevichVVS632 GvIAP
AndreyevStepan FilippovichVVS17211 & 127IAP; victory total may be higher
AndreyevYefim DenisovichVVS104131IAP, 40GvIAP
AndrianovAlexandr GrigoryevichVVS84123IAP, 27GvIAP
AndrianovIlya FilippovichVVS17273 & 516 IAP, 153 GvIAP; total victory count may be 23
AndrianovMikhail NikolayevichVVS10166 IAP
AndrianovSergei AndreyevichVVS368IAP
AndriyanovIlya FilippovichVVS17516 IAP, 153 GvIAP
AndriyanovVasilii IvanovichVVS6667 ShAP, 141 GvShAP
AndronovNikolai NikitovichVVS61630IAP, 147GvIAP
AndroshchukAlexandr StepanovichVVS866 GvIAP
AndryushchenkoAlexandr MitrofanovichVVS7161 IAP
AndryushchenkoNikolai AnanievichVVS14443 IAP
AniskinAlexandr DmitriyevichVVS10434 IAP, 32 GvIAP; KIA 20/Feb/1943
AnkudinovYegor YefremovichVVS15812 IAP
AnosovAlexandr PotapovichVVS61133 IAP
AntipovAlexei KasyanovichVVS1113 IAP-KBF; KIA 25/Jul/1941; this may be Antonenko, Alexei Kasyanovich
AntipovNikolai MikhailovichVVS51
AntonenkoAlexei KasyanovichVVS1013 & 5 IAP-KBF; KIA 26/Jul/1941; this may be Antipov, Alexei Kasyanovich
AntonovIvan ProkopiyevichVVS1269GvIAP; victory count is approximate
AntonovPavel NikolayevichVVS89 IAP, 211 GvIAP
AntonyantsGeorgii YakovlevichVVS5161 IAP
AntonyevVyacheslav AndreyevichVVS63100GvIAP
AntsyrevNikolai A.VVS65GvIAP; KIA 6/May/1943
AnufriyevMitrofan AlexeyevichVVS62168 & 523 IAP
ApolloninNikolai NikolayevichVVS1626 IAP, 26 GvIAP,191 IAP
ArchipovNikolai IvanovichVVS518GvIAP
ArchireyevOleg VladimirovichVVS1229GvIAP; victory count is approximate
ArefievMikhail AlexeevichVVS82 GvIAP
ArkhipenkoFedor FedorovichVVS3014129 GvIAP
ArkhipovNikolai ArsentyevichVVS11832 & 265 IAP
ArkhipovVasiliiVVS818 GvIAP; KIA 8/Jun/1944; total victory count may be 12
ArseninNikolai FedorovichVVS77126IAP
ArtamonovIvan PavlovichVVS10191 IAP
ArtamonovNikolai SemenovichVVS26932 & 193 IAP, 177 GvIAP; KIA 26/Mar/1945
ArtamonovVasilii SevastianovichVVS9516IAP, 153GvIAP; total score may be 8+1
ArtemchenkoStepan SavelyevichVVS517 IAP
ArtemchenkovGrigorii FedorovichVVS51814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
ArtemievA.VVS155GvIAP; KIA 1943
ArtemnikovunknownVVS12814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
ArtemovAlexei VasilyevichVVS1731 IAP
ArtemyevGeorgii AndreyevichVVS6114GvIAP
ArtyukhinBoris N.VVS1710
AshchaulovDmitriiVVS24420 IAP; KIA 1941
AskirenkoIvanVVS5438 IAP; POW Apr/1944 and later escaped
AskirkoIvan AdamovichVVS82438IAP
AstakhovIvan MikhailovichVVS12749 & 168 IAP; KIA 7/Feb/1944 (other sources have KIA 3/Mar/1944)
AstapovArtemii FedotovichVVS52253 & 182IAP
AstashkevichPetr NaumovichVVS9530 & 122 IAP
AstashkinMikhail YegorovichVVS4669 IAP; KIA 14/Sep/1941
AvdeyevAlexandr FedorovichVVS11153 IAP; KIA 12/Aug/1942; total victory count may be 13
AvdeyevMikhail VasilyevichVVS1732 & 8 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChF
AvekovIvan AvdeyevichVVS196519 IAP; KIA 17/Apr/1943 (KIA 2/Mar/1943?)
AvidisyanSuren ArmenakovichVVS6866 IAP
AzarovSergei SemenovichVVS7857 GvIAP; WIA 8/May/1943; DOW 10/May/1943
AzarovYevgenii AlexandrovichVVS1519 IAP, 176 GvIAP; total victory count may be 16
AzinPetr IlyichVVS563GvIAP
BabailovPavel KonstantinovichVVS274163 GvIAP; KIA 14/Oct/1944; total victory count may be 28+4
BabakIvan IlyichVVS37445 IAP, 100 & 16 GvIAP; POW 16/Mar/1945
BabayevAlexandr IvanovichVVS91196 IAP
BabenkoGavriil FedorovichVVS730GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BabenkoIosif AronovichVVS374IAP
BabenkoMikhail AfanasievichVVS8402 IAP; victory count includes 1 balloon
BabiyunknownVVS12179 IAP
BabkovVasilii PetrovichVVS23434 IAP, 32 GvIAP
BachiloKirill KirillovichVVS12721 & 19 IAP, 176 GvIAP
BachinAlexandr VasilyevichVVS42123IAP, 27GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BadenovSemyon VasilievichVVS8115 IAP
BaikovGeorgii IvanovichVVS1559 GvIAP
BaikovSergei DmitrievichVVS5634 IAP
BaisultanovAlim YusufovichVVS713 IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF; KIA 28/Sep/1943
BakalIvan SemyonovichVVS21338IAP, 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BakhaevStepan AntonovichVVS13515 & 523 IAP
BakharevYakovVVS75485 IAP; KIA
BakhchivandzhiGrigorii YakovlevichVVS510402 IAP; KIFA 27/Mar/1943
BakhirevVasilii AndreyevichVVS95162 IAP
BakhmatkovYevgenii MarkovichVVS7866 IAP
BakhulenkovIvan PetrovichVVS11193 IAP, 177 & 178 GvIAP
BaklanAndrei YakovlevichVVS1323434 IAP, 32 & 176 GvIAP
BakulinVladimirVVS3420 GvIAP
BalakinS.G.VVS9295 IAD; KIA 15/Aug/1943
BalakinVladimir NikolaievichVVS102164 IAP
BalaluyevAlexei AndreyevichVVS175Lyotchik-Inspektor USP-VVS
BalandinVladimir AlkesandrovichVVS15118 GvIAP; KIA 30/Dec/1944
BalaninNikolai DmitriyevichVVS519IAP, 41GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BalashovGeorgii SergeyevichVVS15402 IAP
BalashovVladimir AndreyevichVVS912296IAP
BalmykinPetr VasilievichVVS930 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
BalyashnikovAlexei IvanovichVVS185181 GvIAP; 5 observation balloons shot down
BalyukIvan FedorovichVVS221638 & 237 IAP, 54 GvIAP; total victory count may be 25+5
BannikovIvan GrigorievichVVS10215 IAP
BarabanovAlexandr NikolaievichVVS712157 IAP
BarabanovMikhail SergeyevichVVS22215 IAP; total victory count may be 19+4
BarakhtayevMatvei V.VVS1418 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
BaranovAlexandr AndreyevichVVS107IAP, 14GvIAP
BaranovAlexandr DmitriyevichVVS57; victory count is approximate
BaranovGeorgii AntonovichVVS5228GvIAP
BaranovMikhail DmitriyevichVVS2428183 IAP, 9 GvIAP; KIA 17/Jan/1943; total vicroty count may be 25
BaranovMikhail SemenovichVVS129157 & 728IAP; total victory count may be 26+9
BaranovMikhail YevdokimovichVVS7157 IAP; victory count is approximate
BaranovViktor GavrilovichVVS38520IAP, 56GvIAP
BarchenkovDanilii GavrilovichVVS16897 IAP
BarinovGeorgii AlexeyevichVVS8976 IAP
BarinovVladimir VasilievichVVS10191 IAP
BarshtAbrek ArkadyevichVVS8118 OKRAP
BarsovMikhail PavlovichVVS51124IAP, 102GvIAP
BarsukovVasilii NikolayevichVVS22618 GvIAP; total victory count may be 22+7
BashkirovViktor AndreyevichVVS14519 IAP; total victory count may be 19
BashkirovVyacheslav FilippovichVVS18788 & 907 IAP
BaskovN.VVS7120 IAP, 12 GvIAP
BaskovNikolai PavlovichVVS92445 IAP
BaskovVladimir SergeyevichVVS15291 IAP
BastrikovAlexandr MikhailovichVVS24415 IAP; KIA 24/Nov/1943; total victory count may be 26+0
BasulinYevgenii DmitriyevichVVS151239 IAP
BatarovMikhail FedorovichVVS151611 IAP
BatovIvan IlyichVVS932GvIAP
BaturinAlexandr GerasimovichVVS181271 IAP-KBF, 10 GvIAP-KBF
BatyaevVasilii SergeyevichVVS19788 IAP, 54 GvIAP
BatychkoIvan DimitriyevichVVS71812 IAP; KIA 8/May/1943
BatyrevPetr MikhailovichVVS5163 GvIAP; KIA 30/Sep/1944
BaulinNikolai P.VVS8402 IAP
BayevskiiGeorgii ArturovichVVS195 GvIAP
BazanovPetr VasilyevichVVS2263 GvIAP
BazarovIvan FedorovichVVS124247 IAP; KIA 22/Nov/1943
BazovkinAlexei IvanovichVVS4318GvIAP
BazunovAlexei KalistratovichVVS3688 IAP, 159 GvIAP
BebinAlexandr MikhailovichVVS13212, 183, 6 & 866 IAP
BegalovVladimir YakovlevichVVS642IAP, 133GvIAP
BegeldinovTalgat YakupbekovichVVS7144 GvShAP
BekashonokMikhail VasilyevichVVS184129 GvIAP
BelikovOleg StepanovichVVS211419 IAP, 176 GvIAP
BelkinAlexandr NikitovichVVS211164 IAP
BelokudrenkoIvan DanilovichVVS69 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
BelousVasilii AndreyevichVVS3838IAP
BelousovLeonid GeorgiyevichVVS54 GvIAP-KBF
BelousovNikolai PetrovichVVS23193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
BelousovSergei LeontiyevichVVS5236IAP; victory count is approximate
BelovIvan YefimovichVVS9347 IAP
BelovPetr IvanovichVVS91127 IAP
BelozerovIvan PavlovichVVS88 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChF
BelyaievVasilii IvanovichVVS1069GvIAP
BelyasnikPetr NikiforovichVVS918126 IAP-PVO
BelyayevIrineiVVS1727 GvIAP; KIA 1943
BelyayevVladimir GrigorievichVVS811486 IAP
BelyiAnatolii RomanovichVVS75124 & 910IAP, 148GvIAP
BenIosif KirillovichVVS5897 IAP
BendelianiChichiko KaisarovichVVS121343 IAP 54 GvIAP; KIA 20/Jul/1944; total victroy count may be 12+20
BerestnevPavel MaximovichVVS10245 IAP, 100 GvIAP; total victory count may be 12+12
BerezkinVyacheslav A.VVS1216 GvIAP
BerezovskiiFedor SergeyevichVVS5297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
BerezutskiiIvan MikhailovichVVS15169 IAP, 63 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19
BerkoAlexandr GeorgiyevichVVS131642, 744 & 20 IAP; KIA 6/Sep/1943
BerkutovAlexandr MaximovichVVS15101 GvIAP; total victory count may be 16
BeschastnyiViktor NikolaievichVVS6866 IAP
BesedinSergei YevgeniyevichVVS124790IAP
BespalovKonstantin AlexeyevichVVS921GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BessolitsynGrigorii IvanovichVVS62GvIAP
BesstrakhovArsenii M.VVS26
BezmeltsevIvan IvanovichVVS10297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
BezrodnyiVladimir KirillovichVVS13153IAP, 28 & 68GvIAP
BezuglovKonstantin YefimovichVVS867GvIAP
BezverkhiiAlexei IgnatyevichVVS151156 GvIAP
BikmukhametovIbragimVVS115 GvIAP
BilyukinAlexandr DmitriyevichVVS221196 IAP; total victory count may be 22+2 or 23+1
BinovLev IsaakovichVVS61291 & 512 IAP
BiriukAndrei IvanovichVVS51630IAP, 147GvIAP
BisievGurii StepanovichVVS6630 IAP, 42 & 89 GvIAP
BitsayevSergei VladimirovichVVS16845 IAP
BitukovIvan VasilyevichVVS13POW 14/Sep/1943
BityutskiiPetr SemenovichVVS566 ShAP; KIA 13/Aug/1941
BlinovAlexei PavlovichVVS171177 GvIAP
BlizhinNikolai YakovlevichVVS930GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BlokhinIvan IvanovichVVS1110239 IAP, 181 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+10
BobiyevVasilii PetrovichVVS23
BobkovValentin VasilyevichVVS13488 & 814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
BobrovVladimir IvanovichVVS30237 & 27 IAP, 129 & 104 GvIAP; total victory count may be 30+20
BobylkinFedor PetrovichVVS626IAP
BocharovDmitrii AlexeyevichVVS27298IAP, 104GvIAP
BocharovVasilii NikolayevichVVS12179 IAP
BocharovYevgenii IvanovichVVS8412IAP, 89GvIAP
BochkovIvan VasilyevichVVS831145 IAP, 19 GvIAP; KIA 4/Apr/1943; total victory count may be 8+32
BogachevAlexandr PetrovichVVS11249IAP, 163GvIAP
BogatnikovNikolai IvanovichVVS43253 & 910IAP; victory count is approximate
BogatovGrigorii SemyonovichVVS85146IAP, 115GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BogdanovBoris MikhailovichVVS1829GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BogomazovGrigorii IvanovichVVS124158 IAP, 103 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+4
BogomolovVladimir SergeyevichVVS5311GvIAP
BogoslovskiiKronid AlexandrovichVVS59 IAP, 211 GvIAP
BogunArsentii YakovlevichVVS6427IAP, 151GvIAP
BoichenkoViktor StepanovichVVS7366 IAP
BoikachevPavel DavydovichVVS82146IAP, 115GvIAP
BokiiNikolai ArdeyevichVVS16272 SA, 2 GvIAP-SF, 11 GvIAP-ChF; total victory count may be 17+1
BoldyrevLeonid SergeyevichVVS8146IAP, 115GvIAP
BoldyrevMaksim VasilievichVVS10116 IAP
BondarAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS17866 IAP
BondarenkoMikhail Z.VVS10198ShAP
BondarenkoSemyon GrigoryevichVVS175 IAP-KBF, 3 GvIAP-KBF?
BondarenkoVasilii YefimovichVVS24269 & 69 IAP, 16 GvIAP, 45 IAP, 100 GvIAP
BondarevIvan AlexeyevichVVS153774 IAP
BorisenkoFedosii KirillovichVVS129297 IAP
BorisenkoIvan IvanovichVVS23273 GvIAP
BorisovAlexei IvanovichVVS5653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
BorisovIvan GrigoryevichVVS187309 & 4 IAP, 9 GvIAP; total victory count may be 25+8
BorisovIvan TimofeyevichVVS1121 & 961 IAP
BorisovLeonid IvanovichVVS171043 & 581 IAP; KIA 19/Jul/1943; victory total may be higher
BorisovMikhail AlexeyevichVVS662 IAP-ChF; KIA 10/Aug/1942
BorisovNikolai PetrovichVVS8866 IAP
BorodachevViktor IvanovichVVS19540 GvIAP; total victory count may be 26+5
BorodayevskiiVasilii NikolayevichVVS133157 & 832 IAP
BorodinIvan PetrovichVVS13221 IAP; total victory count may be 12+3
BorodinLeonid TimofeyevichVVS528GvIAP
BorodinNikolai VasilyevichVVS19343 IAP
BorovikVasilii KaleinikovichVVS932GvIAP
BorovoiIvan PetrovichVVS83273IAP, 31GvIAP
BorovskiiNikolai AndreevichVVS1715 IAP
BorovskoyNikolai VasilievichVVS6349 IAP; victory count is approximate
BorovykhAndrei YegorovichVVS3214157 & 728 IAP
BoykovPavelVVS154113 GvIAP
BrazhnetsSergei MikhailovichVVS942IAP, 133GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BreitmanIsaak VolkovichVVS82160IAP, 137GvIAP
BrentsesAnatolii TosifovichVVS105520 IAP, 56 GvIAP,518 & 515 IAP
BrezgunovAlexei ProkofievichVVS6866 IAP
BrinkoPetr AntonovichVVS1413 IAP-KBF; KIA 14/Sep/1941; total victory count may be 15
BritikovAlexei PetrovichVVS17411 IAP, 31 & 85 GvIAP
BrodinskiiViktor IgnatovichVVS161483 IAP
BrodnikovNikolai VasilyevichVVS10236IAP, 112GvIAP
BrodskiiunknownVVS553 GvIAP
BryzgalovPavel AlexandrovichVVS195178 GvIAP
BryzhkoLeonid ArsfyevichVVS821 IAP
BuchteyevSergei StepanovichVVS52124IAP, 102 & 103GvIAP
BudanovaYekatarina VasilyevnaVVS119 GvIAP, 296 IAP, 73 GvIAP; KIA 6/May/1943; woman ace
BudayevSergei PetrovichVVS8438 IAP
BugarchevBoris MaximovichVVS15236 & 4IAP; total victory count may be 7+4
BugreyevKonstantin VladimirovichVVS515GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BuikevichAnton KonstantinovichVVS6659 IAP
BukchinS.Z.VVS52129 IAP; total victory count may be 12+2
BukinAnrean FedulovichVVS6KIA 1/Aug/1942
BukvarevKonstantin PetrovichVVS5234IAP
BulayevAlexandr DmitriyevichVVS68159 IAP; KIA 17/May/1943
BulgakovAndrei PanteleyevichVVS18265 IAP
BundelevPavel YevdokimovichVVS55GvIAP; victory count is approximate
BurgunovN.F.VVS5129 IAP; KIA 31/May/1944; total victory count may be 8
BurlakovIvan GrigoryevichVVS5427 & 6IAP, 149GvIAP
BurmatovVladimir AlexandrovichVVS121255 IAP-SF
BurnazyanSergei AvdeyevichVVS222629 & 866 IAP; KIA 15/Apr/1943
BuryakDmitrii ProkofyevichVVS1105IAP, 3GvIAP-KBF
BuryakNikolai VaselyevichVVS172247IAP
BuryakSergei IvanovichVVS55790IAP
BuryanNikolai PavlovichVVS5316IAP
BuslovFedor VasilyevichVVS5136 GvShAP
ButIvan YakovlevichVVS110147IPA, 19 & 20GvIAP
ButkoAlexandr SergeyevichVVS6677 ShAP
ButomaNikolai GrigorievichVVS12592 IAP
BuyanovViktor NikolayevichVVS17146 IAP; 115 GvIAP
BuzinovVadim NikolayevichVVS15148 IAP
BychkovAnatolii FedorovichVVS12653 IAP, 165 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
BychkovMikail Y.VVS67147 IAP, 20 GvIAP; KIA 23/Sep/1943
BychkovSemyon TrofimovichVVS151482 & 937IAP
BychkovViktor AlexeyevichVVS9611IAP
BychkovskiiGrigoriiVVS7761 IAP
BykasovNikolai VladimirovichVVS201156 GvIAP
BykonaPavel IvanovichVVS714GvIAP
BykovMikhail DmitrievichVVS9266 IAP
BykovetsLeonid AlexandrovichVVS16428 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+4
BykovskiiYevgenii VlasovichVVS95 GvIAP; KIA 27/Apr/1943
BylovIvan FedorovichVVS5402 IAP
BystrovIvan IsayevichVVS13131 IAP; total victory count is approximate
CagoikoNikolai VasilievichVVS6122 & 179 IAP
CarevMikhail PetrovichVVS1169GvIAP
ChabrovMikhail StepanovichVVS713 IAP, 111 GvIAP
ChapchakovLazar SergeyevichVVS81938 IAP; KIA 13/Apr/1942; total victory count may be 11+19
ChaplievYurii MikhailovichVVS9428 GvIAP; also claimed 5 balloons
ChaplinskiiAlexei DanilovichVVS8520IAP, 56GvIAP
ChaplyginMikhail NikolayevichVVS75172 IAP
ChaplyginPavel SergeyevichVVS5293IAP
ChasnykNikolai LeontyevichVVS248630 & 910 IAP, 148 GvIAP-PVO; POW 7/Jul/1944
ChebachkovVasilii AlexandrovichVVS6
ChechelashviliOtari GrigoryevichVVS510141 GvShAP
ChekhunovMikhail NikitovichVVS10118 GvIAP
ChemodanovIvan I.VVS1029 GvIAP
ChenskiiVladimirVVS16116 GvIAP; KIA 19/Oct/1944
ChepelkinPetr AfanasyevichVVS265IAP, 3GvIAPKBF
ChepelyukSergei GeorgiyevichVVS32144 GvShAP
ChepinogaPavel IosifovichVVS221508 IAP, 213 GvIAP; total victory count may be 24+1
CherevatenkoAlexei TikhonovichVVS2069 IAP, 9 GvIAP, 273 IAP; total victory count may be 21+7
ChernenkoNikolai NikiforovichVVS73427IAP, 151GvIAP
ChernenkoVasilii IvanovichVVS11145 IAP-KBF, 3 GvIAP-KBF
ChernetsovViktor YefimovichVVS2636IAP, 57GvIAP
ChernetsovYevgenii IvanovichVVS313154IAP
ChernikovIvan DmitrievichVVS51234 IAP
ChernobaiAndrei PetrovichVVS1127875 IAP; total victory count may be 22+5
ChernobaievIvan VakulovichVVS14215, 163 & 495IAP, 148IAD
ChernoglazovIvan NikiforovichVVS7246IAP, 68, 28 & 68GvIAP
ChernousovNikolai FedorovichVVS1763GvIAP
ChernovSergei YegorovichVVS71253IAP, 145GvIAP
ChertovSergei IvanovichVVS1576, 523 & 437 IAP, 113 GvIAP
ChesnokovNikolai FedorovichVVS786GvIAP
ChigirinAlexandr MakarovichVVS3421 IAP
ChikovDmitrii IosifovichVVS7431& 832 IAP
ChirkinAlexei LeontyevichVVS10926 & 790 IAP
ChirkovAndrei VasilyevichVVS329158,196 & 154 IAP, 29 GvIAP; total victory count may be 29+9 or 26+9
ChislovAlexandr MikhailovichVVS2113169 IAP, 63 GvIAP
ChistakovPavel KonstantinovichVVS35731; victory count is approximate
ChistochodovIvan AfanasyevichVVS6975IAP, 117GvIAP
ChistovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS1916 GvIAP
ChistyakovViktor FeofanovichVVS443 IAD
ChistyakovYevgenii MikhailovichVVS1692 & 73 IAP
ChizhVasilii IvanovichVVS1369 GvIAP
ChizhikFedor MikhailovichVVS51265 IAP; victory count is approximate
ChmilIvan UstinovichVVS71115GvIAP
ChubukovFedor MikhailovichVVS345154 IAP, 29 GvIAP
ChuchvagaIvan IvanovichVVS17651 & 866 IAP; KIA 12/Mar/1943; total victory count may be 20
ChudbinLeonid SergeyevichVVS15153 GvIAP
ChugunovViktor KonstantinovichVVS114897 IAP; KIA 15/Feb/1945; total victory count may be 16+4
ChuguyevGrigorii VlasovichVVS7482 IAP
ChuikinFedor SergeyevichVVS9427IAP; victory count is approximate
ChulaievAnanii IvanovichVVS545IAP, 100GvIAP
ChulkovIvan DenisovichVVS9241 IAP; 2/Feb/1942
ChumakovIvan IgnatyevichVVS6156GvIAP
ChunosovunknownVVS5402IAP; score includes shared victories; total victory count may be higher
ChupikovPavel FedorovichVVS11840 & 19 IAP, 176 GvIAP; total victory count may be 14+6
ChurilinAlexei PavlovichVVS17611 IAP; total victory count may be 30
ChuvinNikolai IvanovichVVS112 GvShAP
ChuvyevPavelVVS155193 IAD
ChvatovDmitrii AlexeyevichVVS767 IAP
DakhovF.F.VVS105GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
DanilenkoNikolai NikitovichVVS16118 GvIAP
DanilkinunknownVVS695 IAP
DanilovAndrei StepanovichVVS91523,127, 168 & 6 IAP, 18 GvIAP; POW 9/Jul/1941?
