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Welcome SAR and CERT Volunteers!

Hopefully you'll find this site of interest and utility. There are a few products here relevant to search and rescue volunteers, and provincial SAR identification (SARSAV endorsed) is also available for order.

CERT - Community Emergency Response Teams will be entering the Saskatchewan landscape in the near future, and those volunteers are certainly a welcome addition to the emergency services family.

Information is what the site is about, and links and articles relevant to SAR and CERT volunteers will hopefully answer some of your questions!

What You'll Find Here

I've put this site together primarily as a portal to the variety of interesting web links I've come across. I try to keep focus on training and information applicable to SAR and CERT members, and any vendors that provide great service to Canadians.

You'll also find a few products available - supplied at COST! I don't plan on making money on any materials supplied to volunteers. Whether it be SARSAV photo-ID cards and accessories, traffic jackets, or whatever - it is being provided here in the interest of standardizing on equipment and keeping costs low. 

Briden Solutions - Freeze dried food and camping gear in Canada

Jody in SAR coveralls


Here's a  photo of me while on duty providing EMO support at the 2007 Fishing Lake flood.