Ward 5 is a vibrant area with great people, communities, businesses and schools. John believes Ward 5 is one of the best areas in the city to live and raise a family. John and his family have lived in this area for the past 25 years and are aware of the issues and concerns you care about. John strongly believes that your issues are his issues. He will continue to dedicate his hard work to ensure the quality of life in Ward 5 is held to the highest of standards.

John has been a passionate and a very hard working member of City Council. John has been complimented for his easy going nature, down to earth style and trademark willingness to help others. You will often see John out in the community helping others because that is what John does.  He is giving of his time and effort and will always show up if you call him.

John has proven himself as a leader in his community and is committed 100% to serving the residents of Ward 5. He spends the majority of his time on city council working to address the concerns of the citizens of Ward 5 as well as the city as a whole. John's perfect attendance record at council meetings speaks to his high level of dedication and compassion for his position. John's contributions have demonstrated that he is truly committed to serving the people of this community. John's presence on council has fostered unity and strength. He has proven leadership qualities and a passion to help Regina grow into the proud, strong and vibrant city that it is today.

John has already spoken with many of you in Ward 5 during this election. His passion and pride for the city and the ward, along with his platform, will help to keep Ward 5 moving forward and improving the quality of life for all. In the coming weeks, John will continue to knock on doors to meet as many of you as possible. John feels privileged to be a part of city council and takes his role seriously. Below you will find John's priorities if re-elected as well as where John stands on a number of issues. John is always open to hearing your feedback.  

John's Priorities if Re-elected

 Keep taxes low.

Fight to keep water utilities affordable.

Improve snow removal and snow routes during winter months.

 Increase local road renewal projects.

 Look at ways to address the Covid-19 impact on local businesses.

 Insure community access to schools after hours.

 Continue to work on community safety issues.

Support transit and par-transit.

John's Vision for the City and Ward 5


Affordable Housing

 Work with stakeholder groups to improve affordable housing opportunities in the city.

  Encourage redevelopment of older areas and empty city property for possible housing projects.

 Support the Regina Revitalization Initiative.


Community Assets

Continued support of city libraries.

Support community rinks, parks and community centres.

 Ensure city services are accessible to people with disabilities.

 Improving and connecting bike and walking paths in Ward 5.


Environmental Sustainability

 Continue to promote and implement energy and water conservation at city facilities and buildings.

 Promote a yearly energy audit of city facilities to track energy saving measures.

 Encouraging city facilities to use renewable resources such as wind and solar power.

 Support the idea of charging a user fee for garbage pick-up, but not for recycling pick-up.



 Accessibility to transit lines and other transportation options for seniors.

 Provide more information and options for senior programs in the community.

 Look at more affordable housing opportunities for seniors.



 Review Paratransit services in Regina.

 Continue to work with city management to improve city snow removal.

Remove snow piles from both sides of the street around school zones.


Sports, Culture, and Recreation

 Continued support of local community cultural and sporting events.

 Increase accessibility of sport and cultural activities to all families.

 Continued support of recreational facilities.



 Insure fair property assessments.

 Maintain and enhance city services.

Work to elimiate backdoor taxes from utility bills.



  Improve transit routes and service times for peak hours.

 Reduce traffic noise coming from Ring Road.

Further reduce heavy truck access to Dewdney Avenue East.


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