DanilovDmitrii FedorovichVVS91161 IAP
DanilovGrigorii SemenovichVVS5807 ShAP
DanilovStepan PavlovichVVS356 & 44 IAP, 7 IAK-PVO, 5 SAD, 287 IAD, 14 IAK
DankevichPavel BorisovichVVS6347 IAP
DargisPavel NikodimovichVVS78742, 856 & 528 IAP; victory count is approximate
DavidkovViktor IosifovichVVS72131 IAP, 8 GvIAD; total victory count may be 20+2
DavidyanZaven SidranovichVVS6431 IAP
DavydovNikolai SergeyevichVVS56IAP, 149GvIAP
DegtyarIvan IvanovichVVS12161 & 927 IAP
DekhtyarenkoAndrei NikolayevichVVS10580 IAP; KIA 11/Jul/1942
DelegeiNikolai KupriyanovichVVS1539 & 508 IAP, 213 GvIAP; total victory count may be 16+3
DemaLeonid VasilyevichVVS175236 IAP, 112 GvIAP
DemchevIvan RodionovichVVS51805 IAP
DemenkovSergei VasilyevichVVS15158 IAP, 103 GvIAP
DemenokVasiliiVVS888 IAP; KIA 14/Aug/1941
DementievAlexandr MikhailovichVVS71976 IAP
DementievBorisVVS584IAD; victory count is approximate
DemichevAlexandr VasilievichVVS12976 IAP
DenchikNikolai FedorovichVVS13364 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19
DenezhkinIvan KuzmichVVS6161 IAP
DenisenkoVladimir GuryevichVVS3032 IAP; KIA 26/Apr/1945
DenisovKonstantin DmitriyevichVVS1368 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChF, 7 IAP-ChF
DerdikAlexandr SemyonovichVVS5438IAP
DerevyankinVasilii DmitriyevichVVS7314GvIAP
DergachAlexei NikolayevichVVS1114161 & 744 IAP, 86 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+16
DevyatayevMikhail PetrovichVVS9237 IAP, 104 GvIAP; POW 13/Jul/1944, escaped 8/Feb/1945
DeyevBorisVVS15352 IAP; MIA 17/Apr/1945
DiakovIvan AndreyevichVVS914GvIAP
DidenkoGavriil VlasovichVVS2237482 IAP
DidenkoNikolai MatveyevichVVS102 GvIAP-SF; total victory count may be 17
DikiiMikhail ProkofyevichVVS43236 IAD
DmitrievArsenii AlexeyevichVVS15215 IAP
DmitrievYefim IvanovichVVS0204 GvIAP-KBF
DmitriyevMikhail ZakharovichVVS68164 & 116 IAP
DmitriyevNikolai PavlovichVVS15129 IAP, 5 GvIAP
DmitriyevVladimirVVS114 GvIAP; score includes shared victories
DmitriyukGrigorii FedoseyevichVVS1819 GvIAP
DobrodetskiiAnatolii VasilevichVVS38297 IAP; KIA 10/Aug/1943
DobrovVasilii T.VVS56 GvIAP-ChF
DobrovolskiiVasilii MitrofanovichVVS13191 & 436 IAP, 67 GvIAP
DobryninAlexandr MaksimovichVVS7666 IAP
DogadailoAlexei DmitriyevichVVS181193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
DogayevVladimir IvanovichVVS9622 ShAP; MIA 25/Feb/1945
DokashenkoNikolai GrigoryevichVVS2
DokukinIvan ArkhipovichVVS8504 ShAP; KIA 8/Jul/1943
DolgalevSergei SemyonovichVVS820IAP, 139GvIAP
DolgarevPavel MikhailovichVVS307116 IAP
DolgikhAnatolii G.VVS36
DolgopolovViktor ViktorovichVVS7897 IAP
DolgunovAlexandr PetrovichVVS6355 IAP
DolgushinSergei FedorovichVVS1711122, 180 & 434 IAP, 32 & 30 GvIAP, 156 IAP
DolnikovGrigorii UstinovichVVS15145 IAP, 100 GvIAP
DonkovKonstantin PetrovichVVS864GvIAP; victory count is approximate
DoroshenkoAlexandr DmitrievichVVS12866 IAP
DoroshenkovAlexandr AndrianovichVVS5243 IAP
DoroshinIvan IvanovichVVS73148 IAP
DoroshinVasilii StepanovichVVS678 IAP-SF; KIA 23/Jun/1943; total victory count may be 8
DrachenkoIvan GrigoryevichVVS566 ShAP, 140 & 142 GvShAP
DranishchevYevgenii PetrovichVVS11739 IAP, 9 GvIAP; KIA 20/Aug/1943; total victory count may be 20
DrankoPetr AlexandrovichVVS1021 & 89 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15
DrevyatnikovDaniil ProkofyevichVVS92154 & 158IAP, 102GvIAP
DrobyazkoVasilii IvanovichVVS4343 IAP
DrozhzhinVasilii IvanovichVVS5609 & 76 IAP
DryginVasilii MikhailovichVVS167298 IAP, 104GvIAP; total victory count may be 20+5
DubenokGennadii SergeyevichVVS1211237 IAP, 53 GvIAP
DubovikIvan MikhailovichVVS1287IAP, 14GvIAP,159IAP
DubovikNikolai ProchorovichVVS749 IAP; victory count is approximate
DudarNikolai FilippovichVVS72112GvIAP
DudnichenkoViktor MarkovichVVS22239 IAP, 181 GvIAP
DudnikNikolai DenisovichVVS17178 IAP-PVO
DuginNikolai DmitriyevichVVS14402 IAP; KIA 2/May/1945
DunaievNikolai PavlovichVVS3416IAP
DunayevNikolai PanteleyevichVVS307270, 66, 162 & 516 IAP
DurakovNikolai KonstantinovichVVS122586 & 39GvIAP
DurovAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS4341GvIAP; victory count is approximate
DvornikAlexandr FilippovichVVS5129GvIAP
DvornikovMikhail SemyonovichVVS5897 IAP; total victory count is approximate
DvurechenskiiIvan AndreievichVVS5347 IAP
DyachenkoLeonid M.VVS555 IAP; KIA 25/Jul/1941
DyachkovAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS301297 IAP, 179 GvIAP; KIA 31/Mar/1945
DyakovPetr MikhailovichVVS5682 ShAP; KIA 16/Feb/1945
DydyginMikhail IllarionovichVVS843 IAP
DymchenkoPetr LeontyevichVVS10659 IAP; KIA 10/Nov/1942
DyndaSergei DemidovichVVS66IAP, 149GvIAP
DzhabidzeDavid VasilyevichVVS192158 & 812 IAP
DzusovIbragim MagometovichVVS645 IAP, 100 GvIAP, 216 IAD, 6 IAK
DzutsevMikhail AntonovichVVS61813 IAP
DzyubaIvan MikhailovichVVS91212 IAP
DzyubaPetr PetrovichVVS192 IAP, 85 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+16
FadeyevVadim IvanovichVVS183131IAP, 446 SAP, 630 IAP, 16 GvIAP; KIA 5/May/1943; total victory count may be 21+1
FaninIvan MarkovichVVS1739 IAP, 211 GvIAP
FarofontovMikhail PetrovichVVS83146IAP
FatinKonstantin MikhailovichVVS5483 IAP; victory count is approximate
FatkulinAnver AsudulyevichVVS866 ShAP, 140 GvShAP; most of his victory count is shared
FederovAlexei YakovlevichVVS528 IAP-PVO
FedorchukIgor AlexandrovichVVS14216 GvIAP
FedorenkoKonstantin VasilyevichVVS742GvIAP
FedorenkoVasilii IvanovichVVS153298 & 979 IAP; KIA 22/Sep/1943; total victory count may be 13+5
FedorovAlexandr YakovlevichVVS10434 IAP, 32 GvIAP; total victory count may be 24
FedorovArkadii VasilyevichVVS22131 & 55 IAP, 16 GvIAP; total victory count may be 24+18
FedorovFedor FedorovichVVS124629 IAP-PVO
FedorovIvan VasilyevichVVS36307 & 812 IAP; total victory count may be 36+9
FedorovKonstantin FedorovichVVS53910IAP, 148GvIAP
FedorovKonstantin FeofilaktovichVVS618 GvIAP
FedorovVasilii DanilovichVVS62146IAP
FedorovVasilii PetrovichVVS61247IAP
FedoseyevGrigorii IvanovichVVS115146IAP, 115GvIAP
FedoseyevMikhail AndreyevichVVS136 OAE, 88 & 247 IAP; KIA 22/Mar/1942
FedosovVasilii PavlovichVVS6513 IAP
FedotovAndrei AndreyevichVVS211169 IAP, 63 GvIAP; KIA 15/Dec/1943
FeoktistovSergei AlexeyevichVVS74568 ShAP, 187 GvShAP
FigichevValentin AlexeyevichVVS2155 IAP, 16 & 129 GvIAP
FilatovA.P.VVS519 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
FilatovAlexandr IvanovichVVS745IAP
FilatovAlexandr PavlovichVVS21430 GvIAP
FilatovAlexandr PetrovichVVS21430 GvIAP
FilatovGrigorii IvanovichVVS113146 GvIAP
FilatovN.VVS1588 IAP
FilatovSemyon AlexeyevichVVS1369GvIAP; victory count is approximate
FilimonovBorisVVS932 IAP; score includes shared victories
FilimovA.M.VVS616 IAP
FilippovMikhail IvanovichVVS5143 IAP
FilippovSergei IvanovichVVS35574 & 296IAP, 73 & 85GvIAP; victory count is approximate
FilippovSergei IvanovichVVS7437; victory count is approximate
FilonenkoAlexei FedorovichVVS5152GvIAP
FilonovMikhail MaximovichVVS37659IAP
FisenkoMikhail AlexandrovichVVS43659 IAP
FleishmanAlexei DementyevichVVS11144 IAP
FokinAlexandr KuzmichVVS10513 IAP; victory count is approximate
FomchenkoKonstantin FedorovichVVS826145 IAP, 19 GvIAP; KIA 24/Feb/1944; total victory count may be 12+26
FomichevPetr PavlovichVVS773GvIAP
FominAlexei IvanovichVVS46520IAP, 56GvIAP
FomochkinIvan AlexeevichVVS63 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
FrantsizovIvan SavatyevichVVS5270IAP; victory count is approximate
FrolovAlexandr PavlovichVVS137659 IAP
FrolovValentin IlyichVVS8761 IAP
FyodorinGennadii AlexeyevichVVS6239 IAP
FyodorovAlexandr AfinogenovichVVS10659 IAP
GabrinetsunknownVVS27485 IAP; score includes shared victories
GabrinetsVladimir MaximovichVVS12919GvIAP
GafanovGabdulla GafanovichVVS7162 IAP
GaidayenkoIvan DmitriyevcihVVS623147 IAP, 19 GvIAP; total victory count may be 4+23
GaidovVladimirVVS5254 IAP
GaidukovAlexandr VasilievichVVS811508 IAP; victory count is approximate
GalchenkoLeonid AkimovichVVS2412145 IAP, 19 GvIAP, 609 IAP
GalkinMikhail PetrovichVVS54 IAP; KIA 21/Jul/1942
GalkinValentin AlexeyevichVVS5291 IAP
GalkinVladimir SergeyevichVVS663GvIAP
GamsheyevMikhail NikolaiyevichVVS785GvIAP; victory count is approximate
GanchikovViktor YakovlevichVVS81GvIAP
GanenkoIvan MaximovichVVS122247IAP, 156 & 152GvIAP
GaninAlexandr GrigoryevichVVS1111GvIAP
GapunovAnatolii GrigoryevichVVS71427IAP, 151GvIAP
GaramMikhail AlexandrovichVVS13434 IAP, 32 GvIAP; KIA 28/Jun/1944; total victory count may be 19+3
GaraninVladimir IvanovichVVS5254 IAP; total victory count may be 14
GarkushaKuzma DmitriyevichVVS9907 IAP
GashevNikolai PetrovichVVS6431 IAP
GavrilinPavel FedorovichVVS19402 IAP
GavrilovMikhail TimofeyevichVVS44520IAP, 56GvIAP
GavrilovPavel IvanovichVVS194152 IAP; total victory count may be 14+1
GazizullinIbragim GalimovichVVS7667 ShAP; KIA 30/May/1944
GeiboIosif IvanovichVVS546 & 20 IAP, 263 & 309 IAD, 6 GvIAD
GerashchenkoAndrei GrigorievichVVS7508 IAP
GerashchenkoIvan MironovichVVS6214GvIAP
GerashchenkoPetrVVS5282 IAD; total victory count may be higher
GerasimenkoNikolai IvanovichVVS318 GvIAP
GerasimenkoNikolai PetrovichVVS9239 IAP, 181 GvIAP
GerasimovFilipp FilippovichVVS68 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChF
GerasimovNikolai SemenovichVVS1410
GermanGrigorii IvanovichVVS2142 IAP; total victory count may be 23
GermanIvan MoiseyevichVVS674 ShAP, 70 GvShAP; total victory count may be 7
GesGrigorii IvanovichVVS5
GetmanSemen GrigoriyevichVVS54 ShAP, 7 GvShAP, 230 ShAD
GinzburgArkadii SamuilovichVVS9239 IAP, 181 GvIAP
GirichAndrei IvanovichVVS157486 & 483 IAP
GladkikhMikhail NikiforovichVVS5240 IAP; KIA 15/Mar/1943
GladyaievNikolai AndreyevichVVS11142GvIAP
GlavatskiiIosif IosifovichVVS61530& 56 IAP
GlazkovIgor S.VVS545GvIAP
GlazovNikolai YelizarovichVVS17711 & 273 IAP, 31 GvIAP; KIA 30/Jul/1943
GlazunovMaxim AlexeyevichVVS8314GvIAP
GlinkaBoris BorisovichVVS3045 IAP, 100 GvIAP; total victory count may be 29+2
GlinkaDmitrii BorisovichVVS5045 IAP, 100 GvIAP
GlinkinSergei GrigoryevichVVS305 GvIAP
GlobinNikolai IvanovichVVS10525 ShAP
GlotovGeorgiiVVS16154 IAP; KIA 30/Sep/1942
GlotovNikolai IvanovichVVS16821 IAP, 129 GvIAP
GlubshevNikolai AlexeevichVVS667 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
GlukhikhIvan MikhailovichVVS104271 IAP
GlushkoPetr GerasimovichVVS13721IAP; MIA Apr/1942
GlushkovNikolai LvovichVVS81910IAP, 148GvIAP
GneyevVasilii IvanovichVVS612154IAP, 29GvIAP; victory count is approximate
GnezdilovIvan FedorovichVVS24516 IAP, 153 GvIAP
GnidoPetr AndreyevichVVS3413 & 248 IAP, 111 GvIAP; total victory count may be 40
GodovikovAlexei NikolayevichVVS6740 IAP; KIA 7/Feb/1942
GolaievDzhanibek NanakovichVVS15283 & 32IAP
GolbergKonstantin IvanovichVVS13265 IAP
GolchinIvan KonstantinovichVVS21466 ShAP, 140 GvShAP
GolikovSemyon NikolaiyevichVVS72629IAP, 38GvIAP, 933IAP, 83GvIAP; victory count may be 6+3
GolimbiyevskiiAlexi AfanasyevichVVS12175 GvShAP
GolmanLev PavlovichVVS863GvIAP
GolovachYurii K.VVS83158IAP
GolovachevPavel YakovlevichVVS31169 IAP, 9 GvIAP, 900 IAP
GolovatyukIvan KonstantinovichVVS1566 GvIAP; MIA 10/Oct/1944; victory total may be higher
GolovenkoMakar MikhailovichVVS73 GvIAP
GoloveshkinAlexi PetrovichVVS41170 IAP
GolovinAnatolii AlexandrovichVVS10365 GvIAP
GolovinMakarii GavrilovichVVS6214GvIAP
GolovkovViktor SemyonovichVVS5247IAP
GolubenkoAndrei YakovlevichVVS5183IAP
GolubevGeorgii GordeyevichVVS1216 GvIAP
GolubevVasilii FedorovichVVS162313IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 39+12
GolubinIvan FilippovichVVS141016 IAP-PVO; KIA 1/Nov/1942; total victory count may be 13+2
GolubnichiyFedor FedorovichVVS12392 & 760 IAP
GolubovAnatolii YemelyanovichVVS1018 GvIAP, 303 IAD; total victory count may be 14
GolubovPetr IvanovichVVS5521 IAP
GolushkovunknownVVS1121 GvIAP
GolyachkovLeonid DmitriyevichVVS16239 IAP, 181 GvIAP; total victory count may be 14+1
GoncharIvan AlexeyevichVVS1689 GvIAP; KIA 20/Apr/1945
GoncharenkoNikolai NikolayevichVVS6482 IAP
GoncharovAlexei A.VVS8171 IAP; KIA 13/Jul/1943
GopakAlexandr DormidontovichVVS6160IAP, 137GvIAP
GopkaloIvan GrigoryevichVVS14571IAP, 10GvIAPKBF
GopnikKhaskel MoiseyevichVVS5948 ShAP
GorbachevIvan IllarionovichVVS7571 IAP-KBF
GorbachevskiiAlexandr IvanovichVVS167154 IAP, 29 GvIAP
GorbanGrigorii MarkovichVVS813153 IAP, 28 GvIAP, 185 IAP
GorbatyukYevgenii MikhailovichVVS1128 IAP-PVO, 63 GvIAP
GorbunovIvan MikhailovichVVS1438 IAP, 42 GvIAP; total victroy count may be 24
GorbunovNikolai GrigorievichVVS5138 IAP
GorbunovNikolai GrigoryevichVVS5138IAP
GorbunovNikolai IvanovichVVS1531 IAP; KIA 12/Oct/1944 (KIA 19/May/1944?)
GorbunovPavel IvanovichVVS572GvIAP; victory count is approximate
GorchakovAnatolii AlexeyevichVVS76IAP, 149GvIAP
GorchiverSemyon BorisovichVVS1859 & 73GvIAP
GordadzeS.VVS012118 OKRAP
GoreglyadLeonid IvanovichVVS15610 IAD, 9 GvIAD, 304 & 205 IAD, 22 GvIAD
GorelovAlexei FedorovichVVS56IAP, 149GvIAP
GorelovSergei DmitriyevichVVS241111 GvIAP
GorelyshevDmitriiVVS01820 GvIAP
GorevSergei LvovichVVS8937 IAP
GorgolyukAlexandr IvanovichVVS8530 GvIAP
GorinAlexei IlyichVVS13402 IAP
GorinVasilii AlexeyevichVVS8915 ORAP-KBF
GorkovBoris SergeevichVVS1231 IAP
GorobetsIvan YakovlevichVVS1564GvIAP
GorodnichevNikolai PavlovichVVS11129 IAP, 5 GvIAP; KIFA 1/Mar/1943 (KIA 1/Aug/1943?)
