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About Me

I'm currently employed with The Mosaic Company in an IT function. I've been with the company and its predecessors since 1995.

Emergency Services Background

I've got a varied and diverse emergency background, including:

- 3 years with IMC's (now Mosaic's) surface emergency response team at the K1 minesite in Esterhazy. Competed in the Industrial Firefighter's Competition in Saskatchewan while a member.

- 9 years with the Stockholm Fire Department, last serving as Deputy Fire Chief. Also competed in firefighting competitions as a member of this team.

- Served two years as Zone 5 Director on the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Volunteer Firefighting Association (SVFFA). Also participated as an instructor for SVFFA training courses.

- 6 years as medical First Responder with the North Valley Health District, based out of Stockholm. Had training ride-alongs in Melville, Regina, and Toronto (now THAT was interesting!).

- Joined Melville's inaugural SAR chapter in 1994 and served on the Board of Directors for a number of years. Participated in the early formation activities of the provincial body (SARSAV), and obtained my Search Manager credentials from the RCMP in 1997.

- After relocating to Regina in 2003, joined SAR Regina's organization. I served in the elected postion of corporate Secretary from 2006 through 2012.

- At my employer, I have worked to develop an extensive in-house Emergency Response Team (ERT) to respond to emergencies and security threats in Hill Center III in Regina. I served as OHS co-chair at Mosaic's Regina office, and also helped lead the tenant OHS committee for the building.

- On a provincial basis, I administer the photo identification card program for SARSAV (Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers). I was also lead designer of the 2008 provincial multi-discipline SAR exercise, and public relations liaison for the 2010 exercise.

- Starting in 2012, I've colloborated with Industry Canada in setting up coordinated radio frequencies for SAR use in Saskatchewan. Since 2015, I have been working with the SARSAV communications committee on procuring the next generation of radios for SAR use in Saskatchewan. Those new radios were deployed in late June, 2016, and introduced a host of new communication and tracking capabilities.

Other Stuff

- I'm a licensed amateur radio operator (callsign VE5SAR) with an ARES EMCOMM (emergency communicator) rating, and in the past have also had a commercial license for a low powered FM radio station. One of my major interests in radio is using APRS technology to track SAR teams while they are in the field.


Photo of me at a fire competition.