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Have you ever arrived at a hotel recommended by a guidebook only to find that the price has tripled or quadrupled or that the ambiance was less than what you expected...or not what you expected at all?

tripnavigator aims to provide an antidote to all that.  It is a guide that invites all travelers to post their recommendations (positive and negative) regarding their travel experiences as a cooperative exchange of information.  You will find current info on hotels (prices and conditions), restaurants, travel routes, places to go, and things to see that are not to be missedˇall as recommended by other travelers.  It is directed to budget and mid-range travelers.

These pages are open to all travelers.  We  invite you to search this site for information on your prospective journeys and also to submit info from your past travels.

This e-guide is a private enterprise that rises out of our own frustrations in planning a trip and navigating the piles of travel info out there.  All the recommendations that follow are personal views that have been edited for brevity.

Please email us your travel tips and recommendations regarding any destinations at home or around the world, accommodations (from hostels to hotels), unusual side trips off-the-beaten-track or organized tours, and just about any travel info that you think other travelers ought to know.   Be as specific as you can (addresses, phone, etc. of establishments, sites, and services that you wish to discuss).

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