GorokhovYurii IvanovichVVS2121162 IAP; KIA 1/Jan/1944
GorovetsAlexandr KonstantinovichVVS11166 IAP, 88 GvIAP; KIA 6/Jul/1943
GorshkovNikolai FedorovichVVS1032GvIAP
GorshkovVasilii LavrentiyevichVVS7312IAP, 89GvIAP
GorskiiunknownVVS61041 IAP
GoryachevNikolai IvanovichVVS5161 IAP
GoshkoStepan SemyonovichVVS6811 IAP
GovorovAnatolii IvanovichVVS101937 IAP
GrachevAnatolii AlexandrovichVVS166438 IAP, 272 IAP; total victory count may be 23+6
GrachevIvan MikhailovichVVS518GvIAP
GrachevIvan PetrovichVVS9191 IAP, 28 & 68 GvIAP; KIA 14/Sep/1944; total victory count may be 18+8
GradusovAlexandr DmitrievichVVS7402 IAP
GrafinIosif IgnatyevichVVS1916 GvIAP; KIA 28/Apr/1945 (some sources have KIA 28/Feb/1945)
GrazhdanikovPavel AndreyevichVVS13169 IAP; KIA 5/Mar/1943; total victory count may be 20
GrebenevArkadii DmitriyevichVVS184111 GvIAP; total victory count may be 24
GrechkaVasilii SilovichVVS132159 IAP
GrekovLeonid IgnatiyevichVVS410169IAP; KIA 29/Oct/1941
GribMikhail IvanovichVVS158 IAP-ChF, 6GvIAP-ChF; total victory count may be 20
GrigorevVasilii I.VVS71171 IAP
GrigorievAlexandr GrigorievichVVS9513 IAP
GrigorievAlexei FedorovichVVS5790 IAP,159 GvIAP
GrigorovichVladimir StepanovichVVS811792 & 73GvIAP; victory count is approximate
GrigoryevGerasim AfansyevichVVS152178 IAP-PVO
GrigoryevIvan IvanovichVVS596 ShAP, 93 GvShAP; KIA 8/May/1945
GrinchenkoAnton GavrilovichVVS512154 IAP
GrinchikAleksei NikolayevichVVS6test pilot
GrinevMikhail V.VVS27
GrinevVasilii NikitovichVVS75GvIAP
GrinevichGennadii IvanovichVVS82247IAP
GrinkoNikolai IvanovichVVS1713 IAP; KIA 21/Apr/1943
GrishaievGerasim GerasimovichVVS8743 & 249IAP
GrishchenkoPetr LukyanovichVVS2732 IAP
GrishinAlexei NikolayevichVVS13168 & 516 IAP, 153 GvIAP
GrishinViktor AlexandrovichVVS151240 IAP
GromakovskiiVladimir AlexandrovichVVS16176 GvIAP
GromovAndrei GrigorievichVVS7519 IAP, 176 GvIAP
GromovGeorgii VasilyevichVVS517515 & 147 IAP, 20 GvIAP
GruchakunknownVVS5this may be Guchek, Petr Iosifovich
GruzdevAlexandr P.VVS56 IAP; victory count may be 6
GruzdevKonstantin AfanasyevichVVS19402 & 416 IAP; KIFA 2/Feb/1943
GruzdevNikolai AlexandrovichVVS131438IAP, 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
GubanovAlexei AlexeyevichVVS2513 IAP; total victory count may be 28+9
GubanovunknownVVS57 IAP; score includes shared victories
GubanovVladimir YegorovichVVS11111GvIAP
GubernskiiSemyon FilippovichVVS108116 & 31 IAP
GubichVladimir MikhailovichVVS92515 IAP
GuchekPetr IosifovichVVS18345 IAP, 100 GvIAP; KIA 18/Apr/1945
GudayevAlexandr GrigorievichVVS5653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
GudkovDmitrii VasilyevichVVS19976 IAP
GugninNikolai PavlovichVVS19188 & 122 IAP
GulayevNikolai DmitriyevichVVS57327 IAP, 129 GvIAP
GulayevNikolai DmitriyevichVVS1480 GuBAP; mostly shared victories with his gunners
GulinSergei StepanovichVVS7143 IAP
GultyayevGrigorii KapitonovichVVS105788 IAP; total victory count may be 13+5
GumennyiIlya StepanovichVVS91976 IAP
GuraStepan PetrovichVVS7483 IAP
GurinNikita I.VVS56 IAP; victory count may be 6
GurulevNikolai DenisovichVVS12431, 9 & 73GvIAP; victory count is approximate
GusarovNikolai MikhailovichVVS1514486 & 279 IAP
GusarovViktor AlexandrovichVVS616IAP
GusevAlexei YakovlevichVVS664GvIAP
GusevIvan IvanovichVVS95249IAP
GusevVasilii IvanovichVVS869GvIAP; victory count is approximate
GuskovGavriil GavriilovichVVS14653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; KIA 17/Jul/1943; total victory count may be 15
GutkoNikolai ProkofyevichVVS65520IAP, 56GvIAP
GutsaloAlexandr SemenovichVVS183691 SAP, 845 IAP
IbatulinKhasam MingeyevichVVS15436 IAP; total victory count may be 18
IbragimovIsmagil IbragimovichVVS314145IAP, 19GvIAP
IgnatyevAlexei FilippovichVVS1063GvIAP
IgnatyevMikhail TrofimovichVVS21713 IAP, 5 GvIAP
IgnatyevNikolai I.VVS827 IAP-SF; KIA 3/Dec/1943
IgnatyevNikolai PetrovichVVS1415728 IAP
IlchenkoMikhail YefimovichVVS1414IAP
IltchenkoMikhailVVS15victory count is approximate
IlyinDmitrii GeorgiyevichVVS4736IAP, 57GvIAP
IlyinNikolai YakovlevichVVS51133IAP
IlyushinIvan LazarevichVVS10494 IAP
IndykSemen LeontyevichVVS8194 & 291 IAP, 107 GvIAP
IppolitovSergei NikolaiyevichVVS585GvIAP
IsakovVasilii AlexandrovichVVS71149 IAP; victory count is approximate
IsayenkoA.VVS36146 GvIAP-PVO
IsayenkoN.F.VVS13611 IAP
IsayevAlexander BorisovichVVS82237 IAP
IsayevNikolai VasilyevichVVS94273 IAD
IsayevVasilii VasilyevichVVS1758 IAP, 42 GvIAP
IshchenkoVasilii KalenikovichVVS1441 GvIAP
IshchukunknownVVS164 IAP; score includes shared victories
IshkhanovRant IshkhanovichVVS13402 IAP
IskrinNikolai MikhailovichVVS10131 & 55 IAP, 16 GvIAP; total victory count may be 16+1
IslamovGenrikh NikolayevichVVS53897, 659 & 31 IAP
IsmagambetovVelikan IsmagambetovichVVS7483 IAP
IstrashkinVladimir IvanovichVVS186131 & 979 IAP
IvannikovA.K.VVS540 GvIAP
IvanovAlexandr IvanovichVVS25949 ShAP
IvanovAlexandr StepanovichVVS510 ORAP
IvanovAlexei DmitriyevichVVS4263GvIAP
IvanovAnatolii GrigorievichVVS113659 IAP
IvanovAnatolii LeonidovichVVS10936IAP, 57GvIAP
IvanovGeorgii AlexeyevichVVS527 IAP, 129 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
IvanovKonstantin AndreevichVVS767 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
IvanovMikhail PetrovichVVS72153IAP, 28GvIAP
IvanovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS43737 IAP, 168 GvIAP
IvanovNikolai GavrilovichVVS63GvIAP; victory count is approximate
IvanovNikolai IvanovichVVS6149 IAP
IvanovNikolai PavlovichVVS15169 IAP, 63 GvIAP; KIA 7/Aug/1943
IvanovPavel MaximovichVVS10160IAP, 137GvIAP
IvanovPetr MikheyevichVVS17866 IAP; KIA 28/Nov/1943
IvanovS.S.VVS6107 GvIAP
IvanovSergeiVVS21101 GvIAP
IvanovStepan GavrilovichVVS22148 GvIAP-PVO
IvanovVadim PavlovichVVS73254 IAP
IvanovVasilii MitrofanovichVVS13427 IAP
IvanovViktor PavlovichVVS144147 IAP, 148 GvIAP-PVO
IvanovViktor TikhonovichVVS788 IAP, 159 GvIAP
IvanovYakov MatveyevichVVS5432 IAP-ChF; KIA 17/Nov/1941
IvanovYurii PetrovichVVS51171 IAP; KIA 24/Jul/1944
IvashchenkoIvanVVS6526 IAP, 2 GvIAP; KIA Dec/1941
IvashkevichVladimir AntonovichVVS1215 GvIAP; KIA 1944
IvinNikolai IlyichVVS010154IAP; victory count is approximate
IvlevBoris SergeyevichVVS65126 & 910 IAP; total victory count is approximate
IvlevStepan TrofimovichVVS10171 IAP
IzbinskiiIvanVVS16732 GvIAP; KIA 14/Mar/1943
IzokhIvan NikitovichVVS123482 IAP
KaberovIgor AlexandrovichVVS8185 IAP-KBF, 3 GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 10+18
KabiskoiAlexandr SegeyevichVVS16721 IAP
KablukovunknownVVS8812 IAP
KachanovNikolai ArchipovichVVS4318GvIAP
KafoyevVladimirVVS621 IAP
KainovIlya IgnatyevichVVS111192 & 522IAP, 1GvIAP
KaiukFedor SemyonovichVVS92434IAP
KakhaninVladimir VasilyevichVVS11761 IAP
KalabinIvan PavlovichVVS767 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KalabushkinIvan NikolayevichVVS15123 IAP-PVO, 562 & 11 IAP
KalachevVladimir NikolayevichVVS4235 & 15 IAP; KIA 28/Jun/1942
KalarashDmitrii LeontyevichVVS116402 IAP, 236 IAD; KIA 29/Oct/1942
KalashnikovViktorVVS19291 IAP
KalashonokVasilii IvanovichVVS73116 & 31 IAP
KalchenkoPolikarp AndreyevichVVS121484-A,116 IAP
KalinichenkoGeorgii YakovlevichVVS10728 IAP
KalininDmitrii AndreyevichVVS133508IAP, 213GvIAP
KalininIvan SemyonovichVVS74737 IAP, 168 GvIAP
KalininNikolai VasilievichVVS6159 IAP; total victory count may be 7
KalininVasilii YakovlevichVVS932 & 63GvIAP
KalininVyacheslav SergeevichVVS6131 IAP
KalinovskiiVictor StanislavovichVVS84233 & 153 IAP, 1 PLM
KalmykovAlexei VasilyevichVVS813IAP, 111GvIAP
KalmykovLeonid VasilyevichVVS6160IAP, 137GvIAP
KalmykovViktor TimofeyevichVVS814 & 29GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KalsinPetr TerentyevichVVS165 GvIAP; KIA 19/Dec/1943
KaluginFedor ZakharovichVVS1038 IAP, 42 GvIAP
KaluzhnyiAlexei AlexeyevichVVS6118 GIAP
KaluzhnyiPavel PavlovichVVS79487 IAP, 146 GvIAP-PVO
KalyanLeonid PetrovichVVS61487 & 573IAP; victory count is approximate
KalyuzhniyAlexeiVVS6118 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
KalyuzhnyiSemen AlexandrovichVVS8157 IAP
KambolovNikolai IvanovichVVS672IAP, 85GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KamenshchikovVladimir GrigoryevichVVS2017126 IAP, 788 IAP-PVO, 84 GvIAP; KIA 22/May/1943; total victory count may be 12+37
KaminskiiIvan MikhailovichVVS65183 & 296IAP, 73GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KamozinPavel MikhailovichVVS3530269, 66 IAP & 246 IAP, 101 GvIAP
KanayevAlexei FedorovichVVS5451 ShAP
KankoshevAhmed-Khan TalovichVVS1238 IAP, 42 GvIAP; KIA 28/Dec/1943; total victory count may be 20
KanusV.A.VVS55GvIAP; KIA 1943; total victory count may be higher
KapustikFedor AlexandrovichVVS1066 IAP
KapustjanskiiIppolit PetrovichVVS12331 IAP
KapustnikMikhail AndreievichVVS5163 IAP
KapustnikMikhail AndreyevichVVS5163 IAP
KarabanovMikhail NikolayevichVVS1513522 IAP; MIA 11/Feb/1943
KarachinskiiIvan MikhailovichVVS12236IAP, 112GvIAP
KarakatsenkoIvan FilippovichVVS10437 IAP, 113 GvIAP
KarasevAlexandr NikitovichVVS14969 IAP, 9 GvIAP; POW 1/Apr/1944 (some sources have KIA 7/Apr/1944); total victory count may be 30+11
KarasevBoris IvanovichVVS1388 IAP
KaravaiPavel PetrovichVVS167897 IAP
KarayevAlexandr AkimovichVVS23119 IAP, 176 GvIAP
KardanovKubati LokmanovichVVS51288 IAP; total victory count may be 7+12
KardopoltsevBenedikt IlyichVVS62GvIAP
KargopoltsevGrigorii YakovlevichVVS11111GvIAP
KarlovValentin AndreyevichVVS184129 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+7
KarmanovAfanasii GeorgiyevichVVS54 IAP; KIA 21/Jul/1941 (KIA 23/Jun/1941?)
KarminAlexandr LeontyevichVVS1914129 GvIAP
KarnachStepan AndreyevichVVS164247 IAP
KarnachenokNikolai AlexandrovichVVS10434 IAP; KIA 22/Sep/1942
KarnauchovAlexei IvanovichVVS6728 IAP
KarolevunknownVVS10This is probably V.A. Karlov (19+7)
KarpenkoMikhail FedorovichVVS37145IAP, 19GvIAP
KarpovAlexandr AlexandrovichVVS6806 ShAP
KarpovAlexandr TerentyevichVVS2710158 IAP, 103 GvIAP; KIA 20/Oct/1944 (KIA 28/Oct/1944?); total victory count may be 29+8
KarpovV.S.VVS56 IAP; victory count may be 6
KarpovYevgenii AlexandrovichVVS51240 IAP, 178 GvIAP
KarpovYevgenii AlexeyevichVVS5239GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KarpovichVikentii PavlovichVVS3555IAP, 16GvIAP
KashnikovMaksimilian StepanovichVVS79 IAP, 211 GvIAP
KashtanovVasilii GrigoryevichVVS6238IAP, 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KatchkovskiyAndrei IgnatovichVVS104728 IAP
KatrichAlexei NikolayevichVVS5927 IAP-PVO, 12 GvIAP
KatrovAlexandr IvanovichVVS109CF; victory count is approximate
KaykovPavel AlexandrovichVVS6147 IAP; KIA 29/Nov/1941
KayukovMikhail MaksimovichVVS61161 IAP
KazachonokGrigorii IsidorovichVVS84 IAP
KazakovAlexei FilippovichVVS631 IAP
KazakovF.VVS32KIA 13/Nov/1941
KazakovVasilii GrigorievichVVS9269 IAP
KazakovVladimir VasilievichVVS7866 IAP
KazmenkoMikhail ZakharovichVVS62239 IAP, 181 GvIAP
KaznacheyevNikolai FedorovichVVS1119157 IAP
KeleinikovYurii YakovlevichKorean War12
KeleinikovYurii YakovlevichVVS12212, 32 & 137GvIAP
KelyinPavel PetrovichVVS73GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KhaidinBoris NikolaiyevichVVS514GvIAP
KhalbashIvan KirillovichVVS5149 IAP; total victory count is approximate
KhaldeyevVladimir LeontievichVVS725 IAP-KBF
KhalyiDaniil RomanovichVVS7125 & 297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
KharchenkoStepan IvanovichVVS95523 IAP; KIA 1943
KharchistovViktor VladimirovichVVS10153 GvIAP
KharenkoNikolai MikhailovichVVS15163 IAP
KharitonovNikolai PetrovichVVS526IAP, 26GvIAP
KharitonovNikolai VasilyevichVVS117520 IAP
KharitonovPetr TimofeyevichVVS14158 & 964 IAP
KharitonovVasilii NikolayevichVVS26123 IAP-PVO, 195 IAP
KharlamovSemen IlyichVVS12545 IAP, 5 & 163 GvIAP; total victory count may be 17+17
KharmalovM.I.VVS7255 IAP-SF
KhasinViktor YakovlevichVVS285271 IAP, 64 GvIAP; KIA 14/Jan/1944
KhaustovIvan IvanovichVVS101221 IAP
KhelnokovAlexei FilimonovichVVS5161 IAPIAP
KherkasovDmitrii VasilievichVVS543 GvIAP
KhernenkovIvan FilippovichVVS18143 IAP
KhernyiIlya FedorovichVVS8866 IAP; total victory count is approximate
KhertkovAlexandr AlexeevichVVS8127 IAP
KhilikovYevgenii FilippovichVVS5157 IAP
KhimichFedor VasilyevichVVS134127 IAP
KhimushinNikolai FedorovichVVS11106 GvIAP, 814 IAP; KIA 27/Jul/1943; total victory count may be 12
KhitrinVasilii AlexeyevichVVS0729 IAP; KIA 18/Oct/1941
KhitrovSergei StepanovichVVS10653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KhlobystovAlexei StepanovichVVS724153 & 147 IAP, 20 GvIAP; KIA 13/Dec/1943
KhludBoris AlexeyevichVVS111146 IAP, 115 GvIAP
KhlusovichIvanVVS1230 GvIAP
KhlustovVladimir IvanovichVVS53427IAP, 151GvIAP
KhmelichekYurii AdolfovichVVS51272937 IAP482
KhochlovNikolai GrigoryevichVVS5137GvIAP
KhodakovGrigorii YakovlevichVVS51238 & 744IAP, 86GvIAP
KhodalskiiSergei VasilievichVVS5484 & 269 IAP; victory count is approximate
KhodunIvan AlexandrovichVVS4649 IAP
KhokhlovIvan AndreyevichVVS8728 IAP
KhokhryakovDmitrii TimofeyevichVVS6483 IAP
KholodnyiGeorgii StepanovichVVS161157 IAP
KholodovIvan MikhailovichVVS26126 & 28 IAP-PVO, 32 & 111 GvIAP
KholzunovAlexei IvanovichVVS1232 GvIAP; KIA 7/Mar/1943
KhomyakovValentin IvanovichVVS9401 IAP
KhorenkoKonstantin FedorovichVVS71306 IAP
KhosroyevGeorgiiVVS918 GvIAP; KIA 1944; total victory count may be higher
KhramovNikolai IvanovichVVS164St. Lyotchik-Inspektor
KhristininNikolai MarkovichVVS5402 IAP
KhroshinNikolai AlexeyevichVVS7516IAP, 153GvIAP
KhrushchovLeonid IvanovichVVS5728 IAP
KhryaevVasilii IlyichVVS109 IAP-ChF; KIA 16/Jul/1943
KhubarevAlexei DenisovichVVS515 IAP
KhudovPetr DmitriyevichVVS185 GvIAP, 867 IAP; total victory count may be 23+1
KhudyakovNikolai VasilyevichVVS1966 ShAP, 91, 728 & 32 IAP, 5 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+7
KhugunovAlexandr StepanovichVVS76611& 866 IAP
KhunyaevMikhail IvanovichVVS5297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
KhvostovVasilii TimofeyevichVVS83427IAP, 151GvIAP
KibalovAlexandr AlexandrovichVVS66IAP, 149GvIAP
KibirevMikhail MatveyevichVVS529GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KibkalovMikhail MoiseyevichVVS17163 IAP
KikotNikolai SemyonovichVVS861GvIAP
KilaberidzeAlexandr NikolayevichVVS765 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KildyushevIvanVVS85 GvIAP; KIA 15/May/1943
KireyevNikolai AlexeyevichVVS63183IAP, 150GvIAP
KirichenkoVasilii AlexandrovichVVS913IAP, 111GvIAP
KirichukNikolai PetrovichVVS556 & 38IAP, 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KirilkinMikhail YefimovichVVS614486 IAP
KirilyukViktor VasilyevichVVS229164 & 31 IAP; total victory count may be 23+9
KiriyaShalva NesterovichVVS221427 IAP, 151 GvIAP; total victory count may be 29+1
KiryanovKonstantin AdrianovichVVS10875 IAP, 66 GvIAP; KIA 27/Aug/1943
KiselevBoris MikhailovichVVS5270IAP, 152GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KiselevIvan MikhailovichVVS142274 IAP
KiselevSergei IvanovichVVS14162 IAP; KIA 4/Feb/1945
KiselevValentin SergeevichVVS92172 IAP
KiselevViktor AlexandrovichVVS7434 IAP
KiselkovV.V.VVS1765 GvIAP
KishkanovMikhail IlyichVVS5866 IAP
KislyakNikolai AlexandrovichVVS1232 IAP-ChF, 11 GvIAP-ChF
KislyakovAnatolii VasilyevichVVS15128 GvIAP; shot down 1 observation balloon; total victory count may be 17
KistaievNikolai AlexandrovichVVS61249IAP, 163GvIAP
KitayevNikolai TrofimovichVVS21540 GvIAP
KitsenkoIvan PavlovichVVS6153GvIAP
KiyanchenkoNikolai StepanovichVVS174160 IAP, 5 & 106 GvIAP
KlepikovNikolai FedorovichVVS83241 GvIAP; MIA 5/Sep/1943
KleshchevIvan IvanovichVVS1632521 & 434 IAP, 32 GvIAP; KIFA 31/Dec/1942
KlimanovIvan KirillovichVVS175272 IAP, 49 IAP
KlimenkoGordey GrigoryevichVVS42156 GvIAP
KlimenkoNikolai NikolayevichVVS57195 IAP
KlimenkoVitalii IvanovichVVS61GvIAP
KlimovNikolai NikolaiyevichVVS6104GvIAP
KlimovPavel DmitryevichVVS9182 GvIAP-SF; total victory count may be 11+16
KlimovVasilii VladimirovichVVS222274 IAP, 15 IAP; total victory count may be 27
KlochkoIvan TimofeyevichVVS61152GvIAP
KlopovViktor GeorgievichVVS16274 IAP
KlubovAlexandr FedorovichVVS311910 IAP, 16 GvIAP; KIA 1/Nov/1944
KlyuevSergei ProkofievichVVS13163 IAP
KnizhnikVasiliiVVS565 ShAP
KnyazevAlexandr KapitonovichVVS11088 IAP
KnyazevVasilii AlexandrovichVVS13912 & 88 IAP; total victory count may be 29
KobiskoiAlexandr SergeyevichVVS16721 IAP
KoblovSergei KonstantinovichVVS9182 IAP-PVO; total victory count may be 18+9
KobryanovMikhail SergeyevichVVS11511GvIAP
KobyakovNikolai FedorovichVVS4154 & 736 IAP
KobyletskiiIvan IvanovichVVS15943 & 237 IAP, 53 & 54 GvIAP
KobzarNikolai IvanovichVVS54IAP
KocherginLeonid ViktorovichVVS5151GvIAP
KocherginMikhail YevstafievichVVS11129 GvIAP,508 IAP, 213 GvIAP
KochetovAlexandr VasilyevichVVS348629 & 43 IAP, 54 GvIAP
KochkinNikolai NikolaievichVVS65239 IAP
KodagidzeOtar DemidovichVVS56IAP, 149GvIAP
KokinPetr MikhailovichVVS9274 IAP
KokkinakiKonstantin KonstantinovichVVS34401 IAP
KokorevDmitrii VasilyevichVVS5124 IAP; KIA 12/Oct/1941; total victory count may be 6
KokoshkinValentin IvanovichVVS34744IAP, 86GvIAP
KoldunovAlexandr IvanovichVVS46866 IAP; total victory count may be 46+1
KolendoMikhail AlexandrovichVVS5897 IAP
KoleshnikovAlexandr IvanovichVVS5240 IAP; KIA 30/Jan/1944
KolesnichenkoStepan KalinovichVVS164519 IAP; KIA 30/Aug/1943
KolesnikVasilii ArtemovichVVS81388 & 805 IAP
KolesnikovAlexandr IvanovichVVS71240IAP
KologrivovMikhail MikhailovichVVS1028 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChF
KolominPetr IvanovichVVS177162 IAP
KolomiyetsPetr LeontyevichVVS182 GvIAP-SF
KolomoyetsAndrei FilippovichVVS774 GvShAP
KolomoyetsVasilii NikolayevichVVS16149 & 162 IAP
KolskiiValerii NikolaiyevichVVS5164GvIAP
KoltsovAlexei AlexeyevichVVS10133IAP
KoltsovAlexei IvanovichVVS146937 IAP; KIA 7/Nov/1943
KoltsovIvan IvanovichVVS1211164 IAP; victory count is approximate
KolyadinViktor IvanovichVVS1668 GvIAP; total victory count may be 21
KomardinkinKonstantin PetrovichVVS22274 IAP; KIA 17/Apr/1944
KomarovBoris IvanovichVVS613IAP, 111GvIAP
KomarovViktor StepanovichVVS102630 IAP-PVO
KomelkovMikhail SergeyevichVVS327104 GvIAP
KomolikovAlexei AlexeevichVVS653 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KomorovIvan YevdokimovichVVS1664 GvIAP; victory total may be higher
KomosaAnatolii SavelyevichVVS194131 & 55 IAP, 16 GvIAP, Inspektor-Lyotich 2 VA
KompaniyetsAndrei PetrovichVVS23141 GvShAP
KondakovViktor AlexandrovichVVS5136 GvShAP; DOW 11/Oct/1944
KondrashevAlexandr PetrovichVVS15875 IAP, 66 GvIAP; total victory count may be 20+3
KondratYemelyan FilaretovichVVS52 GvIAP; total victory count may be 16
KondratenkoTimofei DanilovichVVS9866 IAP
KondratevunknownVVS20485 IAP; score includes shared victories
KondratyevFedor FedorovichVVS12347 IAP
KondratyukAlexandr AlexandrovichVVS12129 IAP, 5 GvIAP
KonevGeorgii NikolayevichVVS131821 GvIAP; KIA 30/Dec/1942; total victory count may be 17+18
KonobayevVasilii SergeyevichVVS182291 IAP; KIA 18/Sep/1943
KononenkoAndrei ZacharovichVVS34129IAP; victory count is approximate
KononenkoNikita NikiforovichVVS179297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
KonovAlexandr PavlovichVVS110520IAP, 56GvIAP
KonovalovGleb StepanovichVVS522GvIAP
KonovalovNikolai TrofimovichVVS742GvIAP
KonovalovPetr NikiforovichVVS918IAP, 42GvIAP
KonovalovSergei IvanovichVVS15142 & 150 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+4
KonovchenkoIvan AlexandrovichVVS4338IAP
KonstantinovAnatolii UstinovichVVS1983 IAP, 85 GvIAP; total victory count may be 22
KonstantinovVladimir MikhailovichVVS84IAP
KontsevoiAdam Y.VVS105GvIAP; KIA 1944; total victory count may be higher
KonukoyevNazir TituyevichVVS1543 IAP
KonyaevArkadii NikolayevichVVS1532 IAP
KonyaevPetr MikhailovichVVS161482 IAP
KonyakhinVasilii DmitriyevichVVS172287 IAP
KonyshevNikolai SergeyevichVVS18163 IAP; total victory count may be 23
KopichenkoAndrei AntonovichVVS171659 IAP
KoptevLev GrigoriyevichVVS1030GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KoptyukhIlya GrigorievichVVS109 IAP, 211 GvIAP
KorchachenkoIvan DanilovichVVS1032GvIAP
KorenVasilii ArtemovichVVS719 IAP, 176 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KornienkoNikolai AndreyevichVVS541GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KorniyenkoIvan MikheyevichVVS24270 IAP
KorniyenkoNikolai LukichVVS518 GvIAP
KorobkovPavel TerenyevichVVS212 IAP, 265 IAD
KorobovNikolai PavlovichVVS3108 IAP
KorobovSergei IvanovichVVS1628 GvIAP
KorobovViktor FedorovichVVS1834 IAP; total victory count may be 9+8
KorolAnatolii AvksentyevichVVS27124IAP, 12 & 102GvIAP
KorolevIvan GeorgiyevichVVS181169 IAP, 9 GvIAP
KorolevVasilii IvanovichVVS11147 IAP, 20 GvIAP, 760 IAP
KorolevViktor GrigorievichVVS10327 IAP, 129 GvIAP
KorolevVitalii IvanovichVVS2110482 IAP
KorolevVladimir NikolaiyevichVVS542IAP, 133GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KorolkovSergei IvanovichVVS1918179GvIAP
KorolyovunknownVVS11211 IAP
KorostylevSergei FedorovichVVS5790IAP
KorotkovFedor IvanovichVVS92427IAP, 151GvIAP
KorovkinBoris IvanovichVVS49737 IAP, 168 GvIAP
KorshunovKonstantin IonovichVVS145154 IAP, 29 GvIAP
KorshunovVasilii NikolayevichVVS17518 IAP
KorsunskiiYakov IosifovichVVS10157 & 163 IAP
KoryaievArkadii SergeyevichVVS2938IAP, 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KorznikovSemyon PetrovichVVS42434IAP
KosenkoIvan TichonovichVVS8143 IAP
KoshelevAlexandr IvanovichVVS5180 IAP; score includes shared victories
KoshelkovNikolai FilippovichVVS16327 IAP, 129 GvIAP
KoshmanYakov IvanovichVVS9543 IAP
KosinovGennadii VasilyevichVVS518GvIAP
KosolapovFilipp MakarovichVVS862 GvIAP, 937 IAP; total victory count may be 17
KosorukovunknownVVS113 GvIAP
KossAlexandr FilippovichVVS12115 GvIAP
KossaMikhail IlyichVVS1542 GvIAP
KostikovFedor MikhailovichVVS141343 IAP
KostikovMikhail MikhailovichVVS101179 IAP
KostinIvan IvanovichVVS5111GvIAP
KostomarovunknownVVS54 IAP; score includes shared victories
KostrovAlexandr IvanovichVVS26897 IAP; total victory count is approximate
KostryukovSergei SergeyevichVVS6438 IAP
KostylevGeorgii DmitriyevichVVS11325 IAP-KBF, 3 GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 14+32
KostyrkoNikolaiVVS69GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KotchelayevskiiYurii PetrovichVVS0119 GvMTAP
KotenkoNikolai SergeyevichVVS8211GvIAP
KotlovNikolai StepanovichVVS5354 GvIAP; KIA 2/Jun/1943; total victory count may be 17+3
KotovAlexandr GrigoryevichVVS1642 IAP, 32 GvIAP
KovachevichArkadii FedorovichVVS13627 IAP, 9 GvIAP
KovalDmitrii IvanovichVVS10345 IAP, 100 GvIAP; KIA 8/May/1943 (some sources have 8/May/1944)
KovalNikolai PavlovichVVS832 GvIAP
KovalenkoAlexandr AndreyevichVVS13672 SA, 2 GvIAP-SF
KovalevKonstantin FedotovichVVS211313 IAP-KBF
KovalevStepan DanilovichVVS6111 GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KovalevStepan YegorovichVVS43131 IAP
KovalevVenedikt YefimovichVVS2611 IAP-PVO; KIA 14/Dec/1941
KovalevVladimir FilippovichVVS1229 GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KovatsPetr SemenovichVVS4129 IAP, 5GvIAP; KIA 21/Aug/1941
KovencovNikolai IvanovichVVS6653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KovriginVladimir AlexandrovichVVS10193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
KovtyulevDmitrii FilippovichVVS5791 & 518 IAP
KovunLeonid IvanovichVVS56IAP, 149GvIAP
KovzanBoris IvanovichVVS28184, 42 & 744 IAP
KozachenkoPetr KonstantinovichVVS8249 IAP, 163 GvIAP; KIA 18/Mar/1945
KozhanovPetr PavlovichVVS6313 IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF; KIA 22/Apr/1943; total victory count may be 10+3
KozhedubIvan NikitovichVVS62240 IAP, 176 GvIAP
KozhevnikovAnatolii LeonidovichVVS27438 IAP, 212 GvIAP
KozichIvan SemenovichVVS164721 IAP, 129 GvIAP
KozlovAlexei VasilyevichVVS14118 ODRAE
KozlovIvan ArtemyevichVVS529GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KozlovIvan IvanovichVVS7248 & 157 IAP
KozlovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS23162, 788 & 907 IAP
KozlovskiiVasilii IvanovichVVS12810 ShAP
KozorezovAlexei IlyichVVS5297 IAP
KozulinBoris FedorovichVVS156IAP, 149GvIAP
KozyrevLeonid YeliseyevichVVS8437 IAP, 113 GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KramarenkoSergei MakarovichVVS310523 & 19 IAP, 176 GvIAP; 1 observation balloon shot down
KrasavinKonstantin AlexeyevichVVS214485 IAP, 150 GvIAP
KrasavinLeonid FedorovichVVS8875 IAP; victory count is approximate
KrasilnikovN.VVS23146 GvIAP-PVO
KrasnovNikolai FedorovichVVS326402, 31 & 116 IAP; KIA 29/Jan/1945; total victory count may be 32+10
KrasnovPetrVVS8711 GvIAP
KrasnoyurchenkoIvan IvanovichVVS31622, 43 & 92 IAP, 102 & 147 IAD-PVO, 9 IAK-PVO
KrasotaGeorgii TomofeyevichVVS26667 ShAP
KratinovSemen UstinovichVVS18340 GvIAP; total victory count may be 21+7
KravchenkoGrigorii PanteleyevichVVS411 SAD, 215 IAD; KIA 23/Feb/1943
KravchukLeonid FilimonovichVVS116239 IAP; total victory count is approximate
KravchukVladimir ValentinovichVVS52897 IAP
KravtsovDmitrii StepanovichVVS13831 IAP; total victory count may be 15+8
KravtsovGeorgii SemyonovichVVS78520IAP, 56GvIAP
KravtsovIvan SavelyevichVVS155 IAP-KBF, 3 GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 29+6
KravtsovVasilii VasilyevichVVS81131IAP, 40GvIAP
KretovStepan IvanovichVVS12278 IAD
KrivobokIvan FedotovichVVS815 IAP; total victory count may be 10+3
KrivonogikhDmitrii PetrovichVVS5866 IAP
KrivosheyevunknownVVS15520 GvIAP; this is probably Yefim Krivosheyev
KrivosheyevYefim AvtonomovichVVS51519 GvIAP; KIA 9/Sep/1942; total victory count may be 7+15
KrivovDmitrii AntonovichVVS712240 & 156 IAP; total victory count may be 7+12
KrivovNikolaiVVS561 ShAP; KIA 14/Mar/1943
KrivushinAlexandr VasilyevichVVS13875IAP, 66GvIAP
KrivyakovNikolai K.VVS12402 IAP
KrotovVladimir PetrovichVVS5104GvIAP
KrupskiiViktor IosifovichVVS109760 IAP; total victory count may be 15
KrutikovValentin AfanasyevichVVS542IAP, 133GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KruzhalinIvan TerentievichVVS9402 IAP
KrylovValentin NikanorovichVVS10112IAP, 89GvIAP
KrymskiiV.I.VVS0820 GvIAP
KryuchkovVasilii YegorovichVVS10163 IAP; total victory count may be 11+6
KryukovGerasim VladimirovichVVS81160 & 520IAP
KryukovKonstantin AlexeyevichVVS51027 IAP, 12 GvIAP; total victory count may be 11+10
KryukovPavel PavlovichVVS6155 IAP, 16 & 104 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+1
KubarevVasilii NikolayevichVVS46187 IAP, 65 GvIAP
KubishkinAleksei GeorgievichVVS24401IAP; score includes shared victories; total victory count may be 5+6
KucherenkoPetr MaximovichVVS129240 IAP; KIA 4/Aug/1943
KucheryaviiAndrei DenisovichVVS8790IAP
KudimovD.A.VVS8299 IAP-ChF
KudinNikolai MarkovichVVS47731IAP, 39GvIAP
KudlenkoGrigorii DanilovichVVS10653IAP, 65GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KudlikVasilii IvanovichVVS769GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KudryaI.VVS645 IAP
KudryaNikolai DanilovichVVS1045 IAP, 100 GvIAP; KIA 26/May/1943; total victory count may be 11
KudryavtsevDmitrii IvanovichVVS133744 IAP, 86 GvIAP; KIA Oct/1943
KudryavtsevFedor IgnatyevichVVS8153GvIAP
KukharenkoAndrei NikitovichVVS152 GvIAP-SF
KukharevIvan MironovichVVS23624 ShAP
KukinIvan AndreyevichVVS620IAP
KuklinMikhail NikolaevichVVS12193 IAP, 297 & 31 IAP
KukuruzaBoris ArtemyevichVVS91131IAP, 40GvIAP
KulaginAndrei MikhailovichVVS327249 IAP, 7 NF V
KulaginFedor ZakharovichVVS10342 GvIAP
KulaginunknownVVS557 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
KulaginVladimir TarasovichVVS9248 IAP; KIA Mar/1942
KulakovGeorgii PolikarpovichVVS4494 IAP
KulakovIvan AndreyevichVVS1086GvIAP
KulakovLeonid SergeyevichVVS5158IAP, 103GvIAP
KulakovNikolai MikhailovichVVS69 IAP; total victory count is approximate
KuleminMikhail IvanovichVVS52253IAP, 145GvIAP
KuleshovVladimir KuzmichVVS21788 IAP, 41 & 40 GvIAP; KIA 3/Nov/1943
KuleyaSvidir KharitonovichVVS11831 IAP
KuliginNikolai AfanasyevichVVS519GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KulinichYakov SpiridonovichVVS101979 IAP
KuliyevAdil GuseinovichVVS18157 & 875 IAP, 66 & 65 GvIAP
KulyakinFedor NikiforovichVVS5249; victory count is approximate
KulyovVladimir SemyonovichVVS8976 IAP
KumanichkinAlexandr SergeyevichVVS301943 IAP, 41 & 176 GvIAP; total victory claims may be 31+4
KungurtsevYevgenii MaximovichVVS1615 GvShAP
KunitsaSemen AndryevichVVS4469 IAP; KIA 28/Aug/1941; total victory claims may be 6
KunitsynViktor AlexandrovichVVS514 IAP
KunshinAlexei AlexandrovichVVS112193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
KupavaSemyon MakarovichVVS514 IAP
KupranovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS6115GvIAP
KurakinMikhail FedorovichVVS94172 IAP
KurakinVladimir VasilevichVVS34141 GvShAP
KurdyumovYevgenii GeorgievichVVS6248 IAP
KurinovGeorgii VasilyevichVVS6115GvIAP
KuripkaNikolai VladimirovichVVS1210IAP, 69 & 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
KurochkinAlexei InokentievichVVS52239 IAP, 181 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KurochkinVasilii AlexeyevichVVS213272 & 49 IAP
KurzenkovSergei GeorgiyevichVVS1278 IAP-SF
KushchevskiiNikolai KuzmichVVS5179 IAP
KustovIgor YefrimovichVVS712728 IAP; KIA 22/Dec/1943; total victory claims may be 15
KutakhovPavel StepanovichVVS142420 IAP, 19 GvIAP; total victory claims may be 24+28
KutikhinYakov NazarovichVVS84156 GvIAP
KutsenkoMikhail I.VVS23291 IAP
KutyrevIvan AndreyevichVVS6121 IAP
KuzenovIvan PetrovichVVS11875 IAP, 66 GvIAP
KuzhelevAlexandr VlasovichVVS9167GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
KuzinAlexei TimofeyevichVVS12191 IAP
KuzmenkovIvan MikhailovichVVS532GvIAP
KuzmichevIvan FedorovichVVS182270 IAP, 152 GvIAP; total victory claims may be 18+36
KuzminAlexei YefimovichVVS72515 IAP
KuzminGeorgii PavlovichVVS217127, 273, 161 & 239 IAP, 9 GvIAP; KIA 18/Aug/1943
KuzminNikolai GeorgievichVVS8438 IAP, 212 GvIAP
KuznetsovAnatolii IvanovichVVS84 GvIAP-KBF; KIA A19/Feb/1943; total victory claims may be 8+8
KuznetsovAnatolii IvanovichVVS673GvIAP
KuznetsovGeorgii DmitriyevichVVS101216 GvIAP
KuznetsovInnokentii VasilyevichVVS1515129 IAP, 30 GvIAP
KuznetsovIvan AlexandrovichVVS107107 GvIAP
KuznetsovIvan AlexeyevichVVS689GvIAP
KuznetsovIvan GavrilovichVVS28743 IAP
KuznetsovIvan MikhailovichVVS16593 ShAP
KuznetsovMikhail VasilyevichVVS22615 IAP, 814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
KuznetsovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS1412760 IAP
KuznetsovNikolai FedorovichVVS2412191 & 436 IAP, 67 GvIAP; total victory claims may be 36+12
KuznetsovSergei AlexeyevichVVS198157 & 233 IAP
KuznetsovViktorVVS9295 IAD; KIA Mar/1944
LabutinKonstantinVVS1541 GvIAP, 927 IAP
LagutenkoIvan NikitovichVVS17368 GvIAP
LandikIvan IvanovichVVS16482 IAP; KIA 18/Apr/1945
LapinIsaak AronovichVVS5179 IAP
LapochkinVladimir DmitrievichVVS34126 IAP
LaptevMikhail YakovlevichVVS5355 IAP
LatskovNikolai SergeyevichVVS6431 ShAP
LatyshevVladimir AlexandrovichVVS1767 GvIAP
LaukhinAlexandr KirillovichVVS1831 & 115 GvIAP; total victory claims may be 20
LaveykinIvan PavlovichVVS248133 IAP, 5 GvIAP; total victory claims may be 24+15
LavitskiiNikolai YefimovichVVS24245 IAP, 100 & 16 GvIAP; KIA 10/Mar/1944
LavrenovAlexandr FilippovichVVS173812 & 291 IAP; KIA 26/Mar/1944; total victory count may be 22
LavrinenkoAfanasii KondratievichVVS969 GvIAP
LavrinenkovVladimir DmitriyevichVVS351169 & 4 IAP, 9 GvIAP; total victory count may be 36
LavronenkoIvan VasilyevichVVS15239 IAP; KIA 6/Jun/1944
LazarevMikhailVVS5191 IAP
LazarevSergei IvanovichVVS153728 IAP; KIA 1/Mar/1945
LazarevunknownVVS16485 IAP; score includes shared victories
LazyukaPavel MartynovichVVS3788 IAP
LebedevFedor MikhailovichVVS172482 IAP
LebedevMikhail IvanovichVVS4511GvIAP
LebedevSemen AndrianovichVVS22243 IAP
LebedkinBoris AlexeyevichVVS1628GvIAP
LednevBoris SemyonovichVVS13179 IAP
LedovskiiD.VVS5146 GvIAP-PVO
LegchakovAlexandr M.VVS11242 IAP, 133 GvIAP
LelikovPetr AndrianovichVVS43659 IAP; total victory count is approximate
LemeshevSemyon IvanovichVVS6157 IAP
LenAlexandr AlexandrovichVVS5653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
LeonovIvan AntonovichVVS52
LeonovIvan DmitriyevichVVS52 IAP, 85 GvIAP; KIA 30/May/1944; total victory count may be 5+4
LeonovNikolai FeoktistovichVVS19438IAP, 21GvIAP, 9 IAP
LeonovNikolai IvanovichVVS20183 IAP, 150 GvIAP
LeonovichIvan SemenovichVVS28154 IAP, 29 GvIAP
LeshchenkoVyacheslav SergeyevichVVS2094 IAP
LeshkoDmitrii KonstantinovichVVS83731IAP, 39GvIAP
LevchenkoAnatolii NikolayevichVVS61609 IAP
LevchenkoIvan ZacharovichVVS1022GvIAP
LevchukPavel UstinovichVVS44152 IAP
LevinSemyon FedotovichVVS58126 & 28 IAP
LevitanVladimir SamoilovichVVS2012264, 170 & 166 IAP, 88 GvIAP
LevkoVladimir IosifovichVVS867 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
LevshaIvan ProkofyevichVVS14126IAP
LevshenkoSemyon PolikarpovichVVS673 & 9GvIAP; victory count is approximate
LezhnevAlexandr PetrovichVVS4521 IAP
LikhachevViktor KirillovichVVS6106 GvIAP; total victory count may be 6+22
LikhobabinIvan DmitriyevichVVS219402 & 485 IAP, 72 GvIAP; total victory count may be 30+9
LikholetovPetr YakovlevichVVS255159 IAP; injured in auto crash 1944, DOW 13/Jul/1945
LikhovidMikhail StepanovichVVS1611298 IAP, 104 GvIAP; KIA 12/Aug/1944
LimarenkoLeonid SergeyevichVVS814GvIAP
LimarenkoVasilii AlexeyevichVVS95211 & 237 IAP, 54 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+7
LimonovVasilii YakovlevichVVS44486 IAP
LinnikGeorgii IvanovichVVS10347 IAP
LinnikNikolai MikhailovichVVS656 IAP
LinovickiiNestor NikolaiyevichVVS88274 & 296IAP, 73GvIAP
LipatovAlexei PavlovichVVS8721 IAP; victory count is approximate
LipilinAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS941 IAP
LisenkovViktor GrigoryevichVVS7247IAP
LisicynNikolai TitovichVVS12161 IAP
ListarovVladimir AndreyevichVVS63131IAP, 40GvIAP
LitavrinSergei GavrilovichVVS195158 & 744 IAP, 86 GvIAP
LitvakLidiya VladimirovnaVVS124586 & 296 IAP, 73 GvIAP; 1 observation balloon shot down; KIA 1/Aug/1943; woman ace
LitvinchukBoris MikhailovichVVS18932 IAP-ChF, 11 GvIAP-ChF
LitvinenkoTrofim AfanasyevichVVS23191 IAP
LitvinenkoVladimir PanteleyevichVVS44183 & 427IAP, 151GvIAP
LitvinovFedor AlexeyevichVVS36298IAP
LobachGeorgii LukyanovichVVS2938; victory count is approximate
LobanovAlexandr VasilyevichVVS261441 GvIAP
LobanovMikhail BorisovichVVS3514GvIAP; victory count is approximate
LobasPetr KalinikovichVVS19386 GvIAP
LobashevDmitriiVVS106 IAP; KIA 4/Sep/1943; victory count is approximate
LobokTimofei GordeyevichVVS352IAP, 85GvIAP; victory count is approximate
LobovGeorgii AgeyevichVVS198322 IAD, & GvIAD
LobozovVasilii AndreyevichVVS830 RAP; KIA 30/Nov/1944
LodvikovArkadii MikhailovichVVS5611IAP
LogachevMikhail SemyonovichVVS83512IAP, 53GvIAP; victory count is approximate
LoginovArkadii PetrovichVVS2391 ShAP
LoginovBoris AlexandrovichVVS10229 GvIAP
LoginovIvan GavrilovichVVS5838IAP
LoginovVasiliiVVS106 IAP; KIA 4/Sep/1943; victory count is approximate
LogvinenkoIvan VasilievichVVS7866 IAP611
LogvinenkoNikolai PavlovichVVS20692 & 293 IAP
LogvinenkoVladimir IvanovichVVS18611IAP
LogvinovI.I.VVS1128 GvIAP; total victory count may be 14
LogvinovPetr TrofimovichVVS5112 IAP, 1 GvIAP; victory count is approximate
LoikoVadim BorisovichVVS2067 GvIAP; score includes shared victories
LomakinAnatolii GrigoryevichVVS71921 IAP-KBF; KIA 25/Jan/1944; total victory count may be 24
LopatinBoris VasilyevichVVS27667 ShAP; KIA 2/May/1944
LopatinNikolai VasilyevichVVS5812 IAP; KIA 23/Mar/1945
LosevAlexandr VasilievichVVS515 IAP; total victory count is approximate
LovchikovPavel M.VVS11271 IAP; KIA 1942
LozovoyYefim YefimovichVVS1011126, 482 & 937 IAP
LozovskiiViktor ArtemyevichVVS19 897 & 431 IAP
LuchtionovAnatolii AndreievichVVS62272 IAP; victory count is approximate
LuganskiiSergei DanilovichVVS376162 & 270 IAP
LugovenkoIvan FedorovichVVS10866 IAP
LugovtsevPetr SemyonovichVVS10160IAP, 137, 32 & 66GvIAP; victory count is approximate
LukantsevAlexei IvanovichVVS5467 & 298IAP, 100GvIAP
LukashevNikolai PetrovichVVS5157GvIAP
LukashevichAlexandr IvanovichVVS5897 IAP
LukinAfanasii PetrovichVVS1488 IAP, 159 GvIAP
LukinV.A.VVS4132 & 7 IAP-ChF
LukinVasilii PetrovichVVS162287IAP
LukyanenkoAlexandr TichonovichVVS611GvIAP
LukyanovA.VVS75146 GvIAP-PVO
LukyanovAlexandr MikhailovichVVS8159 IAP; KIA 28/Jan/1942
LukyanovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS4566GvIAP
LukyanovSergei IvanovichVVS151916 & 100 GvIAP
LustoMikhail VasilyevichVVS181129 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+1
LutskiiVladimir AlexandrovichVVS11434 IAP, 32 GvIAP; total victory count may be 12
LvovSemen IvanovichVVS7225 IAP-KBF, 3 GvIAP-KBF
LyapinMikhail AlexandrovichVVS63146IAP, 115GvIAP
LyapunovBorisVVS106 IAP; KIA 4/Sep/1943; victory count is approximate
LysenkoNikolai GrigorievichVVS54 IAP
LysenkoNikolai KalistratovichVVS816218 ShAP, 74 GvShAP
LysenkoPavel DmitrievichVVS6188 IAP, 159 GvIAP
LyubimovIvan StepanovichVVS1032 & 8 IAP-ChF, 11 GvIAP-ChF
LyubimovMikhail FedorovichVVS4289GvIAP
LyulchakAlexei UstinovichVVS6866 IAP
LyusinVladimir NikolayevichVVS1585 GvIAP
MachabeliMikhail ZakharovichVVS1010 GvIAP-KBF; POW 4/Apr/1944
MagerinNikolai IvanovichVVS10546IAP, 68, 28 & 68GvIAP
MaidanikIvan ProkofievichVVS51609 IAP
MakarenkoNikolai F.VVS1465GvIAP; is this Nikolai Fedorovich Makarenko with 10 victories in 44 & 153 IAP, 28 GvIAP?
MakarenkoNikolai FedorovichVVS1044 & 153 IAP, 28 GvIAP
MakarenkovIvan SavelyevichVVS6761 IAP
MakarovAlexandr YakovlevichVVS72115 GvIAP
MakarovAnatolii AlexandrovichVVS9736IAP, 57GvIAP
MakarovArkadii SergeyevichVVS13271 IAP, 32 GvIAP
MakarovOleg PavlovichVVS12402 IAP
MakarovSergei VasilyevichVVS1013180 & 728 IAP; KIA 10/Feb/1942
MakarovValentin NikolayevichVVS309512 IAP, 58 GvIAP, 176 IAP; total victory count may be 30+11
MakarovVasilii FedorovichVVS53520IAP, 56GvIAP
MakovskiiSpartak IosifovichVVS283165 & 43 IAP, 9 GvIAP
MakovskiiYurii BorisovichVVS81427IAP
MalakhovAlexandr AndreevichVVS62127 IAP
MalofeyevViktor DmitriyevichVVS2844IAP, 11GvIAP
MaltsevKonstantin SavelyevichVVS191193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
MaltsevViktor IvanovichVVS45239 IAP; total victory count is approximate
MalyavinAnatolii AnatoliyevichVVS5139GvIAP; victory count is approximate
MalyshevMakar IvanovichVVS691 IAP
MalyshevVladimir GrigoryevichVVS10102 & 103GvIAP
MamykinIvan MironovichVVS52512 IAP
MankevichViktor MikhailovichVVS175163 IAP
ManoilovIvan AntonovichVVS9774 IAP; KIA 17/Dec/1942
ManokhinAlexandr NikolayevichVVS3815 GvShAP
ManoshinKonstantin VasilyevichVVS15271 IAP, 64 GvIAP
ManovAndrei MikhailovichVVS9420IAP, 744IAP, 86GvIAP; 1 observation balloon shot down
ManukyanAkop BalebekovichVVS223402 & 812 IAP
ManulinMitrofan FyodorovichVVS686 GvIAP; KIA Oct/1943; total victory count may be 16
ManychkinAndrei VasilyevichVVS868AIAP, 975IAP, 117GvIAP; victory count is approximate
MarchenkoIvan TimofeyevichVVS630 ORAP-ChF; total victory count may be 7
MarchenkoNikolai IvanovichVVS11221GvIAP, 744IAP, 86GvIAP
MarchenkoNikolai PetrovichVVS13744 IAP, 86 GvIAP
MaresyevAlexandr PetrovichVVS11296 & 580 IAP, 63 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19
MargoyevZachariya GogotoevichVVS518GvIAP
MariinskiiYevgenii PakhomovichVVS17129 GvIAP; total victory count may be 21
MarikutsaIvan SidorovichVVS1032 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
MarinIvan AkimovichVVS384 IAP
MarinNikolai G.VVS72 GvIAP
MarinViktor AlexandrovichVVS6515 IAP; total victory count may be 6+6
MarisaevN.VVS65GvIAP; KIA 1944
MarisaievNikolai AnatolyevichVVS525GvIAP
MarkinNikolai VasilyevichVVS16274 IAP; KIA 28/Sep/1943; total victory count may be 17
MarkovAlexei IvanovichVVS16434 IAP, 32 GvIAP
MarkovAlexei MikhailovichVVS96659 & 897 IAP
MarkovVasilii VasilyevichVVS20116 IAP; total victory count may be 31
MarkovVitalii DmitriyevichVVS8728 IAP; KIA Apr/1944
MartynovAlexandr VasilyevichVVS1716296 IAP
MartynovMikhail MikhailovichVVS73GvIAP; victory count is approximate
MartynovNikolai NikolaiyevichVVS38731IAP, 39GvIAP; victory count is approximate
MartynovPavel NikolayevichVVS5761 IAP
MartynovSergei MikhailovichVVS13136IAP, 57GvIAP
MartyshchenkoMikhail GavrilovichVVS185 IAP
MashenkinAlexei MikhailovichVVS144812 IAP
MashkinAnatalii GrigoryevichVVS620IAP, 139GvIAP
MashkovskiiStepan FilippovichVVS101732 IAP
MaslennikovBoris VasilievichVVS217 IAP
MasliakovPavel IvanovichVVS1319 IAP, 176 GvIAP
MaslovIvan VasilyevichVVS22157 IAP; total victory count may be 26+19
MaslovV.VVS5101 GvIAP
MasnevAlexei NikanorovichVVS10713 IAP
MasterkovAlexandr BorisovichVVS185 GvIAP; KIA 23/Mar/1945
MatakovVasilii NikolayevichVVS627 IAP-PVO; total victory claims may be 6+8
MatiyenkoPetr AndreyevichVVS131270 IAP, 153 GvIAP; KIFA 15/Oct/1944; total victory claims may be 24+1
MatsakovDaniil PavlovichVVS1442IAP, 133GvIAP
MatsiyevichVasilii AntonovichVVS16626 IAP-PVO, 26 GvIAP; total victory claims may be 18+6
MatushinI.VVS52146 GvIAP-PVO
MatveyevAlexandr AndreyevichVVS1527 & 154 IAP, 275 IAD
MatveyevM.A.VVS253 GvIAP-KBF
MatveyevVladimir IvanovichVVS13154 & 185 IAP; KIA 1/Jan/1942
MatviyenkoStepan AlexandrovichVVS123297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
MaximenkoAlexei IosifovichVVS511160 IAP; total victory count may be 10+11
MaximenkoVasilii IvanovichVVS17888 IAP
MaximovAlexandr YefimovichVVS22156 GvIAP
MaximovNikolai VasilyevichVVS612624 ShAP
MaximovYurii IvanovichVVS520IAP, 139GvIAP
MaximovichViktor PavlovichVVS9472IAP, 2GvIAPSF
MayorovAlexandr IvanovichVVS17102 GvIAP
MazanMikhail SemenovichVVS19285 GvIAP; KIA 12/Dec/1944
MazhaievNikolai PavlovichVVS61123IAP, 27GvIAP; victory count is approximate
MazurinFedor MikhailovichVVS182153 IAP, 28 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+2
MedvedevAlexandr IvanovichVVS10438 IAP, 212 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
MedvedevDmitrii AlexandrovichVVS1415486 IAP
MelashenkoArkhip AkimovichVVS15728 IAP
MelgunovAlexandr MaximovichVVS45520IAP, 56GvIAP
MelnickiiGeorgii NikolaiyevichVVS131296IAP, 73GvIAP
MelnikIvan AntonovichVVS51171 IAP
MelnikovSergei GrigoryevichVVS9247IAP, 156GvIAP
MelnikovYevgenii PetrovichVVS16554 GvIAP
MenshikovDmitrii AlexeyevichVVS55183 & 427IAP, 151GvIAP
MenshutinYevgenii PetrovichVVS171120 & 270 IAP, 152 GvIAP
MerenkovViktor AlexeyevichVVS225897 IAP; total victory count may be 27
MerkulovPetr MaksimovichVVS6
MerkulovVladimir IvanovichVVS2115 ORAP, 43 IAP, 157 IAD; victory count may be 29+3
MerkushevVasilii AfanasyevichVVS17270 IAP; POW 4/Jul/1944; total victory count may be 29
MerkviladzeGarri AlexandrovichVVS132270 IAP, 152 GvIAP
MeshcheryakovIvan IvanovichVVS5129 IAP, 5 GvIAP; KIA 8/Feb/1942
MeshcheryakovViktor AfanasievichVVS6161 IAP
MetikVasilii AfanasievichVVS129297 IAP
MichailukPorfirii AfanasiyevichVVS16673GvIAP; 1 observation balloon shot down
MichailukVladimir TimofeyevichVVS768GvIAP
MichalevVasilii PavlovichVVS242508IAP, 213GvIAP; victory count may be 22+2
MigalPetr DmitriyevichVVS6711GvIAP
MigunovVasilii VasilyevichVVS529 IAP, 1 GvIAP; KIA 31/Mar/1942
MikhailichenkoIvan KharlampovichVVS48667ShAP, 141GvShAP; total victory count may be 10
MikhailikYakov DanilovichVVS176211 & 237 IAP, 54 GvIAP
MikhailovAlexei GrigoryevichVVS111131IAP, 40GvIAP
MikhailovAnatolii IvanovichVVS92790IAP
MikhailovBoris VladimirovichVVS51630IAP, 147GvIAP
MikhailovMikhail YakovlevichVVS8414GvIAP
MikhailovVasilii MikhailovichVVS46672 ShAP; KIA 10/Nov/1944; total victory count may be 7+8
MikhailovVasilii PavlovichVVS17508 IAP; score includes shared victories
MikhailovVladimir AlexandrovichVVS84163 GvIAP
MikhailovVladimir PetrovichVVS6897 IAP
MikhailovYevgenii VitalyevichVVS532 GvIAP; KIA 17/Mar/1944
MikhalenkovYefim AndreyevichVVS1278 GvShAP
MikhalevVasilii PavlovichVVS242508 IAP
MikhalinMikhail FedorovichVVS16191 IAP
MikheyevAlexandr IvanovichVVS5483 IAP
MikheyevViktor IllarionovichVVS18897 IAP; total victory count is approximate
MikheyevViktor IllarionovichVVS8193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
MikitanskiiGedalii DavydovichVVS10145IAP
MikryukovVitalii VasilyevichVVS18897 IAP; DOW 4/Apr/1945
MilaievFedor LeontiyevichVVS12246IAP, 68, 28 & 68GvIAP
MilodanAndrei MikhailovichVVS52131IAP
MilovanovAlexei MikhailovichVVS175193 IAP; KIA 6/Mar/1944
MilyaevDmitrii MikhailovichVVS5159 IAP
MinaevAlexei NikonorovichVVS42581 IAP, 55 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
MinaievAlexei VasilyevichVVS45282IAP, 252 & 257IAD
MininYakov KireyevichVVS37667 ShAP
MiokovNikolai DmitriyevichVVS2291 IAP
MirnovGeorgii SemyonovichVVS719 IAP, 176 GvIAP
MironenkoAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS12413 IAP-KBF; total victory count may be 20+10
MironenkoSemen SergeevichVVS8937 IAP
MironenkounknownVVS557 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
MironenkoV.S.VVS52719 GvIAP
MironovSergei IvanovichVVS16153 IAP, 28 GvIAP
MironovunknownVVS144 IAP
MironovViktor PetrovichVVS5145 IAP, 19 GvIAP; KIFA 16/Feb/1943; total victory count may be 10+15
MiroshnichenkoDmitrii GrigoryevichVVS15248 IAP
MiroshnichenkoNikolai FedorovichVVS4334 IAP
MishchenkoAlexandr IlyichVVS10172 IAP
MishkoStepan VasilievichVVS5162 IAP
MishustinVasilii IvanovichVVS178166 IAP, 88 GvIAP
MistyukVasilii FedorovichVVS10437 IAP, 113 GvIAP
MitenkovNikolai MikhailovichVVS131937 IAP
MitrakovMikhail FilippovichVVS71162 IAP
MitrofanovFedor VasilyevichVVS103445, 562 & 813 IAP; KIA 4/Feb/1945
MitrofanovMikhail AndreyevichVVS4718GvIAP
MitrokhinVasilii BorisovichVVS17191 IAP
MitusovAleksei IvanovichVVS6196 IAP
MochalinAlexandr IvanovichVVS8150GvIAP
MoiseyevIvan IvanovichVVS4339GvIAP
MolchanovI.I.VVS56 IAP; victory count may be 6
MolibozhkoKonstantin FilippovichVVS815 IAP
MolodchininAlexei YegorovichVVS1071 GvIAP
MolteninovNikolai GeorgiyevichVVS6226IAP, 26 & 11GvIAP
MordanovFilipp KonstantinovichVVS72790 & 159GvIAP; victory count is approximate
MorduhovichPavel YakovlevichVVS19177 GvIAP; KIA 1944
MordvinenkoVasilii AndreyevichVVS1232 & 63GvIAP
MorgunovIvan IvanovichVVS891 IAP
MorgunovSergei NikolayevichVVS271615 IAP
MorozovAnatolii AfanasyevichVVS2484 IAP, 9 GvIAP; KIA 18/Jun/1944
MorozovAnatolii SergeyevichVVS12163IAP
MorozovArkadii IvanovichVVS8158IAP, 103GvIAP
MorozovArsenii IvanovichVVS139149 IAP; KIA 24/Jul/1944
MorozovFotii YakovlevichVVS16531 GvIAP
MorozovIvan AfanasievichVVS61659 IAP
MorozovLeonid SergeevichVVS51659 IAP
MorozovNikolai NikolayevichVVS1229 IAP, 731 IAP-PVO; includes many shared victories
MorozovPavel DmitrievichVVS82774 IAP
MorozovVladimir YefremovichVVS9508 IAP, 213 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
MoshinAlexei FedorovichVVS11402 IAP, 32 GvIAP; KIA 13/Jul/1943
MoshinPetr MikhailovichVVS93897 & 659 IAP
MoshkovBoris NikolayevichVVS5431 ShAP
MosinYevgenii SpiridonovichVVS102146IAP, 115GvIAP
MoskalchukVasilii BorisovichVVS82249,88
MoskalenkoGeorgii VasilyevichVVS78 IAP-ChF
MoskovenkoVasilii IvanovichVVS1431 GvIAP
MospanovIlya PetrovichVVS214 ShAP, 7 GvShAP; KIA 25/Jul/1942
MotorniiIvan PorfiryevichVVS15512 IAP, 53 GvIAP; total victory count may be 21
MotuzIvan FomichVVS81820 & 744 IAP, 86 GvIAP
MotuzkoNikolai VasiliyevichVVS52438 IAP; KIA 1/Jun/1944
MotylIvan MiroslavovichVVS19728 IAP
MovchanViktor SergeyevichVVS5122 IAP; total victory count may be higher
MozheyevNikolai NikiforovichVVS5146IAP, 115GvIAP
MshvidabadzeZakhar SamsonovichVVS732 IAP
MuchinFedor MaximovichVVS513IAP, 111GvIAP
MudretsovValentin FedorovichVVS181240 IAP, 178 GvIAP
MudrovMikhail IvanovichVVS3073 GvIAP; MIA
MukhinAnatolii FedorovichVVS201193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
MukhinVasilii FilippovichVVS19270 IAP, 178 GvIAP
MukhinVladimir SergeevichVVS52347 IAP
MurashevAlexei AndrianovichVVS2293 GvIAP; total victory coount may be 23+9
MurashkinYakov AndreyevichVVS16111 GvIAP
MuratovVladimir IvanovichVVS8151 GvIAP
MuravievGurii AlexandrovichVVS64298 IAP
MuravievPavel IgnatyevichVVS255157 & 271 IAP, 64 GvIAP
MuravitskiiLuka ZakharovichVVS103729 & 127 IAP; KIA 30/Nov/1941; total victory count may be 12+37
MurgaKirill NikitichVVS144122 IAP, 153GvIAP, 519 IAP
MusatovFedor FrolovichVVS10168 GvIAP; KIA 11/Oct/1944
MusatovVasilii AlexeyevichVVS5239 IAP
MyasnikovAlexandr FedorovichVVS2165IAP, 3GvIAPKBF
MzhachichIvan NikanorovichVVS5875IAP, 66GvIAP; victory count is approximate
NagorniiViktor SergeyevichVVS196293 IAP; total victory count may be 24+6
NaidenkoMikhail MakarovichVVS41434127 IAP; total victory count is approximate
NaidenkoVasilii MikhailovichVVS413126 IAP-PVO
NaidyonovNikolai AlexeyevichVVS263563 IAP, 116 GvIAP
NakaznyukGeorgiy ParfenyevichVVS554 IAP
NarchukYuzya StepanovichVVS51265 IAP; victory count is approximate
NarzhimskiiVladimir AlexandrovichVVS182 GvIAP-SF, 11 GvIAP-ChF; total victory count may be 18+5
NasonovMikhail PetrovichVVS12128GvIAP
NaumchikNikolai KuzmichVVS1398 IAP, 42 GvIAP
NaumenkoNikolaiVVS1055 IAP, 16 GvIAP
NaumovGeorgii IvanovichVVS6388 IAP
NaumovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS17
NaumovNikolai FilippovichVVS41338IAP
NaumovNikolai MikhailovichVVS941GvIAP; victory count is approximate
NaumovPetr IzotovichVVS125181IAP, 201IAD
NazarenkoAlexandr AlexandrovichVVS91482 IAP
NazarenkoAlexandr SergeevichVVS93272 & 21 IAP
NazarenkoDmitrii PavlovichVVS248131 IAP, 40 GvIAP
NazimovKonstantin SavelyevichVVS222254 IAP; KIA 23/Dec/1944
NebratNikolai NikolaiyevichVVS727GvIAP
NechaievDmitrii MikhailovichVVS540 & 176 GvIAP
NechipurenkoIvan FilippovichVVS5161 IAP
NefedovAnatolii IvanovichVVS13
NegriyenkoBoris AlexeyevichVVS513 GvIAP-KBF
NekrasovMikhail PavlovichVVS13148 IAP
NekrasovViktor AlexeyevichVVS8172 IAP; total victory count is approximate
NekrasovVladimir PetrovichVVS18483 IAP; total victory count may be 21
NekrylovAlexeiVVS5526 IAP, 2 GvIAP
NekrylovAlexei YakovlevichVVS723IAP, 526
NemyatyiIvan PorfiryevichVVS6519IAP
NepryakhinPavel MarkovichVVS172 GvIAP
NesterenkoAlexei MarkovichVVS92171 IAP; KIA 26/Aug/1944
NesterenkoGrigorii KarpovichVVS7291 IAP; KIA 21/Oct/1943; total victory count may be 8
NeustruyevIvan PavlovichVVS176195 IAP, 11 GvIAP-PVO
NevyantsevAfanasii VedeneevichVVS6265 IAP
NezolyaPavel GerasimovichVVS436, 812 & 520 IAP, 56 GvIAP
NichaminDavid YefimovichVVS1689IAP, 11GvIAP, 43CF
NikhaminDmitriVVS12911 GvIAP
NikhaminPetrVVS379 IAP
NikiforovPetr PavlovichVVS184129 GvIAP; total victory count may be 20+4
NikitenkoVladimir StepanovichVVS514GvIAP
NikitinAlexandr IvanovichVVS11143 IAP
NikitinAlexei IvanovichVVS95153 IAP, 28 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+5
NikitinNikolai MikhailovichVVS525 IAP, 3 GvIAP-KBF
NikitinSemyon NikitovichVVS5659 IAP
NikitinViktor NikitovichVVS5116 GvIAP
NikolayenkovAlexandr IgnatyevichVVS823126 & 760 IAP; KIA 7/Jul/1943; total victory count may be 9+23
NikolayenkovDmitrii YefremovichVVS81812, 43 & 291 IAP
NikolayenkovVladimirVVS9760 IAP
NikolayevAlexandr V.VVS56 IAP; victory count may be 6
NikolayevBoris PavlovichVVS5768 IAP-PVO
NikolayevDmitrii SemenovichVVS14158 IAP, 27 GvIAP-PVO
NikolenkoLeonid AlexandrovichVVS7248 IAP; victory count is approximate
NikonorovIvan NikonorovichVVS42937 IAP
NikonorovPetr MikhailovichVVS17588 GvIAP
NikonovAndrei IgnatievichVVS64 IAP
NikonovunknownVVS77 IAP; score includes shared victories
NikulenkovAlexei VasilievichVVS142515 IAP
NogaMitrofan PetrovichVVS13256 & 322 IAD; total victory count may be 19+1
NosovAlexandr AndreyevichVVS51288 ShAP
NosovSavelii VasilyevichVVS151150 GvIAP
NovgorodtsevVasilii ArtemovichVVS11296 IAP
NovichkovStepan MatveyevichVVS24436 IAP, 67 GvIAP; total victory count may be 29
NovikovAlexandr YevdokimovichVVS15KIA 9/Mar/1942
NovikovAlexei IvanovichVVS1117 & 812 IAP; final victory count may be 22+5
NovikovIvan D.VVS10164 IAP, 295 IAD; final victory count may be higher
NovikovIvan PetrovichVVS121897 IAP
NovikovKonstantin AfanasyevichVVS309131 & 862 IAP, 40 GvIAP
NovikovMikhail MikhailovichVVS716GvIAP
NovikovNikolai MakarovichVVS5104GvIAP
NovikovunknownVVS117 IAP; score includes shared victories
NovikovVasilii SavelyevichVVS7133IAP; victory count is approximate
NovikovYegor PavlovichVVS116191 IAP; KIA 17/Sep/1941
NovoselovKuzma VasilyevichVVS195146 IAP, 115 GvIAP
NovozhilovAlexei YefimovichVVS119145IAP, 19GvIAP
NovozhilovIvan VasilyevichVVS13713 IAP, 111 GvIAP; final victory count may be 17+7
ObiralovViktor GrigoryevichVVS1414GvIAP
OborinAlexandr VasilyevichVVS1313563 & 438 IAP; KIA 7/Aug/1944
OboznenkoAndrei AlexandrovichVVS83183IAP, 150 & 151GvIAP
ObraztsovYuriiVVS10100 GvIAP; victory count may be higher
ObsharovKonstantin GerasimovichVVS8814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
ObukhovTimofei PetrovichVVS10212 IAP
OdintsovMikhail PetrovichVVS12820 ShAP, 155 GvShAp
OdintsovNikolai MikhailovichVVS5518 IAP
OganesovVozgen MikhailovichVVS23347 IAP
OkhaiGrigorii UlyanovichVVS6
OlejnikovViktorVVS7438 IAP, 212 GvIAP
OleynikGrigorii NikitovichVVS182293 IAP
OlifriyenkoI.K.VVS1416 GvIAP; KIA 10/May/1944
OlinPetr StepanovichVVS15193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
OlkhovskiiGrigorii SavelyevichVVS6249& 272 IAP
OlkhovskiiNikolai IvanovichVVS19193 & 240 IAP, 178 GvIAP
OniskyevichGrigorii DemyanovichVVS158164 IAP
OnopchenkoNikolai MarkovichVVS14163 GvIAP; total victory count may be 14+6
OnufriyenkoGrigorii DenisovichVVS29129 IAP, 5 GvIAP, 31 IAP
OrdinYefim DanilovichVVS13148 IAP
OrdinartsevYevgenii IvanovichVVS4236IAP, 57GvIAP
OrekhovBoris AlexeyevichVVS5269 IAP; victory count is approximate
OrekhovVladimir AlexandrovichVVS192434 IAP, 32 GvIAP; 2 observation balloons shot down
OrlovAlexandr IvanovichVVS148129 IAP, 5 GvIAP
OrlovGeorgii ProkofievichVVS12122, 62 & 19 IAP, 176 GvIAP
OrlovM.I.VVS63213 GvIAP
OrlovMikhail VasilyevichVVS36487IAP; victory count is approximate
OrlovPavel IvanovichVVS1172 SAP, 2 GvIAP-SF; KIA 15/Mar/1943
OrlovViktor GavrilovichVVS3536IAP
OrlovViktor NikolayevichVVS144113 GvIAP; KIA 9/Dec/1943
OrlovVladimir NikolayevichVVS54 IAP; KIA 1941
OrlovVladimir PavlovichVVS42482 IAP
OrlovskiiNikolai NikolaievichVVS98438 IAP
OsadchiiIvan FedorovichVVS6265 IAP
OsadchiyevAlexandr DmitriyevichVVS186274 & 43 IAP; total victory count may be 26
OsetrovNikolai NikolayevichVVS9508 IAP, 213 GvIAP
OsipovAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS5236IAP, 57GvIAP
OsipovAlexandr VasilyevichVVS8142IAP, 133GvIAP, 900IAP; victory count is approximate
OsipovMikhail MikhailovichVVS538 IAP, 42 GvIAP; MIA 26/May/1943
OsipovPetr GrigoryevichVVS8248 IAP
OskalenkoDmitrii YefimovichVVS1426 IAP-PVO; KIA 26/Sep/1942; total victory count may be 14+1
OsokinIvan AlexandrovichVVS62234 IAP
OstapchukAlexandr AndreyevichVVS75GvIAP; KIA 4/Jun/1943; total victory count may be higher
OstapenkoIvan PetrovichVVS347 GvShAP
OtlesnyiAlexandr YefimovichVVS102896 IAP; victory count is approximate
OvcharenkoAlexei TrofimovichVVS151247IAP, 156GvIAP
OvcharenkoIvan IvanovichVVS913157 IAP
OvcharovPetr SergeevichVVS618157& 163 IAP
OvchinnikovAlexei DmitrievichVVS6848 IAP
OvodovYakov LeontyevichVVS19133 IAP
OvsyannikovDmitrii ArtemyevichVVS82183IAP, 150GvIAP
OvsyannikovGeorgii IvanovichVVS5137GvIAP
OvsyannikovLeonid LeonidovichVVS44522 IAP
OvsyannikovPorfirii BorisovichVVS228 GvIAP
PacibaIvan SergeevichVVS11866 IAP
PakhomovNikolai GerasimovichVVS10728 IAP
PanarinGavriil YakovlevichVVS43123IAP, 27GvIAP; victory count is approximate
PanfilovYevgenii MaximovichVVS8126 & 198 IAP; KIA 12/Aug/1942
PaninIvan FedorovichVVS12866 IAP
PaninPavel AlexeyevichVVS13255 IAP-SF; KIA 26/Aug/1943
PankratovSergei StepanovichVVS16966 IAP; total victory count may be 19+9
PanovAlexei BorisovichVVS14185 & 436 IAP, 67 GvIAP; KIA 12/Sep/1944
PanovNikolai AlexeevichVVS5866 IAP
PantelkinAnatolii AlexandrovichVVS16116 IAP; total victory count may be 21; KIA 14/Mar/1945
ParamokhinAlexei TerentievichVVS815 IAP
ParamonovViktor IvanovichVVS105 & 13IAP, 12IAP-KBF
ParovinPavel NikolaiyevichVVS14183 & 427IAP, 151GvIAP
ParshinGeorgii MikhailovichVVS10943 ShAP
PasechnikunknownVVS1530 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
PashchenkoIvan GrigorievichVVS81159 IAP
PashkevichAlexei VasilyevichVVS16653 IAP, 65 & 63 GvIAP
PasiukNikolai MarkovichVVS35910IAP, 148GvIAP
PaskoNikolai FedorovichVVS1528 GvIAP; 1 observation balloon shot down; total victory count may be 16
PatrushevGrigorii StepanovichVVS5100GvIAP
PautovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS1214, 148 & 293IAP
PavlenkoAdam AndreevichVVS10728 & 163 IAP
PavlenkoIvan ProkhorovichVVS51508 IAP, 213 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
PavlovAlexandr GeorgiyevichVVS101641 GvIAP
PavlovAlexei NikolayevichVVS16156 GvIAP
PavlovGrigorii RodionovichVVS11542 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+6
PavlovI.F.VVS36 GvOShAP
PavlovI.P.VVS8160 IAP, 137 GvIAP
PavlovIvan PavlovichVVS829GvIAP; victory count is approximate
PavlovKonstantin GregoriyevichVVS22
PavlovNikolai DmitriyevichVVS464 GvBAP
PavlovPavel IlyichVVS10321 IAP-KBF
PavlovPavel IvanovichVVS10521 IAP-KBF
PavlovskiiIlya MikhailovichVVS198659 IAP
PavlushkinNikolai SazonovichVVS1916402 & 157 IAP
PayalkaAlexandr SergeevichVVS5976 IAP
PchelkinAlexandr IvanovichVVS1425 GvIAP
PecheninVasilii TichonovichVVS8127GvIAP
PechonyNikolai NikolayevichVVS2038 IAP, 42 GvIAP
PeresumkinPetr PetrovichVVS182147 IAP
PereveslovGeorgii ViktorovichVVS71115GvIAP
PeshiiIvan AndreyevichVVS7520 & 434IAP
PeskarevPetr GeorgiyevichVVS8821 IAP; KIA 12/Apr/1944
PeskovIvan NikolaiyevichVVS8790IAP
PeskovPavel IlyichVVS206129 IAP, 5 & 115 GvIAP
PetraievPetr StepanovichVVS62630IAP, 147GvIAP
PetrakovVasilii FomichVVS51306 IAP
PetrenkoYevgenii VasilyevichVVS11120 IAP-SF; total victory count may be 17+1
PetrovFedor SemyonovichVVS6166 IAP
PetrovGeorgii GeorgiyevichVVS159154 IAP; KIA 13/Jun/1944
PetrovIvan PavlovichVVS457IAP, 14GvIAP
PetrovIvan TichonovichVVS7788IAP, 84GvIAP; victory count is approximate
PetrovMikhail GeorgiyevichVVS151100GvIAP
PetrovNikolai IvanovichVVS6531116 IAP
PetrovNikolai StepanovichVVS5141 GvShAP
PetrovPetr MikhailovichVVS1068 IAP; KIA 23/Nov/1943
PetrovPetr OsipovichVVS44253 & 33IAP; victory count is approximate
PetrovSemyon PetrovichVVS6139GvIAP
PetrovSergei FedorovichVVS563GvIAP
PetrovunknownVVS5163 IAP; total victory count may be higher
PetrovVasilii MikhaylovichVVS8163 IAP
PetrovViktor PetrovichVVS519 IAP, 176 GvIAP
PetrovVladimirVVS1013 IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF
PetrovichevIvan IvanovichVVS61630IAP, 147 & 145GvIAP; victory count may be 5+1
PetrukhinPetr SemenovichVVS92774 IAP
PetuhovSergei MikhailovichVVS14112GvIAP; KIA 21/Feb/1945; victory total may be higher
PetushkovAlexandr VasilievichVVS141347 IAP
PichuginYevgenii IvanovichVVS5441IAP
PidtykanIvan DmitriyevichVVS115195 IAP, 123 IAP-PVO; KIA 2/Aug/1942
PilipenkoIvan MarkovichVVS102940 IAP; KIA 2/Oct/1942; total victory count may be 13+29
PilshchikovKonstantin AlexandrovichVVS12168 & 523 IAP; total victory count may be 13
PilyutovPetr AndreyevichVVS194154 IAP, 29 GvIAP
PimenovAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS35731IAP; victory count is approximate
PinchukNikolai GrigoryevichVVS22218 GvIAP
PirozhenkoViktor MatveyevichVVS9248 IAP
PirozhkovBoris GrigoryevichVVS5787 IAP-PVO; DOW 4/Sep/1942
PishchelkoValerii SemyonovichVVS101297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
PishkanIvan AnikeyevichVVS1635273 IAP, 31 GvIAP
PiskunovIvanVVS1272 GvIAP
PitkevichViktor StanislavovichVVS71263 IAP
PitolinMikhail GrigorievichVVS93263 & 813 IAP
PiunovKonstantin VasilievichVVS11492 IAP, 177 GvIAP
PivovarovMikhail YevdokimovichVVS21402 IAP; total victory count may be 37
PlatonovAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS3436IAP; victory count is approximate
PlatonovVladimir MikhailovichVVS6975IAP, 117GvIAP
PlatovSergeiVVS1234IAP; score includes shared victories; total victory count may be higher
PlekhanovAndrei FilippovichVVS1773 GvIAP
PlekhanovIvan YefimovichVVS112158 IAP
PletnevNikolai AlexeyevichVVS13413IAP, 111GvIAP
PliakinVladimir AndreyevichVVS93158IAP, 103GvIAP
PlitkinAnatolii AlexeyevichVVS1176 GvIAP
PlotkoFedor SemyonovichVVS2972IAP, 2GvIAP-SF
PodburtnyiKonstantin VyacheslavovichVVS8402 IAP
PoddubskiiAlexei FedorovichVVS645IAP
PodorosskiiSolomon GrigorievichVVS7196 IAP
PodyelskiiYevgenii AlexandrovichVVS5193 IAP
PodymovNikolai A.VVS11812 IAP; KIA 11/Mar/1944
PoganyshevVladimir IvanovichVVS101127 IAP
PogorelovMikhail SavelyevichVVS2454 IAP
PokhlebayevIvan GrigoryevichVVS18101 GvIAP; total victory count may be 20
PokrovskiiVladimir PavlovichVVS12272 SAP-SF, 2 GvIAP-SF; total victory count may be 13+12
PokryshevPetr AfanasyevichVVS2177 & 154 IAP, 9 GvIAP, 159 IAP; total victory count may be 38+8
PokryshkinAlexandr IvanovichVVS53655 IAP, 16GvIAP, 9GvIAD; total victory count may be 59+6
PoleyevNikolai AndreievichVVS711486 IAP
PolikarpovichVladimir IosifovichVVS83731IAP, 39GvIAP; victory count is approximate
PologovPavel AndreyevichVVS1812737 IAP; total victory count may be 23+16
PoluchinAlexandr MikhailovichVVS5104GvIAP; victory count is approximate
PolunovskiiValerii FedorovichVVS13845 IAP; KIA 27/Mar/1944
PoluyanovGrogorii PavlovichVVS7136 GvShAP; KIA 18/Mar/1945
PoluyanovPavel NikitovichVVS89 IAP, 211 GvIAP
PolyakovPavel YakovlevVVS3574 GvShAP; KIA 22/Apr/1945; total victory count may be 5+6
PolyakovVitalii KonstantinovichVVS5237 IAP, 54 & 28 GvIAP
PolyanskiiGeorgii SviridovichVVS71270IAP, 152GvIAP
PonomarenkoIvan DanilovichVVS532GvIAP
PonomarevMikhail SergeyevichVVS2832 IAP
PopkovVitalii IvanovichVVS4115 GvIAP, 739 IAP; total victory count may be 41+17
PopovAlexandr VasilyevichVVS31129 IAP; KIA 3/Sep/1941
PopovAndrei IvanovichVVS18875 IAP, 66 GvIAP, 65 GvIAP; MIA 23/Jun/1944; total victory count may be 19
PopovGeorgii TimofeyevichVVS1047 ShAP-KBF
PopovIvan FeoktistovichVVS24435, 835 & 812IAP
PopovNikolai VasilyevichVVS13247IAP, 156GvIAP
PopravkaAlexei StepanovichVVS81845 IAP
PoradaGrigorii SemyonovichVVS71148 IAP
PoshivalnikovStepan D.VVS8800 ShAP; KIA Aug/1944
PostnovAlexei AlexeyevichVVS8488 IAP
PosuikoNikolai AndreevichVVS5897 & 659 IAP
PotapovK.VVS24146 GvIAP-PVO
PotekhinMikhail A.VVS55GvIAP; KIA Oct/1943; total victory count may be higher
PovarovVasilii GeorgiyevichVVS15516IAP, 153GvIAP; 1 observation balloon shot down
PozdnyakovYakov MironovichVVS19
PozdrakovIvanVVS11160IAP, 5GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
PrigonnikovLeonid YakovlevichVVS79 IAP, 211 GvIAP
PrikazchikovAlexei LukichVVS8128 IAP, 42 GvIAP; KIA 25/Sep/1943
PristupaViktor DmitrievichVVS73263 IAP
ProchorovVasilii IvanovichVVS216731IAP
ProkhorovAlexandr PolikarpovichVVS6195 IAP
ProkopenkoFedor FedorovichVVS932 GvIAP
ProkopenkoGeorgii NikolayevichVVS1215155 IAP, 3 GvIAP; KIA 14/Jul/1944
ProshenkovNikolai IvanovichVVS19469 GvIAP
ProskurinAlexei IvanovichVVS153183IAP, 150 & 151GvIAP
ProvorikhinVladimir BorisovichVVS12927 & 926 IAP
ProzorVladimir VasilyevichVVS1032IAP, 11GvIAP-CF
PshenichnikovVasilii AndreyevichVVS121170 & 100GvIAP
PshenovPetr IvanovichVVS81774 IAP
PushkarevNikolai PetrovichVVS42516IAP, 153GvIAP
PushkinNikolai PetrovichVVS1982 GvIAP
PuskinFedor YakovlevichVVS112271IAP, 64GvIAP
PustoshkinFedor MakeyevichVVS62KIA
PutakovSergei PavlovichVVS5229 & 127IAP; victory count is approximate
PutkoNikolai SavelyevichVVS1984 IAP, 106 GvIAP; total victory count may be 21
PutyakovSergei PavlovichVVS529 & 127 IAP
PyatachinIvan MatveyevichVVS6189GvIAP
PylayevYevgenii AlexeyevichVVS16488 IAP, 159 GvIAP
RabinovAlexei AlexeevichVVS9866 IAP
RabinovichNaum NaumovichVVS51513 IAP
RadchenkoAnatolii NikitovichVVS84248 IAP; victory count is approximate
RadchenkoNikolai VasilievichVVS6466 IAP
RadchenkoYevgenii AlexeyevichVVS1173GvIAP
RadchikovIvan DanilovichVVS12402 IAP; victory count is approximate
RadkevichPetr FedorovichVVS615 IAP
RadkevichViktor AfanasyevichVVS4336IAP, 57GvIAP; victory count is approximate
RagulinViktor YakovlevichVVS7179 IAP
RaienkoNikolai FedorovichVVS9142GvIAP
RaspertovAndrei SemyonovichVVS943GvIAP, 239 IAP, 181 GvIAP
RassadkinPetr AlexeyevichVVS12255 IAP-SF
RasshcheplaievAlexandr IvanovichVVS37520IAP, 56GvIAP
RastemVasilii FedorovichVVS51263 IAP; victory count is approximate
RatnikovPetr PetrovichVVS114512 IAP, 53 GvIAP; KIA 24/Jul/1943; total victory count may be 18+5
RazdobudykoGeorgii ArkadyevichVVS5111GvIAP
RazdobudykoTimofei TimofeyevichVVS43UVVS-SF
RazorenovKonstantin MikhailovichVVS6421761 IAP; total victory count is approximate
RazumovIvan IvanovichVVS720 GvIAP
RechkalovGrigorii AndreyevichVVS56555 IAP, 16 GvIAP, 6GvIAK; total victory count may be 56+6
RedkinMikhail ZakharovichVVS8157 IAP
ReidelIsak DavydovichVVS101236IAP, 112GvIAP
RentsMikhail PetrovichVVS20530 GvIAP
RepikhovG.VVS8186 IAP
RepkinPetr AfanasievichVVS14191 IAP
RepnikovNikolai FedorovichVVS5152 IAP; KIA 4/Dec/1941
ReshetnikovIvan VasilyevichVVS8153IAP, 28GvIAP
ReshetovAlexei MikhailovichVVS358273 IAP, 31 GvIAP
ReznikPetr VasilievichVVS5239 IAP, 181 GvIAP
ReznikovNikolai MikhailovichVVS92 GvIAP
RidnyiStefan GrigoryevichVVS21126 IAP; KIFA 17/Feb/1942; total victory count may be 21+11
RikachevYuri BorisovichVVS81169 IAP, 9 GvIAP, 268 IAD; total victory count may be 19+7
RimshaStefan StefanovichVVS745 & 166IAP, 88GvIAP
RivkinBoris MironovichVVS12754 GvIAP
RodinDmitrii IvanovichVVS62520IAP
RodinGrigorii AfanasievichVVS5196 IAP
RodinMikhail PavlovichVVS6153IAP, 28GvIAP
RodionovMikhail AlexandrovichVVS5562 IAP-PVO, 2 GvIAP; KIA 3/Jun/1942
RodionovOleg M.VVS5153 IAP, 28 GvIAP
RodyushkinNikolai MikhailovichVVS72146IAP
RogovBoris PantelyevichVVS20111 GvIAP, 113 GvIAP; KIA 14/Sep/1944; victory count is approximate
RogozhinVasilii AlexandrovichVVS115236 IAP; KIA 25/Oct/1943
RogozinNikolai NikolaievichVVS56659 IAP
RomanenkoAlexandr SergeyevichVVS21591 IAP; KIA 6/Nov/1943
RomanenkoI.VVS24146 GvIAP-PVO
RomanenkoIvan GeorgiyevichVVS281 GvIAD-KBF, 7 IAD
RomanenkoIvan IvanovichVVS161774 IAP
RonzinBoris DmitrievichVVS4443 IAP
RoshchupkinIvan FrolovichVVS52159IAP
RozhnikovMikhail VasilievichVVS9191 IAP
RubakhinAnatolii YermolayevichVVS20402 IAP
RubtsovIvan FedorovichVVS14979 IAP
RuchkinViktor SemenovichVVS7445 IAP
RudenkoAlexei FedorovichVVS4175 IAP, 3 GvIAP-KBF
RudenkoAnatolii VladimirovichVVS1428 IAP
RudenkoNikolai SergeyevichVVS26219 IAP, 176 GvIAP
RumyantsevMikhail IlyichVVS926 IAP, 218 ShAP
RusakovVladimir VasilyevichVVS121GvIAP
RuzinAnatolii VasilievichVVS11159 IAP
RyabchevskiiMikhail FedorovichVVS15807 ShAP
RyabichevNikolai NikolayevichVVS7517 IAP
RyabininNikolai AlexandrovichVVS92805 IAP
RyabkinGerman BorisovichVVS1066GvIAP
RyaboshapkoVasilii Ya.VVS5299 ShAP
RyabtsevMikhail YevseyevichVVS142 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15
RyabtsevViktor SergeyevichVVS10150GvIAP
RyazankinViktor PavlovichVVS136IAP, 149GvIAP
RyazanovAlexei KonstantinovichVVS3216736 IAP, 4 IAP
RyazanovIvan YakovlevichVVS10191 IAP
RyazantsevAlexei FedorovichVVS159296 & 297 IAP, 179 GvIAP; total victory count may be 20
RybakovFedor AndreevichVVS9438 IAP, 212GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
RybakovIvan AlexeyevichVVS7189GvIAP
RybalkoVitalii ViktorovichVVS7122 IAP; total victory count is approximate
RybinIvan PetrovichVVS12148 IAP; KIA 26/Apr/1943
RybkinIvan MarkovichVVS910IAP, 69GvIAP
RychazhkovIvan IvanovichVVS6104GvIAP
RychkovAnatolii SergeyevichVVS823 GvIAP
RykovPetr FedorovichVVS52234 IAP
RyzhiiLeonid KirillovichVVS17347 IAP; total victory count may be 21
RyzhkovunknownVVS94 IAP; score includes shared victories
RyzhovunknownVVS147 IAP; score includes shared victories
RyzhovYevgraph MikhailovichVVS11632 IAP-ChF, 7 GvIAP-ChF; total victory count may be 14+3
SachkovMikhail IvanovichVVS25728 IAP; total victory count may be 25+1
SafonovBoris FeoktistovichVVS161472 SAP-SF, 78 IAP-SF, 2 GvIAP-SF; KIA 30/May/1942; total victory count may be 30+8
SafronovKonstantin MaksimovichVVS1114148 IAP
SafronovSergei IvanovichVVS274293 IAP
SakharovPavel IvanovichVVS978 IAP-SF
SakulinIvan IvanovichVVS7897 IAP
SalamatovNikolai VasilievichVVS102659 IAP; total victory count is approximate
SamokhvalovAlexei IlyichVVS7653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
SamokhvalovIvan AnanyevichVVS101172 IAP
SamokhvalovNikolai StepanovichVVS910126 IAP-PVO; KIA 14/Aug/1944
SamonovNikolai TimofeyevichVVS13126 IAP-PVO, 436 & 176 IAP; total victory count may be 9+4 or 8+6
SamoylovSemyon NazarovichVVS8115 IAP
SamuylikNikolai SergeevichVVS56273 IAP, 31 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
SannikovAgafon KuzmichVVS92790IAP
SapeginLuka ArsentievichVVS105263 IAP; victory count is approximate
SapozhnikovAlexei YakovlevichVVS7836IAP, 57GvIAP
SapozhnikovIvan VasilyevichVVS6516IAP
SaprykinKonstantin VladimirovichVVS67248 IAP
SapunovGeorgii AlexeyevichVVS7211 GvIAP
SapyanVasilii StepanovichVVS11145IAP, 100GvIAP
SaratovDmitri MaximovichVVS542 GvIAP
SavchenkoAlexandr PetrovichVVS1115191 & 127 IAP
SavchenkoMikhail TimofeyevichVVS1531 IAP
SavchenkoStepan SemenovichVVS51148 IAP
SavchenkoVasilii PetrovichVVS91183IAP, 150GvIAP
SavchenkoViktor MikhailovichVVS14836IAP, 57GvIAP
SavchenkovNikolai IvanovichVVS714157 IAP
SavelyevSergei NikolaiyevichVVS102249IAP
SavelyevVasilii AntonovichVVS21434 IAP, 32 GvIAP; total victory count may be 21+6
SavelyevYevgenii PetrovichVVS133814 IAP, 106 GvIAP; total victory count may be 20
SavenkovNikolai KonstantinovichVVS7511 ORAP
SavinIvan V.VVS6291 IAP, 16 GvIAP; total victory count may be 13+1
SavinValentin KharitonovichVVS528 GvIAP
SavinViktor IvanovichVVS13291 IAP
SavitskiiFedor PetrovichVVS1315 IAP
SavitskiiVladimir IsakovichVVS5270 IAP; total victory count is approximate
SavitskiiYevgenii YakovlevichVVS22229 IAP, 295 IAD, 3 IAK
SavoskinVasilii MikhailovichVVS51431 IAP
SavushkinAlexandr PetrovichVVS1511 GvIAP-PVO; KIA 17/May/1943; total victory count may be 18
SaykoAlexei NikitovichVVS10181 IAP
SazonovAlexandr GrigorievichVVS38297 IAP
SazonovVladimir AlexandrovichVVS113249 & 790IAP
SazykinValentin PavlovichVVS8112GvIAP
SchnelevunknownVVS5this may be Shmelev, Iilya Vasilyevich
SdobnikovAlexei VasilievichVVS9343 IAP
SdobnovNikolai AndreyevichVVS548 BBAP
SechenokVasilii PetrovichVVS11761 IAP
SechinGrigorii MitrofanovichVVS8270IAP; victory count is approximate
SedoshkinNikolai AlexeyevichVVS1563GvIAP
SedovMikhail S.VVS25296 IAP; KIA Mar/1942
SeldyacovYurii SergeyevichVVS1134 IAP
SeleznevAlexei IvanovichVVS214147 IAP, 20 GvIAP
SeleznevPetr VladimirovichVVS11288 IAP, 159 GvIAP
SelifonovIvan IvanovichVVS62814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
SelivestrovKuzma YegorovichVVS5255 IAP; KIA 15/Oct/1941; total victory count may be 10+2
SelutinPetr IvanovichVVS34731IAP
SelyutinAkadii MikhailovichVVS164 GvIAP-KBF
SemashevNikolai SergeyevichVVS9146IAP, 115GvIAP
SemenishinVladimir GregoryevichVVS2313131 & 298 IAP, 104 GvIAP; KIA 29/Sep/1943
SemenkoPetrVVS572 IAP-SF, 78 IAP-SF; total victory count may be 6
SemenkovVitalii RomanovichVVS03319 GvIAP; total victory count may be 2+24
SemenovAlexandr FedorovichVVS15127, 180 & 434 IAP, 322 IAD; total victory count may be 16+15
SemenovFedor GeorgiyevichVVS84193 & 240 IAP, 178 GvIAP; KIA 19/Oct/1944; total victory count may be 11+4
SemenovN.A.VVS1316 IAP
SemenovV.G.VVS10721 IAP
SemenovVladimir FedorovichVVS16976 IAP; total victory count may be 21
SementsovMikhail IvanovichVVS19941 GvIAP; KIA 12/Feb/1945; total victory count may be 19+12
SemenyukIvan IvanovichVVS19840 GvIAP
SemenyukZakhar VladimirovichVVS144512 & 237 IAP, 220 IAD; total victory count may be 17+4
SemikolenovVasilii IvanovichVVS61271IAP, 64GvIAP
SemovskichKonstantin DmitriyevichVVS72249IAP
SemykinValentin SemyonovichVVS12438 IAP, 212 & 213 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
SemyonkovVitalii RomanovichVVS22420 & 19GvIAP
SemyonovNikolai A.VVS888IAP
SemyonovNikolai AndreyevichVVS3539GvIAP
SemyonovVasilii MikhailovichVVS103159 IAP
SenchenkoVladimir PetrovichVVS1351 GvIAP
SenutaGrigorii SergeyevichVVS11100GvIAP
SerebrennikovGennadii SergeyevichVVS10148 IAP; KIA 12/Jul/1944; total victory count may be 4+4
SerebryakovAlexandr IvanovichVVS11636IAP, 57GvIAP
SeredaIgor YemelyanovichVVS17240 IAP, 178 GvIAP; total victory count may be 18
SeredaNikolai NikolayevichVVS10
SeredaPetr SeliverstovichVVS1855, 88 & 84 IAP
SeredinVladimir AlexeyevichVVS15866 IAP; KIFA 6/Apr/1945
SereginVasilii GeorgiyevichVVS168168 IAP, 18 GvIAP, 303 IAD
SergeyevAlexei AntonovichVVS1236IAP, 149GvIAP, 183IAP, 150GvIAP
SergeyevFedor VasilievichVVS82659 IAP
SergovAlexei IvanovichVVS1017508 IAP; total victory count may be 17+17
SerguninNikolai AlexeyevichVVS13744IAP, 86GvIAP
SerochkinVasiliiVVS1618 GvIAP
SeroglazovRostislav SergeevichVVS82162 IAP; total victory count may be 11
SerogodskyVasilii AlexandrovichVVS1069 IAP, 9 GvIAP; KIA 24/Dec/1942
SerovAlexandr PetrovichVVS5220, 2 & 744IAP; victory count is approximate
SerovVladimir GeorgiyevichVVS398159 IAP; KIA 26/Jun/1944; total victory count may be 37+12
SerykhNikolai DmitriyevichVVS3421 IAP
SerzhantovIvan YakovlevichVVS148183 IAP, 9 GvIAP; DOW 29/Apr/1943
SevastyanovAleksei TikhonovichVVS3226 IAP-PVO; shot down 1 balloon
SevelevSergei NikolayevichVVS102249 IAP
SgibnevPetr GeorgiyevichVVS1978 IAP-SF, 2 GvIAP-SF; KIA 3/May/1943 (some sources have KIA 5/Mar/1943)
SgibnevunknownVVS5Is this Petr Georgiyevich Sgibnev?
ShackiiAlexandr SergeyevichVVS51629IAP, 38 & 83GvIAP; victory count is approximate
ShadrinGennadii AlexeyevichVVS14177 GvIAP
ShalevVasilii M.VVS3218 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
ShalnevAlexei VladimirovichVVS5347 IAP
ShamanskiiAnatolii FedorovichVVS161156 GvIAP
ShamenkovIvan FrolovichVVS18150 GvIAP
ShamonovStepan GrigoryevichVVS94866 IAP
ShamraiIvan GrigorievichVVS27731 IAP, 39 & 103 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
ShanginNikolai NikolayevichVVS5494 IAP
ShapiroValentin YefimovichVVS1211 & 273 IAP, 31 GvIAP; KIA 30/Jul/1944
ShapochkaVasilii AlexandrovichVVS6630 IAP
ShaposhnikovGrigorii IvanovichVVS12298IAP, 104 & 100GvIAP
ShaposhnikovMojsei GrigoryevichVVS4445IAP
ShardakovIgor AlexandrovichVVS205 GvIAP; total victory count may be 21
SharenkoVasilii DenisovichVVS12445 IAP, 100 GvIAP, 9 GvIAD; KIA 30/Jul/1944; total victory count may be 16+4
SharonovMiklhail FedorovichVVS7160 & 191 IAP; KIA 17/Jan/1944
SharovAnatolii FedorovichVVS53146IAP
SharovDmitrii MikhailovichVVS13413 IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF
ShashkovNikolai FedorovichVVS766GvIAP
ShavurinPetr IvanovichVVS17722 IAP
ShchapovBoris DmitriyevichVVS8144 GvShAP; KIA 30/May/1944
ShcheblykinPetr IvanovichVVS5249; victory count is approximate
ShchebrinaNikolai GavrilovichVVS1126 GvIAP-PVO
ShchegolevVladimir GeorgiyevichVVS16162 IAP; KIA 29/Jul/1944
ShchepochkinKonstantin NikiforovichVVS8100GvIAP
ShcherbakovIvan IvanovichVVS1519 IAP, 176 GvIAP
ShcherbakovViktor IvanovichVVS11711 GvIAP-ChF
ShcherbakovYevgenii AntonovichVVS6188 IAP, 159 GvIAP
ShcherbinaVladimir GrigorievichVVS131148 IAP
ShchetilovKonstantin IvanovichVVS51273IAP; victory count may be 8
ShchetininPetr RomanovichVVS10297 IAP, 179 & 178 GvIAP
ShchipovYuriiVVS89 IAP-ChF
ShchirovSergei SergeyevichVVS18267 IAP, 518 IAP, 236 IAD; victory count may be 18
ShchurovVasilii NikolayevichVVS109159 IAP
ShebekoVladimir AvramovichVVS8619 IAP, 176 GvIAP
ShelestyukAlexandr PlatonovichVVS5438 IAP, 212 GvIAP
ShemendyukPetr SemenovichVVS168158, 193 & 157 IAP, 130 IAD
ShepetovNikolai IvanovichVVS4638IAP; victory count is approximate
SheshenyaIlya NikolayevichVVS53737 IAP, 168 GvIAP
ShestakovLev LevovichVVS121369 IAP, 9 GvIAP; KIA 13/Mar/1944; total victory count may be 15+11
ShevchenkoIvan AnisiforovichVVS323145IAP, 19GvIAP
ShevchenkoIvan FedorovichVVS91196 IAP; victory count is approximate
ShevchenkoTaras GrigorievichVVS6845 IAP
ShevchukVasilii MikhailovichVVS141247 IAP, 152 GvIAP
ShevcovPetr FedorovichVVS72272 IAP
ShevelevPavel FedorovichVVS132436 IAP, 67 GvIAP; total victory count may be 17+2
ShevtsovAlexandr GrigoryevichVVS106171 IAP
ShevyrevStepan YefimovichVVS10482 IAP
ShevyrinValentin MikhailovichVVS17164 IAP; total victory count may be 19+6
ShikalovVladimir VladimirovichVVS8636IAP, 57GvIAP
ShikunovF.I.VVS2169 IAP, 9 GvIAP
ShilkinVyacheslav SergeevichVVS5483 IAP
ShilkovAlexandrVVS1933 GvIAP-PVO
ShilovunknownVVS15146 GvIAP-PVO
ShinkarenkoFedor IvanovichVVS3133 & 42 IAP, 136 GvIAP, 130 IAD
ShinkarukUlyan IsakovichVVS7236 IAP
ShipovAlexandr PavlovichVVS1120 IAP-SF
ShiradzeAlexandr M.VVS7728 IAP; total victory count may be 19
ShirokovViktor PavlovichVVS106116 IAP
ShiryaevIvan AlexeyevichVVS573GvIAP
ShishatskiiPetrVVS2113 IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF
ShishenkovVladimir FedorovichVVS624 IAP
ShishkanIlya MinovichVVS152158 IAP; KIA 21/Jun/1943
ShishkinAlexandr PavlovichVVS14434 IAP, 32 GvIAP
ShishkinIvan DanilovichVVS86183IAP, 150GvIAP
ShishkinNikolai IosifovichVVS6446IAP, 68 & 28GvIAP
ShishkinVasilii IvanovichVVS3043 & 581 IAP, 55 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+16
ShishkinYakov VasilyevichVVS1832 GvIAP
ShishkoAndrei VasilyevichVVS352IAP, 85GvIAP; victory count is approximate
ShishovMikhail IvanovichVVS14866 IAP
ShishovVladimir AlexandrovichVVS14178 & 233 IAP; total victory count may be 16
ShistkoAlexandr IvanovichVVS5976 IAP
ShitovAlexandr M.VVS971 IAP-KBF
ShiyanovAlexandr StepanovichVVS12
ShkatovVasilii PetrovichVVS545IAP, 100GvIAP
ShkvorunetsGrigorii MatveevichVVS924 IAP
ShlepovViktor PetrovichVVS16541 GvIAP
ShlitchkovNikolai PavlovichVVS566 GvIAP
ShlykovVladimir PetrovichVVS834IAP
ShmagailoVladimir GrigoryevichVVS1614 GvIAP
ShmanValerii YakovlevichVVS164 IAP
ShmatkoIvan LeontyevichVVS1045 IAP; KIA 22/Mar/1943
ShmelevIlya VasilyevichVVS23282 IAP, 4 IAP; total victory count may be 29+16
ShmelevMikhail SidorovichVVS566 GvIAP
ShmelkovNikolai IvanovichVVS181 SAD, 234 IAD
ShmyginBoris IlyichVVS13774 IAP
ShokurovAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS18156 GvIAP
ShpachenkoIvan AntonovichVVS731 IAP; victory count is approximate
ShpakDaniil SavelyevichVVS65155IAP, 3GvIAP
ShprynovVasilii MikhailovichVVS71927 IAP
ShpunyakovSergei PavlovichVVS15402 IAP
ShpynovAlexandr GrigoryevichVVS10240 IAP, 178 GvIAP
ShtokolovDmitrii KirillovichVVS1465GvIAP
ShugayevBoris AlexandrovichVVS5166 IAP
ShulepkoGeorgii IlyichVVS81263 & 813 IAP
ShulgaVsevolod YakovlevichVVS863 & 66GvIAP
ShulzhenkoNikolai NikolayevichVVS152 GvIAP; total victory count may be 16
ShumidubAlexandrVVS6KIA 1944
ShumilinVasilii AlexeyevichVVS425GvIAP
ShumilovIvan PetrovichVVS1616 IAP
ShumilovVladimir YevgeniyevichVVS7
ShumovVasilii PetrovichVVS54979 IAP
ShupaGrigorii YefremovichVVS101482 IAP
ShurubovDmitrii ArtemovichVVS11145IAP, 100GvIAP
ShuttNikolai KonstatinovichVVS22270 IAP; total victory count may be 54+1
ShuytsovunknownVVS640 IAP; KIA 19/May/1942
ShvarevAlexandr YefimovichVVS14236 IAP
ShveideGrigorii BorisovichVVS6143 IAP
SibikeyevMikhail LeontiyevichVVS11926 & 790IAP
SibirinSemen AlexeyevichVVS14118 GvIAP; total victory count may be 16+1
SidelnikovMikhail IvanovichVVS10321 IAP
SidorenkoMark LukyanovichVVS11875 IAP, 66 GvIAP; KIA 27/Mar/1945; total victory count may be over 15
SidorenkoPavel IvanovichVVS61GvIAP
SidorenkoRostislav IvanovichVVS124897 IAP
SidorenkovVasilii KuzmichVVS232254 IAP; total victory count may be 24+6
SidorovIvan DmitriyevichVVS16792 IAP; KIA 5/Jul/1943
SidorovNikolai GrigoryevichVVS163329 IAD
SidorovVasilii YemelyanovichVVS4736IAP, 57GvIAP
SidorovskiiAndrei NazarovichVVS108116 IAP
SidyakinVasilii PavlovichVVS28155 GvShAP
SigarevVenedikt PetrovichVVS843 IAP
SigovDmitrii IvanovichVVS96131 IAP; KIA 26/Oct/1942
SilantyevAlexandr PetrovichVVS8160 IAP
SilinPavel N.VVS82 GvIAP
SilkovskiiVitalii VasilievichVVS530GvIAP
SilukovAnatolii IvanovichVVS7347 IAP
SilyavoGeorgii AntonovichVVS12761 IAP
SimonovDmitrii VasilyevichVVS8118 GvIAP; KIA 30/Aug/1942
SinchukVasilii ProkofyevichVVS1822 IAP, 662 SAP, 254 IAP; KIA 1/Feb/1944
SiroshtanVasilii VasilyevcihVVS81512 IAP
SirotinVyacheslav FedorovichVVS1517 IAP; total victory count may be 21+5
SitikovGennadii YegorovichVVS310736 & 4 IAP
SitkovskiiAlexandr NikolayevichVVS1515 IAP
SivtsovNikolai StepanovichVVS225 GvIAP, 867 IAP; KIA 23/Sep/1943; total victory count may be 23
SizovunknownVVS197 IAP; score includes shared victories
SizovVasilii FilippovichVVS912148 IAP, 177GIAP; KIA 23/Aug/1942
SkachkovMikhail AkimovichVVS52436IAP
SklyarenkoNikolai DmitriyevichVVS93147, 760 & 195IAP, 56GvIAP
SklyarenkoViktor DmitriyevichVVS714GvIAP
SklyarovIvan GrigoryevichVVS26193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
SklyarovKonstantin DmitrievichVVS71976 IAP
SkobarikhinVitt FedorovichVVS7201 IAD, 10 GvIAD; total victory count may be 10
SkomorokhovNikolai MikhailovichVVS468164 IAP
SkotnoiVasilii YakovlevichVVS511296IAP
SkripchenkoFedor PetrovichVVS5211GvIAP
SkripnichenkoStefan MitrofanovichVVS9239 IAP, 181GvIAP
SkripnikIvan SemyonovichVVS722GvIAP
SkripnikViktor PavlovichVVS663GvIAP
SkryabinViktor IvanovichVVS11340 GvIAP; KIA 12/Apr/1943
SkryagaIvan SemenovichVVS16265 IAP
SkvortsovunknownVVS557 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
SlepenkovYakov ZakharovichVVS1121 IAP-KBF
SlizenLeonid NikolayevichVVS19215 IAP
SlobodenukRuvin IzrailevichVVS552IAP, 85GvIAP
SlupskiiGeorgii MatveyevichVVS106249IAP
SmaginNikolai VasilyevichVVS102247IAP
SmaznovViktor ViktorovichVVS181197 IAP
SmelovPetr BorisovichVVS71347 IAP
SmetanaNikolai AnisimovichVVS6247IAP, 156GvIAP
SmirnovAlexandr IvanovichVVS20126 IAP-PVO; includes many shared victories
SmirnovAlexei SemenovichVVS341153 IAP, 28 GvIAP; total victory count may be 34+15
SmirnovAndrei FedorovichVVS4311GvIAP
SmirnovNikolai NikolayevichVVS71437 IAP
SmirnovOleg NikolayevichVVS18631 IAP; total victory count may be 20+7
SmirnovPavel AlexandrovichVVS668GvIAP
SmirnovValentin SergeevichVVS89 IAP
SmirnovViktor PetrovichVVS6629 IAP; KIA 2/Oct/1942
SmorchkovAlexandr PavlovichVVS4
SmykovPetr LeontiyevichVVS966GvIAP
SnegirevFedor AlexeevichVVS13297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
SnesarevVladimir SemenovichVVS12411 GvIAP-ChF; total victory count may be 16+8
SobinVasilii VasilyevichVVS9688 IAP, 159 GvIAP; DOW 8/Feb/1944
SobolevAfanasii PetrovichVVS1592 GvIAP
SobolevIvanVVS106 IAP; KIA 4/Sep/1943; victory count is approximate
SobolevKonstantin FedorovichVVS163171 IAP
SobolevNikolai GrigoryevichVVS1738 IAP, 21GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
SokolovA.F.VVS1042 GvIAP
SokolovAlexandr NikolaevichVVS1042 GvIAP
SokolovAnatolii MikhailovichVVS8129 IAP, 5 GvIAP; KIA 25/Jan/1942
SokolovLeonid MikhailovichVVS176107 GvIAP
SokolovS. Ye.VVS2618 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
SokolovVasilii VasilyevichVVS121438 IAP
SokolovVladimir IvanovichVVS572GvIAP; victory count is approximate
SolomatinAlexei FrolovichVVS1215296 IAP, 73 GvIAP; KIA 21/May/1943; total victory count may be 17+22
SolovyovKonstantin VladimirovichVVS571 IAP-KBF; KIA 27/Dec/1942; total victory count may be 12
SomkinAlexei GavrilovichVVS8975IAP, 117GvIAP, 267IAP; victory count is approximate
SomovIvan KonstantinovichVVS163744 IAP, 86 GvIAP; total victory count may be 24+4
SomovPetr ArsentyevichVVS171482 IAP; total victory count may be 22+3
SopelevNikolai GrigoryevichVVS1366 GvIAP
SopinAlexei IvanovichVVS9438 IAP, 212 GvIAP
SorokinAndreiVVS1045 IAP
SorokinKonstantin SergeyevichVVS42153IAP, 28GvIAP
SorokinNikolai VasilievichVVS10518 IAP
SorokinVasilii TichonovichVVS7515 & 427IAP, 151GvIAP; victory count is approximate
SorokinYevgeniiVVS75 GvIAP; total victory count may be 9
SorokinZakhar ArtemovichVVS1872 SAP-SF, 2 GvIAP-SF
SosegovIvan SpiridonovichVVS1115 IAP
SoshnikovIvan IvanovichVVS9573GvIAP, 611IAP
SpiridenkoNikolai KuzmichVVS156172 IAP
SpirinAlexandr NikolaevichVVS5193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
SpitsynYurii AndreyevichVVS671KBF
StaranovPetr GrigoryevichVVS1818GvIAP
StarchikovNikolai AlexeyevichVVS151131 & 55 IAP, 16 GvIAP; total victory count may be 18+1
StarikovDmitrii AlexandrovichVVS21632 IAP-ChF, 11 GvIAP-ChF
StarodumovNikolai D.VVS63754 & 248 IAP
StarzhinskiiM.VVS15146 GvIAP-PVO
StepanenkoIvan NikiforovichVVS3384 IAP
StepanovAlexei YegorovichVVS569GvIAP; victory count is approximate
StepanovGavril GavrilovichVVS311731IAP
StepanovIvan PlatonovichVVS716GvIAP
StepanovNikolai AfanasievichVVS13157 IAP
StepanyanN.G.VVS13KIA 14/Dec/1944
SterpulIvan IvanovichVVS52131IAP, 40GvIAP
StetsenkoAndrei YemelyanovichVVS11180 & 19 IAP, 176 GvIAP
StolbovYevgenii NikolaiyevichVVS513IAP, 111GvIAP
StolyarovIvanVVS1118 GvIAP; KIA 14/Oct/1943
StolyarovNikolai GeorgiyevichVVS8677 ShAP, 141 GvShaP
StolyarovNikolai IvanovichVVS6629 IAP-PVO; total victory count may be 9+4
StorozhakovAlexei NikolayevichVVS83154 IAP; KIA 10/Sep/1941
StrelchenkoVladimir IgnatyevichVVS112948 ShAP
StrelnikovVasilii PolikarpovichVVS678 IAP-SF
StreltsovIgor VladimirovichVVS63163GvIAP
StroykovNikolai VasilyevichVVS1421508 IAP, 213 GvIAP
StruzhkinS. G.VVS23168 IAP; total victory count may be higher
SubbotinSerafim PavlovichVVS617 IAP
SuchanovAlexandr NikolaiyevichVVS863GvIAP
SuchovSergei IvanovichVVS2135IAP, 3GvIAPKBF
SudarenkovAnatolii VasilyevichVVS9521 IAP
SugakNikolai VasilievichVVS34
SugakVasilii NikolayevichVVS34273 IAP
SukharevYevstafii NikolayeichVVS14686 ShAP
SukhomlinovIosif MikhaylovichVVS9937 IAP
SukhovKonstantin VasilyevichVVS2216 GvIAP
Sultan-GalievA.B.VVS8116 IAP; total victory count may be 12
Suni-OglyNuri FirakhovichVVS7162 IAP
SuprunAlexandr PavlovichVVS6
SuprunStepan PavlovichVVS11401 IAP; KIA 4/Jul/1941; total victory count may be 15
SuprunStepan Y.VVS555 IAP, 16 GvIAP
SuraveshkinAlexei SemenovichVVS106431 IAP
SurkovAlexandr AndreyevichVVS48253IAP, 66GvIAP
SurnevNikolai GrigoryevichVVS22866 IAP
SuvirovViktor IvanovichVVS22715 IAP, 153 GvIAP; total victory count may be 25+7
SuvorovAlexandr VasilyevichVVS2110158 IAP
SvetnoiIvan MikhailovichVVS663GvIAP
SvezhentsevFedor KlimenyevichVVS11812 IAP; KIA 8/May/1943
SvezhentsevPetr NikitovichVVS1573GvIAP
SvinarenkoIvan LukichVVS1045 IAP; total victory count may be 10+6
SviridovIvan DmitriyevichVVS81GvIAP
SvistunovAnatolii IvanovichVVS1421508 IAP, 213 GvIAP
SvitchenokNikolai F.VVS720IAP
SvitenkoNikolai IvanovichVVS157 & 157 IAP, 14 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+7
SychevIvan FedorovichVVS10653 IAP, 65 GvIAP, 897 IAP
SychevPetr FedorovichVVS81774 IAP
SyromyatnikovSergei VasilyevichVVS155273 & 875 IAP, 66 GvIAP; KIA 19/Mar/1943
SyrtsovDmitrii DmitriyevichVVS16866 IAP
SysoievVasilii FedorovichVVS6158IAP, 103GvIAP
SysoievVasilii MatveyevichVVS5516IAP, 153GvIAP
SytovIvan NikitovichVVS2465 GvIAP; KIA 16/Oct/1943; total victory count may be 34
TabadzeDavid ElizbarovichVVS7190 ShAP
TabakovIvan NikitovichVVS231427 & 183IAP, 150GvIAP
TalalikhinViktor VasilyevichVVS8177 IAP; KIA 27/Oct/1941
TaldykinIvanVVS8236 , 509 & 519 IAP, 66 GvIAP, 518 IAP; KIA 16/Mar/1945
TanaevYevgenii KirillovichVVS6274 IAP; victory count is approximate
TanisovAlexandr FedorovichVVS466 & 38IAP; victory count is approximate
TarakanchikovN.Ye.VVS6934 IAP-PVO
TarakanovMikhail FedorovichVVS10519 IAP, 176 GvIAP
TaranenkoIvan AdreyevichVVS11298 IAP, 294 IAD, 13 GvIAD; total victory count may be 16+4
TaranenkoMikhail IvanovichVVS514GvIAP
TaranenkoVasiliiVVS5485 IAP; KIA
TaranenkoVladimir PavlovichVVS822 Gv-KBF
TarasovAlexei KondratyevichVVS1020 IAP-SF
TarasovAnatolii LeonidovichVVS5236IAP
TarasovDmitrii AfanasyevichVVS4418 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
TarasovIvanVVS199 GvIAP
TarasovPavel TimofeyevichVVS2412, 15 & 812 IAP; KIA 29/Jul/1944
TashchievSurenVVS1011 GvIAP-ChF; KIA 25/Sep/1943; total victory count may be 11
TatarchukAlexei GerasimovichVVS9236 IAP
TatarenkoDmitrii MitrofanovichVVS163 GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 15+8
TavruevGrigorii TimofeevichVVS7866 IAP
TeleginBoris S.VVS84 IAP
TeleginGennadii GrigorievichVVS315486 IAP
TeleshevskiiMikhail ZakarovichVVS12148 IAP; MIA 7/May/1943
TelezhkoValentin FedorovichVVS1069GvIAP; victory count is approximate
TeplovDmitrii KhristoforovichVVS3471KBF & 3GvIAPKBF
TerechovVasilii TrofimovichVVS5160IAP, 137GvIAP
TerekhinNikolai VasilyevichVVS17161 IAP; KIA 30/Dec/1942
TernovoiBoris YakovlevichVVS118107 IAP-PVO
TernyukAlexei EmmanuilovichVVS101240 IAP, 178 GvIAP
TeterinLeonid VladimirovichVVS7255IAP, 16GvIAP; victory count is approximate
TezavrovskiiVasilii VladimirovichVVS42630IAP, 147 & 148GvIAP
TichonovStepan FedorovichVVS88146IAP, 115GvIAP
TikhonovNikolai ViktorovichVVS16142 IAP; KIA 10/Sep/1943
TikhonovStepan FedorovichVVS1010146 IAP, 115 GvIAP, 34 IAP
TikhonovVasilii AnisimovichVVS5269 IAP
TikhonovViktor PavlovichVVS114236 IAP; KIA 15/Aug/1943
TilchenkoNikolaiVVS69 GvIAP, 4 IAP
TimofeyenkoIvan VasilyevichVVS216168 RAP, 69 IAP, 9 GvIAP
TimofeyevGrigorii VasilyevichVVS52253IAP, 145GvIAP
TimofeyevSergei IvanovichVVS1610180 & 9 IAP
TimoninNikolai PetrovichVVS8193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
TimoshekVasilii PetrovichVVS6402 IAP
TimoshenkoAfanasii IvanovichVVS21106 IAP, 5 GvIAP; KIA 3/Mar/1945
TimoshenkoAlexandr KondratievichVVS715 IAP
TimoshenkoIvan MikhailovichVVS11728 IAP
TishchenkoAlexandr TrofimovichVVS213812 IAP
TishchenkoAndrei IllarionovichVVS5231 IAP
TitenkovKonstantin NikolayevichVVS4511 IAP; KIA 10/Oct/1941
TitorenkoDmitrii IvanovichVVS1519 IAP, 176 GvIAP; total victory count may be 23
TitovNikolai TikhonovichVVS9159 IAP
TitovkaSergei AlexeyevichVVS5154 IAP; KIA 10/July/1941
TkachenkoAlexandr KuzmichVVS14130 ORAP
TkachenkoViktor IlyichVVS5193 IAP
TkachevDmitrii YefimovichVVS6236 & 13IAP, 111GvIAP
TkachevSergei FedorovichVVS10145 IAP
TkachevVladimir IvanovichVVS165KIA 1/Nov/1944
TkatskiiPetr FedoseevichVVS6347 IAP
TokarenkoMikhail KuzmichVVS18153 GvIAP
TokarevAlexandr IvanovichVVS10131 & 862 IAP, 40 GvIAP; victory count is approximate
TokarevMoisei StepanovichVVS22862 IAP, 40 GvIAP; KIA 8/Jul/1943
TolmachevIvan MikhailovichVVS6152 & 195 IAP
TomashevskiiunknownVVS97 IAP; score includes shared victories
TomilchenkoAlexandr NikolayevichVVS15KIA 1942; victory count is approximate
TomilinViktor MatveyevichVVS67294IAD, 150 & 177GvIAP; victory count is approximate
TopchievIvan NikolayevichVVS5761 IAP
TopolskiiVitalii TimofeyevichVVS4469 IAP; KIA 28/Aug/1941
TormakhovDmitrii DmitriyevichVVS142269 & 267 IAP
TormozovAlexandr AlexandrovichVVS2729IAP; victory count is approximate
TorubalkoVasilii PetrovichVVS144427 IAP
ToshchievSuren AbarcumovichVVS1111GvIAP-CF; victory count may be 10
TotkalovIlya AfanasievichVVS89508 IAP, 213 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
TotminNikolai YakovlevichVVS7158 IAP; KIA 23/Oct/1941
TovstashiiKonstantin AndreyevichVVS5133IAP; victory count is approximate
TregubovNikolai MikhailovichVVS14721 IAP; total victory count may be 14+3
TreshchetkinPavel MoiseevichVVS6161 IAP
TreshchevKonstantin MikhailovichVVS2872 & 127 IAP, 7 GvIAD
TretyachenkoY.VVS34146 GvIAP-PVO
TrifonovPavel SemyonovichVVS540GvIAP
TrishkinAlexei V.VVS82 GvIAP; KIA 1942
TrofimovNikolai LeontyevichVVS141116 GvIAP; total victory count may be 15+11
TrofimovYevgenii FedorovichVVS143148 GvIAP-PVO
TroshchilovIvan AntonovichVVS15494 IAP
TroyanIvan StepanovichVVS1020 IAP, 139 GvIAP; KAI Dec/1944
TrubachenkoVasilii PetrovichVVS3182 IAP; KIA 16/Sep/1941
TrudAndrei IvanovichVVS24155 IAP, 16 GvIAP
TrufanovAlexei GrigoriyevichVVS9145IAP, 100GvIAP
TrunovM.G.VVS616 IAP
TrunovPetr FedorovichVVS642IAP, 133GvIAP
TrushkinDmitrii GavrilovichVVS566GvIAP; victory count is approximate
TrusovNikolai PavlovichVVS11611 IAP
TryasakMikhail FedorovichVVS114515 IAP
TsapovIvan IvanovichVVS2265 & 71IAP-KBF, 3GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 10+9
TsirkunovZigfrid VasilievichVVS5431 IAP; victory count is approximate
TsisarenkoNikolai IvanovichVVS66124IAP, 102GvIAP
TsokolayevGennadii DmitriyevichVVS151113 IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 6+20
TsupkoVasilii FedorovichVVS689GvIAP
TsvetaievVladimir AnatolyevichVVS642GvIAP
TsvetkovGrigorii AlexandrovichVVS866 IAP; victory count may be 6
TsvetkovPavel AlexeyevichVVS115GvIAP; victory count is approximate
TsvetkovVeniamin P.VVS1616 GvIAP; KIA Feb/1945
TsybulkinMaxim DemidovichVVS61630IAP
TsyganovYevgenii TerentyevichVVS1413 IAP-KBF, 3 GvIAP-KBF
TsyginovIvanVVS15291 GvIAP
TsykinMikhail DmitriyevichVVS15631 IAP
TsymbalViktor SavelyevichVVS9212IAP, 89 & 115GvIAP
TuryginValerian MikhailovichVVS134813IAP
TushevIvan TimofeyevichVVS151191 IAP
TushkovYevgenii ValentinovichVVS721GvIAP; victory count is approximate
TuzhilinYemelian FedorovichVVS1715 IAP
TuzhilkinViktor PavlovichVVS7137GvIAP
TvelenevMikhail StepanovichVVS162869 IAP, 9 GvIAP; total victory count may be 18+28
TyapinIvan ZakharovichVVS8177 IAP-PVO
TyulkinMikhail NikolayevichVVS15515 IAP
TyutinAnatolii DmitrievichVVS25166 IAP
UdovickiiYakov FedorovichVVS9120IAP, 139GvIAP
UglyanskiiPetrVVS14153 IAP, 28 GvIAP
UlitinIvan SemenovichVVS17116 IAP; KIA 20/May/1944
UrsulSergei GrigoriyevichVVS5157 IAP
UrusovYevgenii AlexandrovichVVS7412IAP, 89GvIAP
UrvachevGeorgii NikolayevichVVS4734 IAP
UsenkoKonstantin S.VVS17
UsevichAlexei IvanovichVVS55896 IAP; victory count is approximate
UshakovBoris VladimirovichVVS8193 IAP, 177GvIAP
UshakovPetr AntonovichVVS545IAP
UsikovGrigorii AlexeevichVVS1014 IAP
UskovIgor DmitrievichVVS5122 IAP
UskovVasilii MikhailovichVVS6234 IAP-PVO
UsovViktor MikhailovichVVS9270IAP, 152GvIAP
UsychenkoTimofei A.VVS4115 IAP, 3GvIAP
UtkinGeorgii VasilyevichVVS62 GvIAP
UtsinA.N.VVS15137 GvIAP
VakhlayevAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS24728 IAP, 32 GvIAP
VakhnenkoIvan S.VVS1016 GvIAP; total victory count may be 12
ValeyevAgzan ZiganshevichVVS2899 & 179 IAP
ValuyevVasilii VasilievichVVS129297 IAP, 179 GvIAP
VanchugovAlexei MikhailovichVVS12131IAP, 40GvIAP
VarchukNikolai IzotovichVVS89737 IAP; KIA 21/Sep/1943; total victory count may be 21+9
VasilchikovVladimir VladimirovichVVS46288 ShAP, 33 GvShAP; KIA 14/Mar/1943
VasilenkoVasilii FedorovichVVS5274 IAP
VasiletsVasilii TerentiyevichVVS5161 & 744IAP, 86GvIAP
VasilevskiiVladimir GavrilovichVVS31330 RAP
VasilievAndrei TimofeevichVVS72159 IAP
VasilievBoris MikhailovichVVS1011866 IAP, 44 IAD
VasilievMikhail YakovlevichVVS61613 IAP-KBF, 4 GvIAP-KBF; MIA 4/May/1943
VasilievskiiYegor VasilyevichVVS21151 GvIAP; total victory count may be 24+3
VasilyakaAndrei FedotovichVVS5659 IAP
VasilyevStepan YakovlevichVVS5249IAP
VasilyevViktor PetrovichVVS669GvIAP; victory count is approximate
VasinAlexandr YefimovichVVS8215 & 4 IAP
VasinIvan MakarovichVVS524IAP
VaskoAlexandr FedorovichVVS15176 GvIAP
VaskovNikolai PavlovichVVS81445 IAP; KIA 26/Jan/1943
VatolkinL.K.VVS58 IAP-ChF
VdovenkoAlexandr IvanovichVVS9112GvIAP
VdovkinFedor PavlovichVVS51270; victory count is approximate
VedeneyevValentin IvanovichVVS24159 IAP
VelikorodIvan VlasovichVVS6976 IAP
VerbludovStepan YakovlevichVVS6411 & 296IAP, 73GvIAP
VerchozinPorfirii MarkovichVVS19731IAP
VerenikinVladimir IvanovichVVS13236IAP, 112GvIAP
VereshchaginDmitrii NikolayevichVVS5518 IAP
VerkhovetsNikolai AndreyevichVVS1689 GvIAP
VernigoraPetr AkimovichVVS5122,179
VernikovYakov IlyichVVS141234 IAP, 147 IAP-PVO
VetrovIvan IvanovichVVS1265 GvIAP
VetrovNikolai IvanovichVVS10236IAP, 112GvIAP
VichlyaevVladimir MikhailovichVVS1692 IAP
VichuginDmitrii YefimovichVVS2938IAP
VidenkinIvan NikolayevichVVS5494 IAP
ViktorovGrogorii PetrovichVVS532 IAP; POW Sep/1941; escaped, joined resistance and KIA
ViliamsonAlexandr AlexandrovichVVS186298 IAP, 104 GvIAP
VinichenkoMaxim PetrovichVVS1972IAP, 2GvIAP-SF
VinogradovAlexandr IvanovichVVS66IAP, 149GvIAP
VinogradovAlexei SemenovichVVS1030 GvIAP
VinogradovVasilii FedorovichVVS47520IAP, 56GvIAP, 519IAP; victory count is approximate
VishnevetskiiKonstantin GrigoryevichVVS1013298 IAP, 104 GvIAP; KIA 30/Jul/1944; total victory count may be 22+15
VishniakovIvan AlexeyevichVVS203296 & 171 IAP
VishniakovSergei FedorovichVVS332 GvIAP; total victory count may be 8
VitalkinunknownVVS58IAP; victory count may be higher
VitkovichViktor ViktorovichVVS10897IAP
VitkovskiiIvan PetrovichVVS16875 IAP, 66 GvIAP; total victory count may be 22
VladykinAlexei VasilievichVVS5166 IAP
VlasenkoGeorgii GrigorievichVVS10937 IAP
VlasovIvan DemyanovichVVS46910IAP
VlasovMikhail VasilievichVVS615 & 812 IAP
VlasovNikolai AlexeyevichVVS7737 IAP, 168 GvIAP
VlasovNikolai IvanovichVVS11442 IAP; POW 29/Jun/1943
VlasovPavel VasilievichVVS5866 IAP
VlasovSergei NikolaevichVVS1310159 IAP
VlasovViktor VasilyevichVVS8323 & 526IAP, 2GvIAP, 12IAP, 89GvIAP
VlasovVitalii IvanovichVVS5320IAP
VoitanikTrofim AlexeyevichVVS83440IAP, 63 & 66GvIAP
VoitenkoStefan YefimovichVVS1262 IAP-KBF, 8 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChF
VolchenkovMikhail GrigorievichVVS61653 IAP; total victory count is approximate
VolchkovNikolai GrigorievichVVS14543274 IAP
VolkovAlexei AndreievichVVS8291, 402 & 812 IAP
VolkovAnatolii MakarovichVVS12761 IAP
VolkovSergei MikhailovichVVS9976 IAP
VolkovStepan TimofeyevichVVS8628IAP
VolkovViktor FedorovichVVS158157 IAP
VolodinAnatolii IvanovichVVS22164 IAP
VoloshchenkoFedor FedorovichVVS7128GvIAP
VoloshinAlexandr IovichVVS164814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
VolovikovVasilii DanilovichVVS2772IAP, 2GvIAPSF
VolynkinMikhail VasilievichVVS9929 & 347 IAP; victory count is approximate
VorobyovIvan AlexeyevichVVS6676 GvShAP
VoronchukAlexei A.VVS105GvIAP; POW 26/Jun/1944
VoroninGeorgii AndreevichVVS1414508 IAP, 211 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
VoronkoAlexandr GrigoryevichVVS1763 GvIAP; total victory count may be 20
VoronkovVladimir IvanovichVVS5248 IAP
VoronovViktor FedorovichVVS9190 ShAP; 2 observation balloons shot down; KIA 12/Jul/1944
VoronovVladimir IvanovichVVS77 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChF
VoronukVasilii MarkovichVVS153236IAP, 112GvIAP
VoroshilovGennadii VasilyevichVVS51104GvIAP
VorotnikovNikolai FedorovichVVS5196 IAP
VorozheykinArsenii VasilyevichVVS4613728 IAP, 32 GvIAP, 7 GvIAD
VoskresenskiiLev FedosovichVVS81427IAP, 151GvIAP
VostrukhinPetr MikhailovichVVS253271 IAP, 64 & 66 GvIAP; KIA 21/Jul/1943
VovchenkoGrigorii DmitrievichVVS6728 IAP
VovkogonIvanVVS5299 ShAP
VyalovNikolai IvanovichVVS850,19 IAP, 176 GvIAP
VyboronovAlexandr IvanovichVVS20728 IAP; total victory count may be 23+4
VydriganNikolai ZakarovichVVS162211 IAP, 31 GvIAP
VysockiiAlexandr VladimirovichVVS10516IAP, 153GvIAP
YabrikovNikolai VasilievichVVS15148 IAP
YagodkinPavel StepanovichVVS021185 IAP; victory count is approximate
YagodkinPavel StepanovichVVS2812IAP-PVO, 521 IAP
YakhnovGennadii MikhailovichVVS12533 IAP-PVO; total victory count may be 10+7 or 8+6
YakimenkoAnton DmitriyevichVVS103567 & 427 IAP, 150 GvIAP
YakimovAlexandr IvanovichVVS72520 & 434IAP
YakimovNikolai AfanasyevichVVS589GvIAP
YakimovViktor NikolaiyevichVVS21038IAP, 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
YakimovichGrigorii TikhonovichVVS101157 IAP
YakovenkoAlexandr NikiforovichVVS521 IAP
YakovlevNikolai GrigorievichVVS8845 IAP
YakovlevVladimir NikolayevichVVS9158 & 154 IAP
YakubovIlya FomichVVS10653 IAP, 64 GvIAP; total victory count may be 13
YakubovskiiPetr GrigoryevichVVS15131 IAP; total victory count may be 23+20
YamanovValerian AlexandrovichVVS7160 IAP, 137 GvIAP
YanchenkoIvan NikolayevichVVS67486 IAP; victory count is approximate
YankovskiiV.VVS41146 GvIAP-PVO
YaremenkoYevgenii MikhailovichVVS1615 GvIAP
YarovoiGeorgii YerofeyevichVVS51513 IAP
YasanisSergei YumarovichVVS7437 IAP, 113 GvIAP
YashinViktor NikolayevichVVS16133 IAP
YazychbaTimur ShabanovichVVS568IAD, 975IAP
YedkinViktor DmitriyevichVVS153158, 42 & 485 IAP, 72 GvIAP; 2 observation balloons shot down
YednikPetr KirillovichVVS210298IAP
YefimovAlexandr NikolayevichVVS52198 & 62 ShAP
YefimovMatvei AndreyevichVVS9223 GvIAP-KBF; KIFA 7/Jan/1943; total victory count may be 9+29
YefremenkoIlya FedorovichVVS76IAP, 149GvIAP
YefremovAndrei AndreyevichVVS1412812 & 520IAP, 56GvIAP, 176IAP; victory count is approximate
YefremovVasilii VasilyevichVVS75129 IAP, 5 GvIAP
YegorovAlexei AlexandrovichVVS247438 IAP, 212 GvIAP; total victory count may be 26+7
YegorovIvan AlexeyevichVVS1092 IAP; total victory count may be 10+1
YegorovNikolai SergeyevichVVS151150 GvIAP
YegorovVasilii VasilyevichVVS11121 IAP; 2 observation balloons shot down
YegorovichVladimir AlexeyevichVVS22402 IAP
YeldyshevAnatolii AlexeyevichVVS117910 IAP-PVO; KIA Dec/1943
YeldyshevAnatolii PetrovichVVS7995 ShAP
YelinovAlexandr PavlovichVVS92427IAP, 151GvIAP
YeliseyevAnatoliiVVS26147 IAP, 20 GvIAP
YeliseyevVladimir StepanovichVVS1567 GvIAP
YelistratovValentin NikolayevichVVS5121 IAP
YelizarovSergei MikhailovichVVS1539 GvIAP
YelochinAggei AlexandrovichVVS4669IAP
YelovskiiAlexei NikolaiyevichVVS1369GvIAP; victory count is approximate
YemelianovPavel AntonovichVVS10321 IAP
YemelyanenkoIvan NikiforovichVVS9921 IAP; total victory count may be 12+10
YemelyanovIvan AlexeyevichVVS6622 ShAP, 7 GvShAP
YemelyanovNikolaiVVS6196 IAP
YemirovValentin AllakhiyarovichVVS7926 IAP; KIA 10/Sep/1942
YenenkovAlexandr VasilievichVVS5653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
YeremeyevIvan DmitrievichVVS7116 IAP
YereminAlexei UstinovichVVS18402, 812 & 355 IAP
YereminBoris NikolayevichVVS815160 RAP, 296 IAP, 9 GvIAP, 273 IAP, 31 GvIAP, 6 GvIAD
YereminPavel KuzmichVVS2216 GvIAP
YermakovDmitrii MikhaylovichVVS37486 IAP
YermakovDmitrii VasilyevichVVS25123 & 159 IAP
YermakovVasilii DanilovichVVS7112GvIAP
YermochinValentin GrigorievichVVS9402 IAP
YerokhinVladimirVVS15111 GvIAP; KIA
YeroshikNikolai YeliseyevichVVS61774 IAP
YeroshkinIvan GrigoryevichVVS53298IAP, 104GvIAP
YershevNikolai NikolaiyevichVVS5116GvIAP
YershovAlexandrVVS1553 GvIAP
YershovAlexandr MikhailovichVVS15233IAP
YershovL.I.VVS8629 IAP
YershovYuriiVVS5254 IAP
YevdokimovIvan MikhailovichVVS46131IAP
YevdokimovVasilii SergeyevichVVS1415 IAP
YevseyevYevgenii AkhipovichVVS61629 IAP-PVO; total victory count may be 22
YevstigneyevKirill AlexeyevichVVS533240 IAP, 178 GvIAP
YevstratovK.D.VVS55GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
YevteyevMikhail IvanovichVVS10611 GvIAP-PVO; total victory count may be 13+9
YevtichovSergei IosifovichVVS55273IAP, 31GvIAP
YevtushenkoGrigorii StepanovichVVS111659 IAP
YuchanovNikolai SergeyevichVVS13440GvIAP
YudinAlexei SergeyevichVVS127183 IAP; KIA 8/Jan/1944
YudinMikhail FedorovichVVS2127 IAP
YurchenkoAlexei FedorovichVVS106183 & 427IAP, 151GvIAP
YurkevichIvan IvanovichVVS7195 IAP
YurkovMikhail IvanovichVVS6189GvIAP
YushinovI.I.VVS01020 GvIAP
YushkinAlexandr IvanovichVVS82236IAP, 112GvIAP
ZabegailoIvan IgnatyevichVVS1661 GvIAP
ZabirinNikolai VladimirovichVVS15106 GvIAP
ZabolotniiIvan NikolayevichVVS1216 IAP-PVO; KIA 4/Jan/1942
ZabolotnovMikhail YakovlevichVVS13246IAP, 68GvIAP
ZacharovVladimir SeliverstovichVVS666GvIAP; victory count is approximate
ZadirakoL.V.VVS51129 IAP
ZaiacNikolai FilippovichVVS5243 IAP; total victory count is approximate
ZaichenkoSergei DanilovichVVS610508 IAP, 23 GvIAD; victory count is approximate
ZaikinIgor IlyichVVS122148 IAP; total victory count is approximate
ZaikinNikolai MikhailovichVVS5236IAP
ZaikovV.VVS36this appears to be Zaitsev, Vasilii Alexandrovich
ZaitsevAlexandr AndreyevichVVS119, 70 & 431 IAP
ZaitsevAlexandr PetrovichVVS1421145 IAP; KIFA 30/May/1942
ZaitsevDmitrii AlexandrovichVVS322 IAP; KIA 1/Oct/1944
ZaitsevNikolai AlexandrovichVVS4566 GvIAP
ZaitsevNikolai VladimirovichVVS16
ZaitsevSergei FomichVVS743 IAP; KIA 2/Sep/1941
ZaitsevVasilii AlexandrovichVVS3619129 IAP, 5 GvIAP, 11 GIAD, 105 GvIAP; 36 victories includes 2 enemy aircraft forced to land and captured
ZaitsevVasilii AlexeyevichVVS10832 IAP; victory count is approximate
ZaitsevVasilii VladimirovichVVS16482 IAP; total victroy count may be 17+9
ZakalyukAlexei SemenovichVVS16298 IAP, 104 GvIAP
ZakharievVasilii GeorgievichVVS11211GvIAP
ZakharovAlexandrVVS5118 GvIAP; total victory count may be higher
ZakharovGeorgii NefodovichVVS1043 & 303 IAD
ZakharovKonstantin FedorovichVVS151233 IAP; KIA 13/Jan/1944
ZakozhurnikovYurii IvanovichVVS5609 IAP
ZalevskiiVladimir NikolayevichVVS1723157 IAP; KIA 5/Jul/1943
ZamkovskiiNikolai AndreyevichVVS112298 & 264IAP, 18 & 139GvIAP
ZamnoAlexandr NikolayevichVVS7402 IAP
ZamorinIvan AlexandrovichVVS1214523 RAP, 168 IAP, 18 GvIAP; total victory count may be 12+16
ZamulaAndrei ProchorovichVVS1166GvIAP
ZamyatkinYevgenii PavlovichVVS6518 IAP
ZamyshlyayevAlexandr ZinovievichVVS7976 IAP
ZaninDmitrii MikhailovichVVS54124 IAP, 102 GvIAP
ZapaskinV.I.VVS56 IAP; victory count may be 6
ZapaskinVladimirVVS1418 GvIAP
ZapivakhinAnatolii IvanovichVVS76 IAP, 431 GvIAP
ZaplavnevIvan MitrofanovichVVS6
ZaprudnovAlexandr PavlovichVVS6274 IAP
ZapryagayevIvan IvanovichVVS11296 IAP
ZaraikinIvan PavlovichVVS89 IAP, 211 GvIAP
ZarubinVladimir StepanovichVVS32451 ShAP
ZasypkinIvan IlyichVVS12266 IAP
ZavadaVasilii AndreievichVVS510508 IAP; victory count is approximate
ZavadskiiMikhail PetrovichVVS9171 IAP
ZavarukhinPavel FilippovichVVS134744 IAP, 72 GvIAP
ZavrazhinNikolai YemelyanovichVVS8427IAP
ZavyalovAndrei IvanovichVVS5102GvIAP
ZazaievAnatolii VasilyevichVVS6402 & 744IAP, 86GvIAP, 42IAP
ZeleninIvan MaximovichVVS156
ZelenkinMikhail MikhailovichVVS193156 IAP; 1 observation balloon shot down
ZelenkovNikolai YegorovichVVS210897 IAP
ZelenovNikolai AndrianovichVVS2410127 & 154 IAP, 29 & 14 GvIAP; KIA 29/Jun/1944
ZemitIgor VilgelmovichVVS6193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
ZemskovBoris VladimirovichVVS5845 IAP
ZenkovichNikolai YakovlevichVVS112 GvIAP
ZgrivetsIvan TimofeyevichVVS35298IAP
ZharikovGeorgii YuryevichVVS52123IAP
ZharikovIvan MikhailovichVVS91640 & 147 IAP, 20 GvIAP
ZharovVladimir NikiforovichVVS72862 & 249IAP, 163GvIAP
ZheleznikovAnatolii AntonovichVVS203274 IAP
ZheleznovNikolai NikolaievichVVS7866 IAP
ZheltukhinPetr NikolayevichVVS18136 GvShAP
ZherdevNikolai ProkofyevichVVS23821 IAP; KIA 15/Nov/1942
ZherdevViktor IvanovichVVS1216 GvIAP; KIA 12/Jan/1945
ZherdiiYevgenii NikolayevichVVS44273 IAP; KIA 14/Jun/1942
ZhgunAlexandr YegorovichVVS26147 & 76 IAP
ZhidkovIvan IvanovichVVS1320 IAP, 139 GvIAP
ZhidovGeorgii NikanorovichVVS1613123 IAP-PVO, 27 GvIAP
ZhigarinFedor AlexandrovichVVS7299 ShAP
ZhigulenkovBoris VasilyevichVVS20516 & 240 IAP, 178 GvIAP; KIA 16/Nov/1944 (KIA 16/Nov/1944?)
ZhigunovIvan AkimovichVVS62127 IAP
ZhilinViktor GeorgiyevichVVS65520IAP, 56GvIAP
ZhilkinGrigorii IvanovichVVS6161 & 744IAP, 86GvIAP
ZhuchenkoIvan YakovlevichVVS1120 GvIAP
ZhuchkinNikolai FilatovichVVS566GvIAP
ZhuchkovTikhon SviridovichVVS10113 GvIAP-KBF; total victory count may be 11+12
ZhukovAnatolii PavlovichVVS51205 IAD
ZhukovBoris IosifovichVVS1838IAP, 21GvIAP; victory count is approximate
ZhukovMikhail NikitovichVVS7338 IAP
ZhukovMikhail PetrovichVVS95158 IAP; KIA 12/Jun/1943
ZhukovVladimir NikolayevichVVS6306 IAP
ZhukovskiiSergei YakovlevichVVS54127 & 13IAP, 41 & 88GvIAP
ZhulanovIvan GrigoryevichVVS63155IAP, 3GvIAP
ZhulidovVladimir AndreievichVVS63774 IAP
ZhulovFedor YegorovichVVS7235 ShAP; KIA 23/Apr/1944
ZhurinB.V.VVS95GvIAP; KIA 1942; total victory count may be higher
ZhurovSergei YevgeniyevichVVS61131IAP
ZhuykovGeorgii SergeyevichVVS7191 & 9 IAP
ZiborovVasilii MikhailovichVVS22402 & 485 IAP, 72GvIAP
ZiminGeorgii VasilyevichVVS192042IAP, 485IAP, 240IAD
ZiminNikolai S.VVS61
ZinovievAlexandr AlexeyevichVVS7866 IAP
ZinovyevIvan IvanovichVVS9108 GvShAP
ZolotovKonstantin AlexandrovichVVS4214GvIAP
ZolotuchinVasilii VasilyevichVVS7137GvIAP
ZotovAlexandr IvanovichVVS5229IAP, 1GvIAP, 12IAP
ZotovMatvei IvanovichVVS13427 IAP, 149 GvIAP
ZotovNikolai AlexandrovichVVS281
ZotovViktor AlexeyevichVVS1710159 IAP; total victory count may be 28+10
ZotovVladimir GrigoryevichVVS866GvIAP; victory count is approximate
ZubIvan AndreyevichVVS14111 GvIAP
ZubcovDmitrii NikitovichVVS6521 IAP
ZudilovIvan SergeyevichVVS93163 & 157 IAP; total victory count may be 24+6
ZuyevGavil ProkofyevichVVS62427 IAP, 18 GvIAP; total victory count may be 7+2
ZuyevMikhail AlexandrovichVVS17473 GvIAP
ZvyaginAlexandr YevstafyevichVVS32208 ShAP
ZykovMikhail PavlovichVVS6653 IAP, 65 GvIAP; total victory count is approximate
ZyuzinDmitrii VasilyevichVVS1411 GvIAP-ChF; total victory count may be 15
ZyuzinPetr DmitriyevichVVS16329 GvIAP; total victory count may be 19+11

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